1. Mags says

    Actually, Jesus, a known rebel of his times, would go into your house of supposed worship, and throw a monumental hissy fit.

    He apparently really disliked those who blindly abide by the old books, and conveniently manipulate godly love into hatred and prejudice.

  2. steve says

    this is a sad legacy of the oppression of black people in America – denying them education and indoctrinating them with Christianity – left the doors open to this kind of crazy.

  3. Jae says

    Steve, these people have minds of their own. Blaming it on Christianity is a lame excuse. Given their history of oppression, it’s even sadder to see people not learn from history.

  4. Zeke says

    If this were any other group : women, muslims, asian people – there would be widespread media coverage – but it’s just gay men he’s attacking ! Let’s be clear here, when he says “homos” he means gay men. That’s OK ! It’s fine to advertise killing us in America !

  5. says

    This is the end result of religious fanaticism .. They create a believe system that supports their narrow views .. after a while they need to turn up the volume to get attention ..These people are MOCK Christians . with a VERY Deviant message, light years different from their own christ .. These bigots are NOT christians … they are something else entirely

  6. Rawn says

    Man should be fired for incompetence. He apparently doesn’t know the first thing about Jesus whose feelings about stoning are well documented and were taught to him wherever he was accredited.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    He’s crazy as a motha’ f.ckin’ bedbug…just moves slower.

    I don’t think the media takes this kind of preachin’ nut any more seriously than they do the Westboro Church nuts. The media tends to ignore them. Whether that’s good or bad…well?

  8. Zeke says

    This slug robbed over a hundred homes in the 70s and spent hard time in prison for robbery, larceny, burglary and many other crimes. No wonder he is such a disgusting person.

  9. Bill says

    @604brian : it is not against the law in the U.S. to make claims about what some guy, real or imagined, who supposedly lived about 2000 years ago before the Romans executed him, would have done.

    This religious nut may belong in a mental institution, but (unless there is more to the story) not in jail.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Inciting violence, or threatening murder isn’t against the law in the US?”

    Well, you’ve got a point. Gay New Yorkers (and allies) should bring this dangerous disgrace to Mayor DeBlasio’s attention & to the attention of their city council representatives.

  11. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    @Zeke – I didn’t know that about Brother Manning. Well-sounds like he enjoyed his late-nights in the cellblock just a little too much and is looking for an escape-hatch. If only he could forget how hot it was taking it from the other brothers…but some things just can’t be forgotten. Thank God. :)

  12. reacenyc says

    I think it left out Adulterers, Fornicators, Divorcees, people who work on Sunday, people who sow two different crops in the same field, people who touch the skin of a pig, people who eat shrimp, people who have been on Mount Sinai,people who wear cloth made of more than one kind of thread, people who curse, people who commit blaspheme, rape victims who don’t scream loud enough, a woman who is not a virgin on her wedding night, children who disobey their parents, and last but not least, any ox that gore’s a man or woman. These are all laws written in the same Bible that this church is quoting.

  13. says

    question, Americans:

    this is not a citation of the bible. there is nothing in scripture to back that up. it’s not religious freedom. that’s not a biblical quote.

    that’s putting words and a message out there that actually encourages and promotes violence against gay people.

    how in the name of GOD is that legal?

  14. jonnathewoodswoman says

    @Zeke – then his becoming a pastor was just another step in a long life of lying, stealing and grifting people. Seems appropriate, somehow, for him to be a pastor now – the same skill set is required.

  15. Neil says

    Oddly enough, in the one Bible story about Jesus when he was around a stoning, I believe that he shamed the crowd into not carrying out the death sentence. He said to her “Where did everyone go? Is there no one left her to condemn you?” No sir. “Then neither do I. Go and stop sinning.”

  16. Hawthorne says

    Manning does not know his Bible very well. His sign says, “stoning is still the law.” Perhaps in some Arab countries it is, but in the US stoning is NOT the law, nor is it still the law in Manning’s Bible, for it says Jesus’ death and resurrection did away with the old (that is Old Testament) law. I am so sick of Bible-illiterates who are so free to quote the Old Testament against gays and conveniently forget that their faith also teaches that Jesus did away with all the Old Testament strictures.

  17. Bill says

    So he cites a few OT texts and John 8:1-11?
    I’m no biblical scholar, but I can google.
    John 8:1-11 has Jesus essentially telling the crowd that stoning the woman who committed adultery is NOT his way.

    Very, very ignorant.

  18. John says

    Didn’t his bible also have slaves in it!
    So I guess he’d be one of the common slaves in his good book he likes to follow so closely and wave over his head while screaming hysterically at us.

  19. Randy says

    Hah. That pastor doesn’t even know his own verses.

    The verse in Deuteronomy requires not only that a person be doing “evil”, but also requires that they be following another god.

    The verse in John (one of the Bible’s many contradictions) demonstrates that no human is without sin, and therefore nobody is fit to stone anyone else. Stoning is the law, but nobody can carry it out, not even Jesus.

  20. 4001 says

    This is a perfect exemplar of the gamification of ‘freedom of speech’.

    It’s so sad that due to nature of America’s ‘freedom of speech’ law, there is no room for hate-speech laws. Therefore we see things like THIS in the US.

    Loud defamations against gays leads to violence. Period. Credible academic research supports this notion.

    America really makes me sick sometimes.

    If the US won’t protect the gay community from hatemongerers, what will American gays do to defend themselves? Will they send this place a message? Maybe stone the hell out of their church, blowing out their windows, or maybe they should RIP THE DAMN SIGN DOWN and keep ripping every new one down so he can’t put up his lettering…

    If NYC won’t do anything, what will NYC gays do to address this?!

  21. says

    For more than 20 years Canada has had in place very specific, explicit, detailed and discernible laws about Hate Speech. we have free speech, we have freedom of speech, we have unbleeped profanity in primetime television and gay people in our television commercials. And we as a country understand that one’s “freedom” to incite hatred and violence against a targeted group is less important than that targeted groups freedom to live safely and freely from that hatred and violence. DUH.

  22. anon says

    “The Blood of Jesus” part of the sign I think indicates the level of fanaticism here.

    The sign is perfectly legal in the US. It doesn’t matter if it’s supported by religious doctrine or not. Many of the anti-religious comments here on TR would be technically illegal in the UK, where they have defamation laws that protect religions. They were designed to stop Islamic preachers from going on Anti-Semitic rants, but are essentially broad enough to squelch a lot of religious commentary.

  23. Joe in Ct says

    Those who encourage destruction of the sign are, at best, encouraging vandalism. Don’t stoop to his level. It will only draw more attention to this pathetic anti-gay church. Yes, his sign is offensive, but he has a right to express an offensive message. People will reject his god, his hateful ministry and his church.

  24. Nyquil says

    Joe in CT, don’t call vandalism ‘stooping to his level’ as he isn’t encouraging vandalism but violence against people. Attacking a person is direct active aggression, damaging personal property is indirect active aggression. If people here were calling for HIS stoning, THEN you could accuse people of stooping to his level.

    All attacking the church does it put the anti-gays and gays on an even playing field, a State Of Nature. OTHERWISE anti-gays get to keep the Free Rider position while gays continue to get the Sucker’s Payoff.

    Drawing attention to his anti-gay church is a GOOD THING.

    He should NOT have the right to express his hatemongering as it incites violence. It’s a shame you can’t see that even after others spoon-fed you the pattern.

    People will take his words as a license to harm. Not a reason to leave.

  25. Mags says

    @Joe in CT,

    Apathy is exactly the reason why the Tea Party in America has gotten that much power, and why after the election of a black President, xenophobia in the US has seen so much outright and extroverted prevalence.

    The lesson should have been clear to everyone living and following US politics in the past 8 years:

    If you turn the other cheek, if you think people will not pay attention or be easily indoctrinated into hatred and prejudice, if you believe that hate-mongers would disappear suddenly because Americans are too intelligent to give them platform, YOU ARE WRONG.

    This POS is a hate-monger and should be absolutely at the very least shut down, before being prosecuted for hate speech and encouraging unlawful acts of violence, in the US nonetheless.

    If we’ve learned anything of politics lately, is that Apathy leads nothing but to passively accepting one’s persecution.

  26. JackFknTwist says

    @ JOE in CT:

    Seriously ? Vandalism ?

    No, it will send a sign to all young gay lads that we stand up for ourselves; that we fight back.
    It will show that we will not be taken out tied up and beaten, that being gay is not a second class degree in Human.

    Smash the bigots’ sign.
    Let’s end allowing the fanatics their rampant fascist provocations.
    Smash the bigots’ sign.

  27. cced says

    Dude just wants a sweet, sweet taste of the attention that comes with controversy. I’m just going to ignore. As my aunt use to say: Never wrestle with a pig…you get full of sh*t and the pig enjoys it.

  28. BrokebackBob says

    On the contrary Jesus wouldn’t stone anyone. But he would have issues with this pastor claiming to be spreading HIS word. Any church that incites to violence with their preaching should be subject to secular censure and criminal charges. Period. Full Stop.

  29. JackFknTwist says

    On the contrary, Jesus would have whipped these hypocrites as he did with the money men in the Temple.
    Jesus usd violence to deal with the hypocrites.

  30. woodroad34d says

    From a Baptist website “”:
    When Jesus calls for the one without sin to cast the first stone he accomplishes several things: it relieves him from the charge of having instigated a stoning; it ensures there will not be a stoning, since none of the accusers will want to take responsibility for it; and it causes them to reflect on their own sinfulness before God. It has often been suggested that the eldest accusers were the first to leave (v. 9) because they recognized their own sinfulness more readily. However, leaving in this order may simply reflect the custom of deferring to the elders. In any case, their withdrawal was in fact a confession of sin. Those who came to condemn ended up condemning themselves by not casting a stone.”

    It also relates how the elders brought Jesus to the stoning in hopes of trapping him and his discounting his philosophies; but Jesus outsmarted them.

    It appears there is one Harlem preacher who is sorely under-educated or lying–or both–who is now going to hell.

  31. Misty says

    Ok some of the comments are just disturbing. Yes, the pastor is ignorant and wrong and what he says is about gay people is incredibly harmful, but “Reverend Monkey”? (I’m looking at you, Tony) Seriously? You think saying racist crap like that is gonna help you fight homophobia? I’m sorry, but if anything, you are just making it a more uncomfortable world for black LGBT people, who have to face both problems. They don’t deserve it here.

    And also, black people don’t have this superhuman ability to automatically understand oppression. This does not excuse what Manning is saying, but the thing is we would have the guts to just dismiss a white pastor who said those same things as an individual who happens to be crazy. Why can we not do the same with this guy without making it racial or throwing racially charged language like that?

  32. says

    These ignorant christians don’t even know their own religion. Notice that most of the scripts are Old Testament. The coming of Jesus did away with the old law (OT). If that did not happen, there would be no christians, they would all be Jews. Christians accept the OT because it lays the foundation for Jesus as the Messiah. Of course the christ eaters don’t follow any other OT laws but they claim we should follow the ones they pick out for us. Jesus NEVER said one word about gays. The Gospels were written long afterwards, and Matthew was written 120 years after the fact and doesn’t agree with the 3 synoptic Gospels in countless ways. This “pastor” is just another ignorant bigot on a power trip to line his own pockets.

  33. chevytexas says

    All those quotes are Old Testament. Those guys would have stoned most residents of Harlem, jesus was in rebellion against the Talmudic establishment. Plus, why do Christians keep hijacking Hebrew scripture???

  34. Lexis says

    If Manning actually believes Jesus was the Son of God, then Jesus would have known everything about everyone whom he encountered, and Jesus didn’t stone anyone. In fact, Jesus actually praised the faith of the Roman Centurion, who some interpret was asking Jesus to heal his lover.

  35. says

    Little Kiwi, You asked “how in the name of GOD is that legal?” it’s because he dresses up his hatred in ridiculous ancient superstitions used to justify bigotry and intolerance, or as most people call it Christianity.

    If he claimed his basis for provoking and inciting acts of murder was Allah he would be in jail, but in the USA if you sprinkle holy water on your hatred everybody thinks you’re a great guy.

    Short answer: because Jesus

  36. Bill says

    @Little Kiwi: the first amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    You can make up any crazy religion you want including a new variant of Christianity, where you pick and choose and modify anyway you like.

    BTW, this pastor does have a Biblical excuse regarding suggestions that he is encouraging violence against gays. He implied that Jesus would stone gays, but one of the stories in the Bible has Jesus saying, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” while Christian theology claims that Jesus was “without sin.” So that pastor can claim he was suggesting that the others join in only if Jesus throws a rock first, and Jesus has not even thrown a pebble in some 2000 years. Also note the word “would” on his sign and think about the grammatical meaning.

    That will keep him out of jail. It doesn’t make him any less of a jerk.

  37. B ill says

    @Stephen Rider: actually, if someone put up a similar sign claiming the Allah or Mohammad would stone gays, he would be similarly be off the hook, as the chance of either throwing a pebble is about the same as the Second Coming that’s been just around the corner for the past 2000 years. But he better check the fatwa bulletin in case some cleric thinks he’s being disrespectful towards either, and maybe not visit Iran for a vacation. If he said that I would stone gays, he would not have committed a crime, but he better have a net worth too low to justify a lawsuit for libel.

    If by contrast, he told his congregation to stone gays, adding that he arranged a discount on stones at Granite and Rocks Home Improvements on 124th Street, then he’s committed a crime.

  38. Bill says

    @Clay: the First Amendment makes it illegal for the state to require a license to preach.

    He’s well within his rights to spout his own version of Christianity. He could even create a version of Christianity with 30 gods if he wanted to (I read somewhere that there was an early Christian sect that had 30 gods, and that has been MIA for well over a millennium. [See the link below – it was probably the Valentinians, named after a guy named Velentius who nearly became the Bishop of Rome, now known as the pope])

    Here’s a web site listing some of the variants that have been tried in the past (and that died out):

    (And some of us think Joseph Smith was loony – you should see what bizarre things preceded him, and maybe why the Romans thought the Christians were more than a little odd.)

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