1. northalabama says

    so sad for dakota, hope he has the support of friends during this rough time.

    has dale boston been living under a rock for the past 30 years? is dale 90 years old and only read, listen, or watch conservative news outlets? there has to be a reason for such staggering ignorance in the 21st century.

    “The city has taken corrective action to ensure this does not happen in the future.”

    time will tell, at least they are aware of the issue and the source of the problem.

  2. says

    galling, and yet i’m so glad he has the support of his family. a true wrong, and sharing this story will hopefully educate those who unfathomably still don’t understand what HIV is and how it’s transmitted.

  3. says

    City officials had better start groveling and offer this young man compensation and a full public apology for their employee’s discriminatory act. I wouldn’t let this slide if I were Dakota – not for one minute. I would rake the city coffers up one side and down the other.

  4. says

    BTW – Dear God Towleroad – when the hell are all these popups going to cease? Day after day, page after page I’m fighting off your ridiculous popups because they block the articles or information repeatedly. It is ridiculous.

  5. jeo says

    @MIKERYAN – get the ghostery or adblock plus plugins for firefox/chrome. No more ads. The internet turns into a wonderful place.

  6. Hansel Currywurst says

    Sharing this story will hopefully educate those who unfathomably still don’t understand what Facebook is and how it’s transmitted.

  7. I wont grow up says

    It’s nice to see that the city of Kissimmee hires the mentally handicapped, but they should not be placed in positions to make critical decisions.

  8. Andrew says

    Obviously the discrimination was wrong and illegal. i doubt that part-time employee will be around much longer.

    But it would be nice if someone – anyone – expressed some concern about the fact that a 21 year old man got infected with HIV. It is amazing the way that is considered a morally neutral event, upon which no comment can be made. The sting of the discriminatory act will fade, but that HIV is with him for life. It is a fair bet that he lopped off 15-20 years off of his life. We should be asking how it is he got it. How is it that he didn’t know or care enough to prevent getting it?

  9. Rowan says

    Is he gay?? Is everyone who is HIV gay???

    Wow. LGBTQ people really don’t need anyone but themselves to stereotype who they are!

  10. Merv says

    I know I’ll get pilloried for this, but doesn’t it make sense for him to get his viral load under control before he plays contact sports? He was diagnosed only a week earlier, and it might still be sky high.

  11. NwYrkr says

    Andrew you need to get with the times, with antiviral therapy started at the correct time the life expectancy of HIV positive individuals is basically the same as those without HIV.
    Further Andrew, how he contracted the HIV virus is none of your business. Just as non-smokers get lung cancer, people who follow the CDC guidelines still get infected.

  12. epic says

    again…is this really the issue? Should local governments be scouring social media for things like this(I know it was probably forwarded by a “concerned citizen”)…and again, you post your life unfiltered on the internet for everyone to see there are going to consequences(and maybe he wanted consequences, who knows). They were wrong, but we are not arguing that, we just ignoring the real issue, you don’t want people all up in your business, stop telling them. Still not right what the official did, just how would they know otherwise, privacy goes both ways.

  13. Andrew says


    None of my business? Shouldn’t we care about young people getting infected? If he got bashed or if he committed suicide, we would treat it as a problem and would want to know what caused it. It is only because you want to keep on keeping on with your Grindr life that you desperately want to avoid any discussion of how a 21 y.o. gets infected in 2014.

    And no, sorry, but life spans are not “basically the same”. I shudder to think that you use “basically” to wave away lost years of human life like it is a nuisance.

    UR a pretty deranged a-hole, nwyrker, and gay youth aren’t well-served by having anything to do with you. Please stay away from them.

  14. Kim says

    Andrew , everyone who is sexually active is, at risk of contracting HIV.Obviously some sexual acts are riskier than others .Using condoms lessens your risk but it doesn’t eliminate risk completely.Maybe you are celibate and if so, great for you.Whether this guy got HIV from oral, anal, with or without a condom is beside the point.He has HIV and shouldn’t be banned from playing basketball.

  15. Tom says

    Merv, there has not been one case of transmission by playing sports, whether high or low viral load. Andrew- Stop being the sex police. People get herpes these days too, rubbers can break, etc… Yawn.

  16. GregV says

    @Rowan: Yes, he’s gay. No, not everyone who contracts HIV is gay. Nobody but you even brought his orientation into the conversation, much less “stereotyped” him.

    @Kim: Not every sexually-active person is at risk for HIV. It is possible to have a sex life with zero HIV risk.
    When Jocelyn Elders was Surgeon General, she got fired (after right-wing outrage) for suggesting teens should be aware that masturbation is not risky. We knew even at the height of the epidemic that there were a lot of sex activities that are NOT risky, but sex-ed teachers were often intimidated into not describing them out loud.
    In a climate where teens can’t even be made aware of facts like that, they end up making up their own sexual rules that can be based on rumors or imitating what they saw in porn.
    We have long had enough knowledge to end this epidemic, but obstacles are thrown in the way.

  17. CC says

    he was his own undoing. From reading this article he posted on his own facebook page about his h_i_v status so why would you be mad if someone read his update on facebook and then reported it. Oversharing at its finest!

  18. says

    CC – because being HIV+ doesn’t mean that you can’t play basketball and socialize and lead a normal life. It’s not as if having HIV means that your every pore is literally “dripping with AIDS”

    How did he get it, “Andrew”? Not from playing basketball, so it has no bearing on this story. Duh.

    He likely got it from doing something you’ll never experience – having sex.