1. Chris says

    So in other words, this woman’s dog behaves like every other dog, but somehow she convinced us this was unique and we should waste two minutes of our lives watching it, waiting for something interesting to happen.

    Hey, I wasted time watching it, at least I didn’t put in all that effort to write about it.

  2. Anony6 says

    But you did waste time writing about it, lol.

    Awesome vid. LMAO @ the cat just starring, like “not this again”

  3. Sean Maloney says

    That vid would be perfect if the dog cut the cheese when it stood to look out the window which is what my dog does all the time. (I really have to change his diet, apparently.)

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    You must admit that Miss Kitty Cat was cool. Miss Doggie was out of control.

    Miss Kitty Cat said, “don’t you get up on this bed acting like damn fool.” (hiss)

  5. Nat says

    That was really cute though I was really expecting that the cat would “protect” the bed by batting away at the dog, preventing it from going up.

  6. Dback says

    Dogs are a lot more work than cats (I don’t own a pet), but I had to smile at the dog’s pure, uninhibited joy in this, vs. the bored disdain exhibited by the cat. This is why I tend to stay very tight-lipped when friends gush about their cats and how smart and wonderful they are. (If you need something to worship, people, Madonna is always taking applications.)

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