Madonna Recording with Avicii


Madonna is recording with Swedish EDM maestro Avicii according to a note she wrote accompanying the above photo on Instagram:

"Doing some house work after 4 hours of sleep which is why i cant spell! On my way to the studio to work with Avicii! #clean"

In other news, Avicii just plopped down $15.5 million for a sick mansion in the Hollywood Hills.



  1. stranded says

    OMG Madonna does housework? What would that entail? Like, opening doors for herself or something?

  2. Bryan says

    In what has been typical of herself in her last 2-3 albums, she finds whatever is “hip” now and desperately clings to it.

  3. Chris K says

    This is awful news. You’d think she would have learned from her tragicly bad last album. She used to be an innovator, but starting from ‘Hard Candy’ everything she’s done has been stale and unimaginative. There was a couple promising songs on MDNA (particularly ‘Falling Free’), but it seems like she’s opting for the generic route once again. Now all that’s missing is a song produced by David Guetta..

  4. SpaceCadet says

    Avicii and similar sounds are what are hot right now. Madonna is simply staying trendy while not being innovative. Nothing inherently wrong with that. And people still pay attention to her. 30 years in the game and she’s still selling and making millions. That’s impressive.

  5. Graphicjack says

    The remix that Avicii did of Girls Gone Wild was excellent. I think this is good news. Madonna has always taken risks and collaborated with different people and each album always has a different sound. Some are better than others, but there’s always something interesting on each album. I think we should reserve judgement until we actually hear some of the tracks.

  6. EchtKultig says

    This photo looks like a farce, literally. Like an illustration to accompany an Onion article. “Local Old Woman puts on sexy pants and tries to get all up yo’ face”

    It’s actually kind of nice to know an EDM producer can make enough money to afford a place like that – assuming he actually can. Though it’s no longer my preferred listening, I always felt it was short shrifted as an inferior form of popular music, that didn’t require any talent to create. The truth is most popular music doesn’t require a great deal of talent to produce. Mind you, this vaguely heterosexist critical milieu produced some pretty darn amusing reviews over the years, the most memorable being an American reviewer who called a Pet Shop Boys album a “tea party for drum machines”.

  7. Macguffin54 says

    Yeah, lately Madonna has been finding what is “hip” and clinging to it. Not like when she invented House music in 1992 and R&B music in 1994 when she discovered Babyface and Dallas Austin in obscurity. Oh, and when she invented electronica in 1998 and 2000. And let’s not forget the disco genre that she discovered and brought to the mainstream in 2005. Seriously, if you are going to criticize M at least know what the f*** you’re talking about. Madonna has been been known for years for listening to what is either underground and bringing it to the mainstream or taking what is already popular and putting her own stamp on it. She is doing the same thing now and she has done her whole career. Don’t like it? That’s fine. But STOP trying to make her seem old and desperate by claiming she has been “reduced” to doing something that she has been doing quite openly and unabashedly for decades.

  8. Alex N says

    I think that anyone who feels any of Madonna’s recent recordings were mistakes or abysmal perhaps should just stop clinging on to whatever notion they are so attached to from her past and realize that it is them getting stuck in the inability to move forward. Maybe you just don’t like Madonna anymore because she doesn’t speak to you or for you? That’s fine, but is it really a reason to have a meltdown of dramatic proportions over the announcement that she is recording with an established European DJ? It isn’t new. She has always worked with established musicians and DJs since the beginning of her career. Mark Kamins, Reggie Lucas, Jellybean, Nile Rogers, Prince, Shep Pettibone, Dave Hall, Dallas Austin, William Orbit, Nelly Hooper, Dave Hall, Babyface, Talvin Singh, Orbital, Kruder and Dorfmeister, Stuart Price, all the Swedes on Confessions, Mirwais…And the list goes on until we get to Pharrell, Justin and Timbaland, the Benassis etc., at which point suddenly she was following trends instead of creating them? It’s simply factually inaccurate. That’s all!

  9. johnny says

    I wonder what “house work” really is for Madge?

    Do you think she picks up a coffee cup and takes it back to the kitchen? Maybe she folds her pants when she takes them off or puts a few magazines in a nice neat stack.

  10. Bryan says

    Madonna bringing disco genre to the mainstream in 2005, now I’ve heard it all. Yeah, keep desperately clinging to your delusional Madonna the creator of everything thoughts. She hasn’t been forward thinking for a few albums now. Definitely not with Hard Candy and MDNA, her last two albums.

  11. crispy says

    I liked “Levels” a lot but “Hey Brother” and all that other twangy-dance hybrid crap Avicii did was just dreadful.

    It is true that one of Madonna’s greatest skills is finding underground scenes like vogueing or goth or French house and putting her own pop mainstream spin on them. Anyone suggesting she’s always followed trends is just making excuses for her latter output. These days she’s too busy turning into Regina George’s mom to find interesting and new ideas.

    But at least she’s not wearing that embarrassing grill.

  12. Johnny says

    MACGUFFIN54 was obviously being sarcastic when he said Madonna invented house music or discovered disco. Some of you don’t seem to get his point. His point was that Madonna in the past was not inventing some new kind of music that never existed before but now she is just trying to be hip, when in reality she is someone who has always been involved in the popular trend of the time but put her own spin on it. And she has always been involved with dj’s and electronic music so it’s not like she suddenly discovered EDM, but most of her records have that dance element to them.

  13. Patrick says

    It’s so beautiful the way some people intuitively know HOW to clean. I am terrible at it. Do you know how to clean?

  14. Deen says

    @ 24 he can afford a 15.5 millon $ home?

    How many cd’s / albums / whatever -did he sell?

    How did he get to that point is more of the question

  15. Robert says

    Chris K nailed it on the head. Madonna’s best albums were not necessarily her most popular – Erotica and Music are criminally underrated. But the reason those albums still worked, much like her early hits, is because Madonna wasn’t just latching on to what’s popular. That’s what she’s been doing for YEARS now. And it comes across as INCREDIBLY desperate. She’s had several disappointing albums in a row….this does not bode well for a return. Does she really have nothing left to say?

  16. Robert says

    Deen – electronic artists make their money from touring. He gets ENORMOUS sums of money for showing up at electronic festivals.

  17. MickyFlip says

    Hate her as much as you want. But you can’t deny her influence over pop(ular) music. And to see Avicii willing to work with Madame M speaks volumes.

  18. SpaceCadet says

    @Deen, @Robert – not just from touring festivals but also from one-off gigs at trendy nightclubs. For instance, the high-end dance clubs in Vegas shell out buttloads of money to draw EDM artists like Avicii, David Guetta, and Calvin Harris because they bring in big crowds willing to pay the cover charge, VIP seating, bottle service, etc.

  19. MadonnaAidsFlop says

    Please join little monsters and any other anti-Madonna group at the Twitter channel: #MadonnaAidsFlop

  20. steve says

    I think Avicii is doing something really interesting with his sort of Americana-folk-dance music. Madonna has good taste – I approve. I really hope her songs are in the vein of “Hey Brother” and “Wake Me Up” – and NOT “Levels”…

  21. Graphicjack says

    Every star with a career as long as Madonna has had good albums and bad, and many have come back from weaker albums to produce big hits again. Look at Cher, for example, who had to resort to doing infomercials and then had a comeback with Believe. Madonna’s last two albums weren’t her best, but she’s had good songs on them and there’s no reason to discount her completely when she’s still one of the biggest touring draws in the world. She could easily knock us all off our feet with a solid album that even those Little Bitches (Monsters) have to agree is amazing. It could happen, and knowing Madonna, it probably will. How many times have critics tried to pull her down and she’s still on top?

  22. Paul R says

    How can he afford it? Well, for starters he made $20 million last year. He has 28 public gigs between now and the end of August, each probably paying around $250K. He also sells a lot of records—his own and those he produces for others. And so on.

  23. crispy says

    “I think Avicii is doing something really interesting with his sort of Americana-folk-dance music.”

    You and 50 million other midwestern Americans with crap taste in music.

    It’s also been done (better) by Moby. Even Madonna has tread those waters with “Don’t Tell Me.”

  24. Leon says

    To the commentor above, Madonna did not invent or create any of those genres. Not in the least. “Madonna invented R&B” good lord, just stop. I’m not supporting her anymore just to spite you.

  25. Paul R says

    @Leon: while you’re at it, work on your reading comprehension skills and ability to recognize basic sarcasm.