‘Looking’ Back: Episode 8, ‘Looking Glass’ – RECAP

  • 6_lookingLet's start with Patrick. The chemistry between he and Kevin (Russell Tovey) has been obvious from the beginning. It's shocking it has taken this long for them to finally act on it, really. In some ways, Kevin is such an obvious match for Patrick, they have to layer on the scandal (not only does Kevin have a boyfriend, but he's also Patrick's boss) just to keep them off each other for a few weeks. Their curt post-coital talk ("So, now what?" "I don't know, Patrick.") leaves things mighty ambiguous. Similarly, Patrick's and Richie's kind of, sort of, maybe break-up didn't leave us with a clear picture of where they stand. Tovey and Castillo have been upped to series regulars next season, so the door is wide open for this love triangle to keep evolving. 
  • In an episode full of excellent scenes, Castillo deserves particular praise. His emotional confrontation with Patrick outside his apartment was one of his best performances thus far. Everything, from his intense stare to the moment when he took off his hat, added depth and realism.
  • Dom (Murray Bartlett) got his big night with his restaurant, but he was really more concerned with Lynn (Scott Bakula). When Lynn arrives with a younger date, it's sufficiently awkward ("Why have you been gushing all over this poor guy?"), but it rang true considering all of Dom's insecurities. When he tells Lynn they should keep doing this, it's clear he's not just talking about pop-up restaurants. I've rewatched him lay one on Lynn over and over, and I'm pretty sure Lynn is kissing him back. We cut away real fast, so we don't know what happens after the kiss. I'm hoping to see these two give it a go next season.
  • How great was Doris (Lauren Weedman)? So great. After weeks of being the comic relief, she got to have a dramatic moment with Lynn. She's also been upgraded to series regular next season.
  • Then there's Agustín (Frankie J. Alvarez). I almost feel sorry for him, since the character is so utterly unlikable. In fairness, we barely spent time with Agustín and Frank (O.T. Fagbenle), so his journey was the most difficult to care about. Now that his relationship (and, presumably, time in Oakland) is done, second season Agustín could be a whole new ballgame. Frank tore down Agustín's whole pseudo-artist self-image (in case his destruction of the unicorn painting didn't drive that home enough). I like to think his drug-addled BART ride was something of a metamorphosis. Maybe next season we'll get to know a better Agustín. (And, while we're at it, maybe he can get that beard situation under control.)
  • The sex scene tonight was fascinating, and not just because Tovey's butt. For starters, there's something extra hot (or extra creepy?) about Kevin concocting this whole scheme to get Patrick back to the office. How long was he sitting in that office, drinking beer, calling Patrick repeatedly? Then, once he got there, for Patrick to choose to bottom for Kevin after being reticient with Richie is a good indicator where Patrick's heart is leading him. (The way to a man's heart … ) Groff discussed another interesting element of this scene with TVLine: "I feel like I’ve had a lot of people … say that they did not know that gay men could have sex face-to-face until they saw the show." There's something about demystifying gay sex for a mainstream audience that could be a powerful side effect of Looking's matter-of-fact approach to sex.

Did you enjoy the finale? What did you think of the season?


  1. Robert Rhea says

    I fell asleep halfway through. I could like these characters with some exposure – and thats not something I would have said on Episode 1. Personally I hope they scrap the whole format and reformulate for Season 2. Better Writing, Better Directing, and a 1 hour format.

  2. jeremyo says

    i’m really surprised this show got another season. when the story finally got past the boring first half season it just left you with a bunch of awful main characters that i have no compassion or interest in

  3. Mike says

    Fell in love with Doris last night. She had basically already won me over, but when she said, “Dom is worth it, just…worth it”, I fell hard. So glad she’ll be back next season, maybe with more screen time. She really captures the gay best (girl) friend.

  4. IJelly says

    Kevin is interested in the Patrick as a side piece only. The idea as far as I can see, is that Patrick has enough emotional space to be treated as a conquest, but not enough to let someone love him. That’s why he bottomed for Kevin and not for Richie.

  5. cbc says

    Complaining about the show being boring and falling asleep halfway through while suggesting they expand it to an hour shows how ridiculous much of the criticism is.

  6. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    So that was the season finale? …more like the season fizzle. The entire season didn’t add up to much. Each scene of the final episode simply contained the characters in awkward situations with each other, without providing any reason for the audience to care about any of them.

    Those who gushed about this mediocre series may want to watch some paint dry as a substitute until HBO decides to kill some time on its programming schedule with it again.

  7. crispy says

    Those who watch something they profess to hate should find something to fill their empty lives.

  8. Jay says

    Admit it. You only really liked it because of the sex scenes. It was still pretty boring.

  9. steve talbert says

    If someone is watching that show for the sex scenes…you really need to get an internet connection..

    I’m so glad I’m not in my 20s anymore. But these guys look like they’re in 30s. At first I was interested but they became feckless and seem too confused about sex. They should stay out of Oakland. No one goes to SF for Oakland. And I never got the richie interest except to show that looks aren’t everything.

  10. KevinSF says

    OK Russell Tovey’s Butt didn’t get enough screen time. The passionate kiss between two out gay actors was beyond any expectations for the entire series. The series would have greatly benefited from an 90 minute pilot/opening episode. It took half of the 8 episodes to just develop the characters. Off to a slow start but finished great. best of all NO drag queens. SF is currently being over run with awful drag “performers” (thanks alot RuPaul). I’m glad the show didn’t give the tired trend any more oxygen.

  11. art says

    All this complaining people … All they want is porn….not a story or character development … The show is actully amazing in its’ reality…And please, stop complaining that you don’t like Agustin…. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO… He tell you, himself… He is an A-hole. Can’t wait for season 2.

  12. DdV says

    I’m genuinely surprised you saw the scenes with Kevin and Patrick as anything but manipulative and predatory. Flip Patrick’s gender, and I doubt any of it would seem quite so “hot”. Kevin is straight up bad news for anyone, but especially Patrick since he’s Patrick’s boss.

    No matter how hot Tovey may be Kevin isn’t. He’s cruel and manipulative and I don’t think we were supposed to see anything sexy in that scene. Especially after they opened and closed “Looking for the Future” (and titled it “Looking for the Future) with very fun, sexy and intimate scenes between Patrick and Richie.

    The sex between Patrick and Kevin was awkward and difficult to watch because it felt like a power trip for Kevin. Patrick clearly uncomfortable the whole time and looked like he was just doing what Kevin wanted because he was still sad and vulnerable about Richie. And he certainly wasn’t thrilled when they were done.

    Kevin’s attitude post-coitally was definitely of a man who got what he wanted and no longer had any need for Patrick “romantically.” If anything, I felt like he kept pursuing Patrick to dump some of his guilt from the wedding onto Patrick. Now they were even, it wasn’t all him. Now that he’s satisfied his curiosity, they can go back to being “boss” and “underling.”

    Which is probably why there was no spring in Patrick’s step when he was walking home. Banging the boss didn’t get Richie out of his head so when Richie was there and was, like Patrick said, so sweet and sincere, when he kind of broke up with Patrick, it just broke Patrick down.

    If anything, it looked like they were setting Patrick up to finally grow up next season. No more feigned naivete to get along and no more living to please his mother or his sister or his friends or his boss. Having Richie walk away from him because he, not Richie, wasn’t ready kind of put the whole situation in place for him. He was pushing away the best thing that ever happened to him because he can’t get past his own hangups.

    Which is why it should have been enough to bump Castillo up to regular while keeping Tovey on as recurring. There were plenty of stories to mine between Patrick and Richie that didn’t need to include a soap opera quality love triangle. Kevin as a character works best as the occasional bump in the road for Patrick, not as a legitimate “love” interest.

  13. Jay says

    “The show is actully amazing in its’ reality”

    Sorry but nothing about the show is “amazing”. It got better with time, yes, but the show still has a lot of issue (format, script and wardrobe to name a few).

  14. says

    I think the show is OK but they need to increase the volume a bit in order to retain audiences. Just a thought.

  15. Brian W. says

    Loved the series. Great season finale. I plan on going back and watching the entire series in marathon format. I hope we get more of the Frank character next season even if he is no longer with Augustin.

  16. Perry says

    Stopped watching half way through episode 4. Decided to watch episode 8 last night. What a freaking waste of my time.

  17. David says

    I know you (Andy) have grown to be a fan – but I am still not impressed. For all those that say how realistic it is – here is something to consider – why would Patrick – neurotic Patrick – bottom without any “prep” before hand. It seems someone as tightly wound as Patrick would want to make sure he was clean before bottoming – I found that to be totally a false note. And I do not see any sexual chemistry with Patrick and anyone – let alone his boss – . Patrick seems a very asexual homosexual.

  18. Keith says

    I watched the entire series, and must agree with those who called it boring. There is no reason to connect with these characters, and none of them present any redeeming qualities as they plod from one non-event to the other. I’m glad there are those who do connect and find value in the show, and I wish it every success. . .but for me as someone who lives in San Francisco and interacts with the community here every day, this hollow show just misses the mark.

  19. says

    I really want to like “Looking” in its entirety, but its parts are greater than its whole. That parts I liked were the ones with Russell Tovey’s “Kevin” and Scott Bakula’s “Lynn” were the focus. Maybe because I think they are much better actors and force the rest of the cast to work that much harder.

    I could really do with out Frankie Alvarez’ “Augustin”. To me, its the character we need the least, especially since “Augustin” is nothing more than a drug fueled waste of limited airtime.

    Get rid of Augustin, expand to 48 minutes (or more, cause does HBO really need 12 minutes of promo time each hour?), focus more on Kevin & Lynn and I think Looking could be what so many of us hoped it would be from the start. We truly want to like it.

  20. vee says

    Yes, the neurotic Patrick bottoming without prep wasn’t realistic. But sex scenes gay or straight seldom portray the nitty gritty of real sex. The important notes of that sex scene are what it signified. Patrick’s vulnerability, Kevin’s fierce pursuit then his cool aftermath, no afterglow just an “I don’t know”.

  21. DdV says

    Patrick was also very vulnerable at that point and had been drinking, at least a little bit, at dinner. He gave in because he was looking for a port in the storm, but he wasn’t really considering the consequences. Sometimes people act out of character, and they set up a plausible reason for Patrick to act out.

    Plus, he’d been with Richie for a while by that point and Richie was clearly teaching Patrick about loosening up and accepting the situation for what it was.

  22. crispy says

    Note for the intellects: If you want intelligent, thoughtful discourse about this show, head over to AV Club.

    If you want to talk about bottoming with people who think Andy Cohen provides quality television, stick around here.

  23. Simon says

    Agree with CRISPY’s comments.

    Also agree with DDV. Kevin is in the long, long tradition of married men who have said to a woman, ‘My wife doesn’t understand me – therefore it’s okay for me to fool around with you.’

    To Patrick’s credit, when Kevin says ‘I’m obsessed with you,’ Patrick does not say, ‘Great, let’s do it.’ He says ‘You have a boyfriend.’ He is telling Kevin, ‘You’re making a choice here. So make it.’

    Patrick is also making a choice, but not really between Kevin and Richie, since Richie has just blown him off, or so he thinks. He’s choosing to get into a situation that could have consequences for his career as well as his personal life.

    Why does Patrick do it? Kevin is exactly the kind of partner his mother would approve of, the kind he’s been searching for, without success, for a long time. After he’s just tried and failed to break free from that pattern, to resist an overture from such a person is asking a lot of him, obviously asking more than he could do. It rings true for me.

    What does not ring true for me is the situation with Agustin and Frank. Frank did not have a problem having sex with a hooker to help Agustin create something. So why does the fact that Agustin paid the hooker turn everything upside down? I don’t get that.

    Also, I was surprised by the behavior of Lynn. I didn’t think he would react to Dom’s success by saying their partnership should end. Why would he do that? If he’s a parent or mentor, what every parent or mentor wants is to see that his kid ends up taking his advice and making good, which is what Dom just did. So what is the problem? The impression that’s left is that Lynn does not want to explore his own feelings about Dom. It’s not just Dom who sees something more to their relationship than business.

  24. calansf says

    Actually, Bobby, let’s start with proper grammar. “The chemistry between *HIM* and Kevin….”
    It’s so off-putting when a “writer” misuses grammar that it’s nearly impossible to focus on the rest of the article…good or bad. Ugh.

  25. MickyFlip says

    Great ep! And so sad to see it end for now. But looking forward to next season with anticipation and glee. And, yeah, that scene with Patrick and Kevin. Hawt!! Again, kudos to cast and crew. And especially for Andrew Haigh who I hope will continue directing not just on this series but also other films. Maybe even directing things he’s yet to try at.

  26. snork says

    You all know this a television show not a documentary about you and your friends? The negative critiques are ridiculous and pathetic.

  27. Jim says

    I grew to really like the show, once I figured out what it’s really about – guys trying to find themselves. None of the characters are settled. I liked the fly on the wall aspect to the performance and directing. The series had many moments of real intimacy. Jonathan Groff’s face is something to behold. Raul Castillo is a really good actor. Augustin & Murray are getting more interesting as time is going on. What’s missing, and I think it’s good, is the superficial “snap” that so many gay themed works have, the wisecracks and bitchy putdowns so common to arch, know it all gay characters. These guys are real people. The scenes all take their time with pauses, dialogue that goes nowhere, and random tangents take some getting used to but I’m now really into it, and I care about where Patrick is going with either Kevin or Richie. Also, I liked that they let Russell Tovey be his British self and didn’t turn him American. I also loved the complete absence of traditional gay themes: coming out, AIDS, worrying what parents think, gay bashing, religious bigots, etc. These guys are just gay and who cares. Final bonus: most of these guys are out gay actors playing gay characters.

  28. Ron says

    I couldn’t stand this show when it first came on. Episodes 5 turned me around to keeping an interest in it and I’d say it finished decent; not strong in my opinion, but decent; much better than it started.

    As for the finale, lets start with that f*cking Patrick. Dammit I was so disappointed in him for not only hooking up with Kevin, but for allowing Kevin to top him when he wouldn’t with Richie. Just as I was warming up to Patrick he’s on my sh*t list with Augustine. I know there are a lot of Patrick/Kevin fans out there but I don’t find Russell Tovey appealing at all, nor his manipulative character. After the sex was over it seemed very “side piece-ish”. Does Kevin really like Patrick or is he just a sexual desire he needed to conquer? Stupid Patrick…never sh*t where you eat either!! The ending where Richie showed up showed him at his most vulnerable and that was a great scene. Patrick knows he messed up.

    Speaking of Augustine, Frank gave him the perfect drive by READ!!! He came in, freshened up, lit his ass up, and bounced!!! I was clapping my ass off when Frank told Augustine the truth about himself. Augustine is such an unlikable character and I’m glad that Frank told him to shove it. I like Frank and I hope we still see him next season.

    As for Dom, his is the least interesting storyline for me. Its cute he’s opening a restaurant but the whole thing with him and Scott Bakula is when I go to the bathroom or get a snack. I like both actors but I just find that storyline boring.

    Overall, I’m glad the show got picked up for season 2. When it first began I was certain it would get canceled and the ratings still aren’t great. I think Looking benefited from the fact that HBO had already canceled a couple other shows. If this show doesn’t find its footing in season 2, I can’t see it lasting past that. Hopefully it does get better. Things are now getting interesting.

  29. Look Away says

    Glad it is over.

    1. Totally predictable storyline: sex with boss, flirts with sugar daddy florist…
    2. Totally strange pacing for the Richie affair. Within about 30 minutes total they meet, have sex, are boyfriends, friends disprove, meet the parents foiled, break up, need space. This was way out line with the rest of the show’s pacing.
    3. Characters lack depth and substance due to poor writing and concept. The subtleties are sorely missing. It is like they have almost no past.
    4. The dialogue is shabby and predictable.

    Unfortunately, the gay community is so starved for representation they will settle for almost anything.

    It’s like the Boys In The Band had grandchildren and to their horror they ended up being boring and spoiled and locked in a closet constructed of their own narcissism.

  30. Chris says

    The series got better for sure. But I do hope next season has been set up to showcase the outright workplace abuse Patrick just faced. His boss seduced him. If this was a male/female situation people would be horrified. But not one of these comments address the idea that Kevin abused his situation. Yes Patrick may have been willing, but it still doesn’t diminish the idea that this was anything but 100% concentual. I will admire the show more if it dares to use this as a set up to address the workplace equality and anti-discrimination policy debate.

  31. DdV says

    Except for my first one. I mentioned that if we flipped Patrick’s gender to female no one would have found the situation hot.

    And the show briefly touched on it when Patrick mentions that Kevin’s sexually harassing him, so the writer’s are fully aware of how they’re portraying Kevin and his predatory nature.

  32. sparklekittens says

    I’m really digging this show after its slow start. I appreciate seeing the flawed characters, because in real life, we are all flawed characters. The best part of the show for me is seeing people like me (gay men) living their lives, full of ups and downs. It’s nice to see men kiss, have sex, and being intimate, which you don’t see anywhere else on the TV. I,too, had 2 straight friends that didn’t know boys could face each other during sex. While the scene between Patrick and Kevin might be “boring” for some of you, I liked how it all went down, including educating two people in my life that have never really visualized gay sex other than “pound your lover doggie style.” I look forward to more of it, because a show about gay men is better than most of the other crap out there.

  33. Distingue Traces says

    I thought the closing scene was just beautiful.

    It’s gonna be a challenge for them to juggle the expanded cast for season 2, though: the episodes this season that tried to bounce among three different storylines at once felt rushed and shallow.

    The show is strongest when taking an extended, fine-grain look at a single relationship.

  34. Distingue Traces says

    I thought the closing scene was just beautiful.

    It’s gonna be a challenge for them to juggle the expanded cast for season 2, though: the episodes this season that tried to bounce among three different storylines at once felt rushed and shallow.

    The show is strongest when taking an extended, fine-grain look at a single relationship.

  35. GJP says

    *What’s missing, and I think it’s good, is the superficial “snap” that so many gay themed works have, the wisecracks and bitchy putdowns so common to arch, know it all gay characters. These guys are real people.*

    I totally agree with this comment and it’s part of why I love this show. It doesn’t feel silly or sitcommy. I also think that what’s interesting is that instead of portraying gays as the “gay best friend” or “quipy best friend” as is so common, it actually uses Doris for this archetype – which is some hilarious trolling/commentary on the way that traditional television usually views gays.

    I’m fine saying I think this show is great and that there’s something very real about the emotions in it. The laughs aren’t huge, but they’re all borne out of an awkwardness that mimics twenty-something lifestyle. It also does a really strong job of going deep with themes that are relevant and important for the gay/any community to look at (whereas most shows ignore issues of class and race, this show did it head on with Patrick) without feeling heavy handed.

  36. nickvale says

    Just a note–and I want to stress this is not judgement, but observation–and I am a fan of this show. VERY surprised that there has been no comment, no reaction that I’m aware of regarding the bareback sex. I want to repeat-since I live in a glass house-I have no moral outrage that two men choose their own behavior. I am curious though that there wasn’t even a quick throwaway line–“It’s okay,” or “I’m negative (or positive).” Are guys under 30 not even asking the questions, or thinking about them? Does seeing two white, wholesome, affluent guys doing it without risk send a message that these th ings can be judged on appearances and other wrong-headed notions?

    And when one comes to think of it, I think Lynn is the only character that has even reminded us that there is this pandemic still in our midst. Certainly not as dark or as dreaded as in days gone by, but it’s still here.

    Any thoughts from others?

  37. nickvale says

    Just a note–and I want to stress this is not judgement, but observation–and I am a fan of this show. VERY surprised that there has been no comment, no reaction that I’m aware of regarding the bareback sex. I want to repeat-since I live in a glass house-I have no moral outrage that two men choose their own behavior. I am curious though that there wasn’t even a quick throwaway line–“It’s okay,” or “I’m negative (or positive).” Are guys under 30 not even asking the questions, or thinking about them? Does seeing two white, wholesome, affluent guys doing it without risk send a message that these th ings can be judged on appearances and other wrong-headed notions?

    And when one comes to think of it, I think Lynn is the only character that has even reminded us that there is this pandemic still in our midst. Certainly not as dark or as dreaded as in days gone by, but it’s still here.

    Any thoughts from others?

  38. LJC says

    When did understated become boring. Right after the rather manic energy of Girls, which has redeemed itself, Looking was a nice counterpoint.

  39. says

    So Augustin is a trust-fund baby (according to his ex)? That explains how he can afford to rent a place in NY and a $220 an hour hustler without an actual job. And then he decides to trip balls in public? How much stupider can this guy get? As for the beard, that’s pretty much the only redeeming part about him.

    I figured that Patrick was eventually going to end up riding his boss’ d*ck. This will backfire in at least a few ways: 1) Kevin’s BF finds out, breaks up with him, and Kevin blames it/takes it out on Patrick 2) Everyone at work finds out, and now thinks that any perks he gets is due to banging the boss 3) Patrick reconciles with Richie, then finds out that Kevin sp**ged up his @$$ while he was trying to get back together with Richie.

    As for Dom, dude needs to heed the same advice that Patrick ignored: “Don’t sh*t where you eat”.

    Final note: More Lauren Weedman? F*CK and YES.

  40. Paul R says

    @Nickvale, it wasn’t absolutely certain that it was bareback (unless I missed something). It didn’t show any prep work by Patrick or Kevin, but there had to be some (one would hope/expect, anyway). It’s true that sex between some guys on a similar socioeconomic plane don’t ask as many questions, both on this show and in real life. By contrast, on the fifth episode (when the series improved dramatically) Patrick and Richie discussed HIV, later used condoms, and Patrick even said he wouldn’t swallow.

    So the rules are always different, depending on the coupling and the situation. Patrick’s relationships with Richie and Kevin are quite similar to two I had in succession, and the emotional, cultural, and power dynamics pretty much ensure that they’re doomed to fail—especially for someone like Patrick.

  41. Ron says

    @Nickvale…Ya know I definitely had a reaction to the sex scene. I would really hope in this day in age the show would go to lengths to at least show Kevin pulling a condom out. What I am hoping is that they had the discussion prior and that he had it on and was in the process when he asked Patrick again if he was ok with doing this. I’m hoping that the condom and lube work was already done and Kevin was just checking in with Patrick that he was ok.

    I still think that even if they didn’t want to show the prep work there could’ve been some mention of a condom. I feel like with a show like this its kind of a moral responsibility to do that. If Kevin didn’t have a condom on, he and Patrick are idiots. I hope that this is somehow answered during the off season because I did see it mentioned as a concern on another message board.

    @Chris…that is very interesting regarding the sexual harrassment at work. I didn’t even look at it like that probably because Patrick did want to sleep with Kevin but was trying to be a “good boy” as long as he could, but it was very smarmy what Kevin did setting up the situation to get Patrick back to the office. You are right that if the gender’s were reversed there would be more screams of workplace sexual harrassment. Good to point out.

  42. Icebloo says

    OH MY FKING GOD -can Jonathan Groff EVER have a scene where he is not acting with his mouth full of food ?!! WHAT THE FCK ?!!! Seriously – what is going on ????

    I really wanted to enjoy this show but it is the most predictable show I have ever seen on TV. There were no twists at all. I could have written this show in my sleep.

    Scott Bakula and Raul Castillo are the best actors and best characters by far. All the others are just not realistic.

    If there was an award for worst actor it has to be given to Jonathan Groff. He is AWFUL. Whoever told him he could act ?

    I cannot believe this show was written by a gay man. It seems to have been written by an alien who has never observed a gay man in their lives.

  43. Simon says

    I have a very hard time understanding why those who profess to hate the show, the actors and so on have kept watching for eight weeks. Given all of the interesting scripted fare on television, could you find nothing to watch for 30 minutes but something you really despised? Ever thought about opening a book?

    Kudos to the poster who reminded people here that this show is not meant to be a documentary about their lives. That is exactly what some here seem to think it is when they complain that the show fails to focus on this or that aspect of being gay or being in San Francisco that is particularly important to them. Want a show that is about you? Go write one.

    On the sexual harassment issue, please get a clue. Sexual harassment does not include consensual sexual activity between employer and employee, nor does it include a proposal for sexual activity that is not accompanied by any threat or by retaliation if the proposal is refused – as Paula Jones discovered. There are companies that have internal policies forbidding sexual relationships between coworkers, but these policies go beyond what the law requires.

  44. matziabb says

    @icebloo you’re funny, dude. I love this episode. The Patrick scenes with Kevin and Richie were especially poignant and touching. I love how they made Dom a bit jealous with Lynn’s companion at the restaurant. And the way Doris tried to set them up together. Agustin to me is the most interesting character on the show, I’d like to see him fleshed out in the future.

  45. dw says

    God bless the person who posted on here earlier today suggesting that people who actually have a brain not waste their time discussing this show on this blog, but go instead to the AV Club.

    I love Towleroad for the content, but the comments section is basically just a tiny notch above the inanity of YouTube comments.

    And yes, I’m commenting. But only in the hope of suggesting those who care about TV go to the AV Club and not waste their time any more on Towleroad’s comment section.

  46. Jerry says

    Not to rain on anybody’s parade, but unless Bakula decides to pull a Ted Danson, we can kiss Lynn goodbye. NCIS: New Orleans is calling…

  47. graphicjack says

    While Kevin is sex on legs, and he wouldn’t have to ask me twice if “is it okay”, he is BAD for Patrick… this episode proved that he’s a selfish prick, basically. Richie is so much better, but Patrick hasn’t got a clue how to behave around him, so unless he get’s a clue, it’s not going to be easy to keep him or get him back.

    Yes! Dom and Lynn are an awesome plotline and I hope they continue this. It’s nice to see at least one of these three lead characters has a positive growth arc happening. And yah, Doris’ scene was super sweet. I love that she is willing to go to bat for Dom in this way.

    Augustin – yuck. Maybe, though, hitting rock bottom will give him some humility. We shall see.

  48. Caligula says

    that was the finale? sigh…going to rewatch Queer as Folk UK version-the best gay series ever on TV

  49. drumstick says

    I was hooked from Episode 1 and stayed there. Hate to say this but Patrick IS me when I was a 28 year old newbie. His boundaries are non-existent and he’s still full of family-farmed inhibitions.

    The scene with Patrick and Kevin was totally believable. Don’t forget that Patrick tried to hit on Kevin in episode 3, and it was clear that Kevin was not happy with his boyfriend, e.g. “Can we get fried chicken, please?” So, I believe it when Kevin says he’s been obsessing on Patrick. Will the obsession evaporate or accelerate after Kevin got a piece? It’s not clear to me.

    The Ritchie/Patrick seen was great. Discussing race and class on TV is pretty rare these days.

    Patrick could be torn between 2 lovers…what he wants and what he thinks he’s supposed to want…

  50. david says

    I hope that everyone who is complaining about the show does NOT WATCH next season so we don’t have to listen to your complaints. All the complaints about dialog, wardrobe, blah blah blah. Everyone is so negative… it’s very easy to sit back and criticize. I realize it’s not a show for everyone.. there are plenty of shows that people love but I don’t like (True Detective, for one) but it’s a matter of taste. I chose not to watch True Detective. I don’t spend my time online talking about how I don’t like it.

    Everyone has a different experience in life.. there is no way that you’re going to like or identify with every character you see… it’s impossible.

    And I have to agree with Art above — you’re not supposed to like Augustin. That means that the actor is doing a good job.. he made you hate him.

    Sorry for the rant but it just seems so easy to criticize when we are hidden behind an ISP address.

  51. says

    Loved this series.. Liked all the characters. It was awesome how most of them weren’t camp.. Makes it more realistic to real life

  52. Dawnrunner says

    I love the show’s slow pacing — this is a realistic depiction of some gay guys in SF — life here isn’t always action-packed and drama-filled. I also love and can relate to most of the characters. These are all people I’d want to get to know, even the ones with less than stellar behavior. Anybody who’s artistic would have a lot to talk about with Augustin, even though they might not want to be his BFF.

    Am I the only person who thinks the show is hilarious? I find myself laughing out loud at its sly, understated humor. I think Patrick is a great comic character. It’s mostly in the subtlety of his expressions and his body language. Doris, of course, is over the top funny, and Dom and Kevin also have irresistible devilish twinkles. I can’t wait for the next season.

  53. Jack says

    It’s my favorite show on television right now. I could not wait to watch the finale and it paid off so much. I watched it three times! Frank telling his truth to Augustin was viciously satisfying. Dom’s kiss with Lynn paints him as a bad guy to me–I felt that to be totally insincere. Kevin and Patrick talking in the office fooled me into thinking this was just more chemistry layering. When they cut to the sex scene I stood up and gaped! Wow, Patrick! But, my favorite part was Richie. That close up conversation, his emotion-it was beautiful. I loved it. SO well done. The whole show, just great.

  54. Larry says

    As a closeted gay man, I appreciate this show because it makes me feel like being out could just be normal. I like the characters, I like their flaws and I live vicariously through them. Isn’t that pretty much the definition of “good TV”?

  55. Polarwanderer says

    How could anyone make a show about three gay men in San Francisco so boring. Russell Tovey is the only good thing in this train wreck. Bad writing, terrible plot, and poorly filmed. Glad to be done with and vowed not to watch Season 2 unless an airplane crash kills all the characters except the sharp funny woman.