Homophobic Ex-Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt Leads GOP Field in Colorado House Race


Gordon Klingenschmitt, the former Navy chaplain who has made a career out of making outrageous anti-gay claims on his “Pray in Jesus Name” program, looks to be leading the GOP nomination in the race for Colorado’s heavily-Republican House District 15. 

At a county GOP assembly on Saturday, Klingenschmitt “won the favor of the delegates with 71 percent of the vote, preventing two other candidates nominated from hitting the 30 percent threshold.”

Another GOP candidate, however, had gathered the necessary signatures to appear on the ballot, indicating that a primary battle is expected. 

That candidate, Dave Williams, has his own laundry list of virulently anti-gay statements and actions, so it appears that regardless of the primary’s outcome, voters will likely be sending a homophobe to the capital come November. 

[via RightWingWatch]


  1. Andy says

    I know its petty, but I love when there’s a news story about a repeat-offending homophobe, and we use the most embarrassing, hideous screen-grab we can find.

  2. anon says

    CO is home to numerous evangelic movements and several very conservative cities. It’s not just Denver and Boulder. This candidacy is just way off target for the GOP this year though.

  3. mason says

    As I am from CO, it really doesn’t matter. Democrats hold both houses of our state legislature, and will continue to do so. Nothing he does while in office, or the other candidate, will have much effect.

  4. FLESH ME OUT says

    “…voters will likely be sending a homophobe to the capital come November.”

    Both of these guys are GOP candidates in the GOP primary. Is there not a candidate for the Democratic party? Or is their district overwhelmingly Republican, with a long history of electing Republican representatives? This part needs to be fleshed out.

  5. Bernie says

    It is my belief that Gordon Klingenschmitt is severely mentally ill……..if you look at all the pictures of him, something is wrong with this man and then the stuff that comes out of his mouth don’t make any sense…………

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