1. jamal49 says

    Utterly stupid and ridiculous. You got $15,000 to waste on a beard implant? I got a few places in this world where that $15,000 would feed a family of four for two years, or build three houses, or buy medicine for AIDs patients, etc. etc.

  2. johnny says

    There have always been beards on about 25 percent of men. I have had one for 30 years, long before it was a “fad”. So have many, many of my friends.

    While I like them on some guys, I don’t get what the fuss is about. This is not a new discovery.

  3. gregorybrown says

    But Jamal, people who have $15K to indulge in conspicuous waste don’t hang with folks who would be impressed by something humane and practical. They are slaves of corporate fads. Saying you gave that amount to house, feed, clothe or educate others anywhere–even the homeless gay kids close by where we live–does not gain points among hearers.

  4. StevieLee says

    So…maybe John Travolta should start his own business of providing long term “Beard” implantations for all his fellow heterosexually challenged Sci-Ti celebs.

  5. Here Suit says

    I’m a hairy fellow, often have to shave twice a day. But I don’t like the aesthetics of it, or the logistics of maintaining a beard. Definitely don’t want to get up-close and personal with it on someone else.

    Would gladly donate half my hairiness to one of these smoothlings.

  6. RFD says

    While I think it is utterly stupid to pay for beard implants or a transplant,I am thrilled that beards and body hair are more popular now. For way way too long smooth, hairless boys were in fashion and were not very manly. This is much more manly looking than shaved, plucked and waxed males. Also, take the Evans brothers as examples. Both look better wiht their beards. So I am happy it is the thing. I hope the pendulum broke in this swing! Oh and no need to wax your nuts to check for testicular cancer. Why would people buy that crap?

  7. Goonies says

    Beards won’t enhance your masculinity. Sorry fellows. For some people it can enhance their appearance but please don’t grow a beard to look more masculine or follow a trend.

    Time spent at a bear bar in NYC.

  8. Gary says

    This masculinity craze.. if you want the real experience, try going easy on the butt wipe. And remember, if you don’t look like a picture on a box of cough drops you haven’t got it down.

  9. jarago says

    I’m a naturally smooth guy who loves hairy chests- but I would never spend a cent for a chest hair transplant- rather cuddle with my naturally hairy boy friend

  10. *****overTX says

    Reason number 425,339 the rest of the world hates us; wasting 15,000 on getting a beard transplant while massive numbers of children die from the lack of food and clean water.

  11. emjayay says

    And then when a shaved head becomes the thing to do later when cranially follicularly challenged, guess what, big scar on the back of your head!

  12. Not saying says

    …if I were a guy I wouldn’t pay that much, but it’s THEIR money that THEY earned, they can do with it as they please. I dunno why people think they should have a say so in what OTHER people do with THEIR money.(go ahead and attack me)

  13. Patrick says

    @ Bart: exactly. When some au currant fad goes mainstream, it’s over. Being a hairy blonde man , I do the scruff thing for 2-3 days then shave the scruff off. Everything else stays au naturel.

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