1. Mike in the Tundra says

    I worked in an elementary school, which was mostly women teachers. They would say anything in front of me. I really didn’t need to know about pussy farts.

  2. GeoffreyPS says

    Hah! I had a coworker who was EXTREMELY introverted who got trapped by our former secretary. My officemate came running in saying “You have to rescue him! She’s talking about her period and her colonoscopy!” I called him from a nearby phone and we faked a phone call for five minutes with him just going “uh huh” and “ok”, but it didn’t work. She patiently waited so that she could continue with the gruesome details.

  3. steve says

    huh. I think I’m an oversharer. kind of funny…it was both funny and I was also guessing it might remind people of me … I’m not that bad… but yeah…

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