1. UFFDA says

    Why don’t any of these young men in these kinds of productions have anything other to do than moon around after each other in the same kinds of urban settings? Dead in parties, tiresome things to say, gooey looking in each other’s eyes, lame fag hag girlfriends, oh you name it, the guys are boring, repetitive, aimless. What about having wonderful or challenging jobs where they meet each other, or adventures in the mountains or jungles of the world where they might actually be doing something.

    This trailer tells me nothing fresh or unusual, I wouldn’t think of watching it.

  2. leprechaunvict says

    Hmmm, I’ll give it a shot. Nice to see the city depicted without the stereotypical CN Tower shots. Also, hot hairy bod on the blonde guy. Lastly, glad to see the shout out to Timothy Findley’s Not Wanted On The Voyage, a freakin’ fantastic novel and a must read!

  3. UFFDA says

    I meant “dead end parties” – aren’t they all?

    God Toronto looks old – those streetcars, overhead wires, the ugly, dilapidated buildings…sure this isn’t Detroit?

  4. Kiwi Reader says

    I thought the New Zealand accent and the Canadian accent were vaguely similar, but I couldn’t understand much that these actors were saying. The jangling background music didn’t help. Reading the images in the trailer, everyone looked supersensitive and sad. But maybe they were saying happy words, but with sad faces. I’ll never know.

  5. Blake says

    God this formulaic, suicidally dull, artfag banal sh!t is getting so fukcing tedious. Uffda is right, where the hell are the stories about men ACTUALLY DOING THINGS?!

  6. tristram says

    the problem with a lot of these web series is they are written by actors, not writers. That means lots of great ‘acting’ moments, but a drought of compelling storytelling.

  7. Factoid says

    Agree with comments about why don’t they ever seem to be doing anything?

    Its not that these stories are all bad.

    Its that there are so many that you really got to stand out

  8. Factoid says

    By the way, I have spoke to a friend who does gay lit and he says gays as an audience can be bad because they just often want to see the same story again and again and again

    So I get why filmmakers may feel this is all that can be said as far as getting support

    It just sucks for those of us who want to unique stories

  9. Factoid says

    Six Feet Under
    Doctor Who
    Brooklyn Nine Nine
    The Wire
    Happy Endings

    All shows with gay characters. None, however. Exept one as the lead. Some with guns and drugs. Some not. Some I liked. Some I didn’t . None are reducible to being called out as the exact same story again and again and again. I think the last great bsrrier are shows and films with a gay lead that’s not just targeted at gay people or art house . Arguably Torchwood sorta did that, but I can’t think of any others. Its like Kerry Washington breaking ground for black female leads in Scandal. A show like Sleepy Hollow became possible due to Scandal.

    The more that writers see gay characters as leads succeed in different roles in shows the more they will include them. If Hollywood sees entertainment succeed with gay chatacters as the lead role (in other words it makes more than niche money), the more it may take the chance of having gay chatacters as leads.

    The question is: who is going to make it? It will orobabkt start small – a web series that has wide popular appeal that catches someone’s eye, etc

  10. wendigen says

    I look forward to a full episode. I applaud the writers, actors and filmmakers for putting their story, whatever it is, out there; let’s see how they do in this content-overloaded web, and what they can glean from this project. Telling stories is how we explore our identity: gay, straight, urban or in “the jungles of the world.” The shout-out to Timothy Findley (Not Wanted on the Voyage) will pique the interest of literary Ontarians, and I was happy to see the honestly-shot Toronto scenes: messy hydro poles, clanky streetcars and shabby storefronts, that are the quiet soul of this misunderstood but culturally ascendant city.
    And @Kiwi Reader, really? Canadian and New Zealand accents are 200 years and an ocean apart.
    And @UFFDA, can’t wait to see your trailer/short story/play on the exotic travel gays in the jungles of the world, but what are they up to once they get there?
    Full disclosure: ex-Torontonian living in NYC for 10 years.

  11. Factoids says

    except its not “their stories”

    its the same story again and again.

    We have no idea what their actual stories are.

  12. UFFDA says

    WENDIGEN – let’s see, they fall in love while working on an archaeological site discovering something exciting, or at a refugee camp doing good, or they’re soldiers in a war zone (yes Yossi and Jagger), they’re upending evil somewhere…actually there are a number of gay films that cover much of this territory and several are quite good. It’s these dense thematically lame and inbred urban stories that are so meh.

  13. James says

    @UFFDA A playwright isn’t a wonderful and challenging job? They can’t all be playwrights. Or maybe they could be! And that’s how they’d all meet. Would that please you? I’m so confused by your comment.

    Also — adventures in the mountains or jungles? ROFLMAO is my response to that. This a web series! A web series! It is likely there is no outside funding and if there is it is very little. You seem to have forgotten that this is a web series. I’ve reminded you three times now. Hopefully it sticks. You’re expectations are way too high.

    What we can do is hope this web series has some substance. That’s what I’m hoping for and I’m not going to knock it until I watch the first episode.

  14. Factoids says

    Even in urban setting, they are doctors working in a hospital or, as a friend of mine is, involved in social work,, or artists, but not in the part of the city that you expect to see gays, or the list of ways to vary the same old goes on and on.

  15. UFFDA says

    I know that funding would be a big problem for the larger themes and especially settings I suggest. And yes it’s a web series…which means to me that most of these little shows are a waste of the web and the idea of a Series. What is needed is a truly gifted, even towering playwright with something significant to say. Actually, FACTOIDS has nailed the issues far more effectively than I.

  16. Adele says

    Why would a playwright write a webseries? Seems to me they’re busy writing plays. Your comments are a far bigger “waste of the web” than a show trying to add to the sadly small landscape of gay-centred media.