Dear Aspiring Actors, Don’t Do What Alan Cumming Did To Woody Allen: VIDEO


In a web-exclusive for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, bisexual actor Alan Cummings shared his tale of botching an otherwise semi-decent audition with director Woody Allen:

So I went to meet Woody Allen for a part in one of his films a long time ago, and the casting director said to me “Don’t worry. He does very quick meetings. Don’t worry too much. He just says hello, he looks at you — really very quick.”

So I go into the room, and there’s Woody Allen. And first of all, I’m 40 years too young or 20 years too young for this part. I don’t know why I’m there… so I start reading and I start to think, Woody is way over in another corner of the room behind a pillar looking at me… And I start reading with the casting director, and I do quite well, I’m kinda nailing it, I think I’m doing quite well.

And as I’m reading it, I realize it’s going well, Woody starts to come nearer and nearer like and animal coming to nibble at something you’ve left out for it. And he’s sorta fascinated by me. And he gets right up to me and I finish the thing, and he goes, “Are you available in the summer?”

And I’m like “Yes, yes…” I thought, “My god, I totally nailed this....

Watch Alan’s interview to see what happened next, AFTER THE JUMP…