1. says

    I’m smiling like an idiot watching this. He’s so happy, so freakin adorable!! I want i want i want!!!

    well met, brother!

  2. Paul B. says

    Wonderful story…wonderful guy! We need more stories like this…and more infectious smiles like his.

  3. SeattleMike says

    What a great kid! He probably just saved the lives of hundreds of other gay kids by his brave decision. Maybe this will open the floodgates in the NCAA.

  4. ny2.0 says

    This kid’s smile is a right-wingers worst nightmare. A happy young gay, black, and courageous individual. He has my full support!

  5. Brian W. says

    I can’t get enough of these stories. Congrats to Derrick for his courage and just being himself.

  6. Tommy says

    Love, love love this guy! Amazing!

    It seems that the peanut gallery always had some reason to belittle the other athletes who came out recently. Jason Collins is “at the end of his career.” Conner Mertens is “just a kicker.” Michael Sam is a “6th round draft pick.” But here you have a player at a Division 1 school at the start of his career and he’s doing well. They have nothing they can say against this guy.

  7. Randy says

    I have so much respect for these college athletes in the big US team sports who are coming out, and I admire their teammates and coaches who are supporting them.

    One figure skater has attacked these guys for coming out “too soon”, which is a disgrace and probably sour grapes.

    Unlike figure skating, which is an individual or pairs sport tightly controlled by religious conservatives and designed to portray a heterosexual and “correct”-gender-emphasized image through art, team sports aren’t about sexuality (and shouldn’t be about gender…). They’re about getting it done, whatever “it” is for that sport. They’re about teamwork, and they must appeal to a broad audience. They need to look, at least a little, like the country … so every viewer can see a player they might aspire to grow up to be, or wish they had been, at least as far as what happens during play. The fear has been that audiences wouldn’t pay to see a gay player. But today, thankfully we know that’s nonsense. Coming out will be not just much less of an issue than I thought it would be, but it may be a non-issue altogether, for teams. And unlike figure skating, team sports are played in the schools, so this image of leadership at the college level will be visible to kids in high school sport all over the country, and show them that this path is now certainly open to them, in reality, not merely in theory.

    I’m expecting you to get the Minutemen to the Final Four next year, Derrick. No pressure.

  8. Bobby says

    To say he is the first out gay NCAA Div. I athlete is not correct. He is the first out gay NCAA basketball player.

  9. Junior says

    COMING OUT is what leads to gay progress. COEM OUT OF THE CLOSET….Being trapped ina closet is what fuels homophobia