1. Mastik8 says

    There’s a difference between a good show and a show that gets good ratings. Ronan’s show is the former. Flip the TV on and you’ll see plenty of the latter.

  2. Shane says

    Glad to hear Anderson and Andy Cohen on Howard Stern. Howard is the best interviewer out there and a real advocate for the gay community. Do not underestimate the power some of his unsavory humor has to convert the average blue collar straight guy to acceptance and understanding of those of a different sexuality than their own.

  3. says

    Interesting to hear Anderson say publicly that he is in love with (Benjamin) Maisani, that they are not married and that he refers to him as his partner (as opposed to his boyfriend). He doesn’t mention if they ever will marry but he does say he would like to eventually have kids. He did talk about his brother’s death on his daytime TV show but he went into a little more depth here and that was interesting. The fact that he had shoulder surgery is something new and that CNN pays him $7 million a year.

  4. Gary says

    Now everyone loves Stern. You never liked him before! You can have Cooper, Patrick Harris–even Nate Berkus. They are all striving to define gay today, and dominate the spotlight while they can still get it up (Howard inspired comment) I would go further to say that I hate Anderson Cooper. (now that’s true Howard!) Feel the love…

  5. Ha! says

    Gary– marry me !! Oh wait.

    I liked mr. Cooper until he was associated with Andy Cohen. The worst gay man of the past 30 years. I would rather have dinner with Roy Cohn.
    What ever respect I had was lost when mr. Cooper would giggle
    Like a school girl on his canceled daytime show.
    And that dreadful Kathy griffin.

    He really need s to rethink with whom he associates.

  6. RichB in PS says

    I know very little of Stern and his interview skills, with this interview Stern exercises his skills that allows AC ‘off the hook’ often. If you listen you learn a lot of AC as long as it is not on a personal level as well you learn of HS’s interview skills. Neither should be considered less skilled or less intelligent. If you listen to their words used speaks loudly in context of the conversation.

  7. James says

    AC is his doing his thing his way…works his ass off and people respect him.. he’s private and that’s ok. Still a great rep for gay community. We could use more like him.

  8. don says

    A. Cooper is just one more member of the elite club, the one percent, whatever. Why do we care that he’s out? He’s a rich kid who was sleeping with all kinds of men just a few years ago. So what? What has he done for the rest of us, the middle class and working class, gay or straight? When does he ever expose his elite friends in politics? Come on, people. We need a revolution against that super rich, not one more article idolizing them. And Howard Stern? Remember what he said after the Columbine shootings. If you think he is a journalist or a man with any integrity, you’ve got a screw loose.

  9. Lou says

    Hopefully Anderson Cooper was merely being diplomatic when he talked about the importance of Fox News. Fox has nothing to do with legitimate news and is a blight on reporting and this country in general. It IS important that all perspectives are heard, but not the way Fox does it with blatant lies and hate masquerading as journalism. Anderson should know better.

  10. SpaceCadet says

    A bunch of jealous trolls on here. Anderson Cooper is a self-made man and millionaire. For those criticizing him for being a 1 percenter, do you actually know how he made his fortune or listen to this interview? He has no interest in inheriting his family’s estate and forged his own career in journalism without a formal education in that field. Sounds pretty impressive to me.

  11. says

    Anderson Cooper is grossly overrated as a journalist but he’s better than most of the paid help on CNN. I mean, Don Lemon opined Malaysia flight 370 may have been “swallowed up by a black hole”.

    You can’t make up this level of stupidity.

    As for Cooper’s 90 year old mother not leaving her only child a dime of her $200 million dollar fortune, I find this sad and pathetic.

  12. dc20008 says

    Anderson has 2 half brothers as well. Last name Stokowski (as in Leopold). One of the brothers totally avoids the limelight and has changed his name.

    There was a blind gossip item a few months ago naming Abra Stowkowski, AC’s niece, as an heiress shopping around a sex tape.

    No tape ever came out.

  13. Charlie Horse says

    Love Anderson but always feel a bit bad for him. Having met his boyfriend a number of times have to say the guy is totally using Anderson in every aspect. Sometimes it just takes forever for the other half to wake up to it all.

  14. mslewis says

    I’ve never liked Howard Stern but I LOVE Anderson Cooper. This was a great interview and I admire Anderson for avoiding discussing his personal life with Stern and Stern didn’t get Anderson to say anything outrageous that could make out-of-context headlines in the media.

  15. Red says

    Probably the most candid Anderson Cooper interview since he came out, or maybe ever. I didn’t get why Howard Stern seemed so surprised Anderson would be involved with a bartender (bar owner) – as though a VANDERBILT would never stoop to that level or something. Cooper is part of the 1 percent, but perhaps he’s not an elitist snob when it comes to his personal life and relationships.

  16. He's Hot Enough, But I'm Unimpressed says

    Cooper reminds me of something Ann Richards said about Dubya: “He starts on third base and brags that he hit a triple.”

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