The OXD Mirror: A Return of The Greats, New Music From Hercules and Love Affair and Todd Terry



As history has always showed us, GLBT people have always been the ones to set the trends in music, followed furiously by the rest after the impact of our music is felt on the world. 

Hercules and Love Affair - 'Do You Feel The Same'

Hercules and Love Affair, the queer collective started by Andy Butler, effectively rendered electro dead with the revival of disco in their 2008 hit single, ‘Blind’, featuring Antony Hegarty.  The success of this single and the group’s first album helped to bring disco back in a new and serious way to electronic producers and bands.  Over time, the group has featured out artists like Nomi Ruiz, Shaun J Wright, Kele Okereke, Kim Ann Foxman, in addition to Hegarty and of course Butler himself.  The group is back for their follow-up to 2011’s Blue Songs, called Feast of the Broken Heart, out on April 14th, with ‘Do You Feel The Same’ as the lead single.  The pulsing jam is rife with the great beats and sleek vocals, this time courtesy of HALA’s touring vocalist Gustaph.

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While on the subject of influential people in music, Todd Terry is a name that’s familiar to most house music fans and easily one of the most celebrated DJs  around the world.  The living legend delivers a new single with a familiar feel on Southern Fried Records, ‘Feel The Sun’.  You may recognize the vocal sample of ‘Love On Top’ by the equally-legendary Beyonce, layered on top of an old school thumping house backing.  Check out the full-length video and song here.

On a similar house music note, Aden is dropping a new EP called Four on March 17th.  I honestly couldn’t tell you much about the artist(s), because they’re purposely shrouded in mystery and unidentified by the label, but I can tell you that the lead single ‘Part of Me’ is a sophisticated, layered dance track that’s worth its weight in gold. 

Producer and DJ Toddla T, who I first became acclimated with from his remix of Roisin Murphy’s ‘You Know Me Better’, is releasing his Acid EP on Defected Records on May 5th.  ‘Phoney’ is a chic, simple album cut from Acid that has showcases vocals by Shola Ama and is a nice departure from the hard sounds Toddla T is usually known for. 

Rounding out this week’s picks is a lower-key deep house track by Admin called ‘Slick Back’ that’s perfect for unwinding after listening to my energetic selections from this week.


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