1. steve says

    could young gay men in the middle of the country start making music from their perspective? instead of these crazy people from NYC and LA? we need music from a different perspective…

  2. Paul B. says

    Ryan says, “…real challenge to be taken seriously and not seen as forgettable or throw-away. It’s time for a change!”

    So much for that change. Still awful video and the song is forgettable.

  3. Chad U says

    The video was AMAZING!!! Sets the bar high for any other performer!! And not to mention it was pretty HOT! I LOVE all the GOLD and GLITTER. I wouldn’t expect anything less from RYAN W

  4. Marc says

    As they say, “if you’re gonna bump it, bump it with a trumpet!”
    He is like the love child of Angelyne and Liberace. A bit of a train wreck, but I gotta give respect to anyone who has the guts to be themselves 110%, despite what people may say. Good for him. I couldn’t look away, for better or worse. 😉

  5. Patrick says

    Could Towleroad profile a gay artist that is…you know…a bit good at what they do?

    Will Sabin is a friend of Courtney Act who is a talented dancer, choreographer and not a bad singer (good singer, just limited range). He’s also got the most insane bubble butt I’ve seen in years.

    Check him out on Youtube:

  6. AJ says

    That’s just awful. So much cringe. It’s like that acquaintance you have that thinks they are a superstar and constantly posts their wretched songs and videos on Facebook. Like the 90s vomited every trite rap cliche onto bronzer and bad highlights.

  7. garryo says

    [sigh]. Sometimes a girl can have too much money (plus botox, Restylane, etc), too little talent, and not enough honest friends who will tell her kindly: “No, sweetie, don’t do it.”
    That’s what happened here.
    It’s every type of dreadful.

  8. Sam says

    What a big joke!…that auto-tuned sound and the video concept is so yesterday. And that Joan Rivers facial botch job is begging for a malpractice lawsuit.

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