Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1536

GORDON KLINGENSCMITT: "It's a tragedy every time somebody comes out of the closet."

LITTLE MIX: Covers Cameo's "Word Up"

TONIGHT SHOW PHOTOBOMB: Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm photobomb unsuspecting tourists.

OSCAR SELFIES: Lots of people tried to replicate it.

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  1. Bill says

    The only people for whom someone coming out of the closet is a tragedy are those people sneaking around looking for very discrete sex partners. You know, someone so closeted that they’ll only do it with someone equally closeted and equally scared that someone might find out. Just finding such a person is not too easy, so every time the number goes down, their search becomes that much harder.

    The other question is what does this observation tell us about Mr. Klingenschmitt?

    (BTW, the headline misspelled his name.)

  2. woodroad34 says

    Tragedy to whom? That’s a very subjective observation that General Mayhem seems to think is a universal truth (the bubble is very comforting it seems) and is espoused from an individual that I find to be less than a mature man…or simply “less than a man”. God may love Klinkershit, but he weeps every time, Mr. Piggy opens his mouth.

  3. Bill says

    To give an example of the sort of closet case for which others coming out of the closet might be a tragedy, many years ago, we had an ad in the newspaper for a roommate (not in the mixed-sex section). Some guy gave me a call and wanted to see the place, but he indicated that he didn’t want to live there. I asked him what he wanted the room for, figuring it was to have sex with his paramour and couldn’t do it at home because of being married. He said that maybe if we liked each other, he could drop by every so often. I asked him if he knew what the price of housing was in our area and he said he realized it was a legitimate ad but he was hoping for the best. The phone call was complete with heavy breathing.

    So when I think of a *real* closet case, I think of that guy – my guess is that he was married and wanted a same-sex sex partner on the side, and needed someone who would be very discrete. He was probably so closeted that he had padlocks on the inside of the closet.

    Not having equally closeted people to hook up with would be a “tragedy” for this guy. Draw your own conclusions about Mr. Klingenschmitt (I’ll refrain from guessing, but I’m sure others won’t be that circumspect).

    The other thing I sort of wonder is why these homophobes all look like Star Wars villains. Klingenschmitt looks a bit like Darth Vader without the mask (puffy pasty face, etc.). Scott Lively looks like Count Dooku (the bad guy from Episode II – maybe it is due to the gray beards).

  4. acde says

    Why does anyone, any blog , any communication outlet give Klingenshit the time of day or any other publicity. He is nothing and yet he is kept alive by publicity as though what he thinks is of any import. It is not. Stop already!

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