1. Tim says

    Isn’t awesome that conservatives are embracing a former KGB agent who became the leader of Russia? Says a lot about what excites the imagination of the GOP loons: authoritarian dictators.

  2. Guy from DC says

    I don’t see how any sane person wouldn’t be alarmed by what is largely a Russian invasion of another country. But even if one were to concede that current U.S. policy hasn’t been effective at stopping it, I’m not sure what options exist. Are the idiots at Fox really wanting a NATO backed war against Russia? That’s what we’re talking about potentially. WWIII. It would make our recent wars on Iraq and Afghanistan look like nothing.

  3. Tyler says

    Mike, do you ever get tired of being a sad republican troll? It must kill you to see the party which hates your kind not only actively seek to disenfranchise you and all LGBT people, but also lose more and more cultural and governmental power with each passing year.

  4. tinkerbelle says

    OMG every Faux news pundit outdid any possible SNL parody. Scary, funny but really scary. Palin (as usual) was the scariest (and the least intelligent, of course). She is always a parody of herself. I’m really scared. Life is just a big game show.

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