Archie’s Gay Pal Kevin Keller Does Not Approve Of ‘Looking’ Star’s Indecision


If you’ve been watching gay director Andrew Haigh’s HBO series Looking, you know that the character Patrick is having a hard time choosing between his love interests Richie and Kevin.

Well, Archie’s openly gay pal Kevin Keller has had enough! And hunky, openly gay Looking actor Russell Tovey shared the image above — brilliantly illustrated by Archie artist Dan Parent — on his Instagram.

It’s like the Archie-Betty-Veronica love triangle all over again… but gayer!


  1. Mike says

    Patrick did make a choice of sorts. He won’t bottom for Richie and couldn’t wait to spread his ass cheeks for Kevin. It’s Kevin!

  2. Paul R says

    I agree that Tovey’s character would just manipulate Patrick even if he weren’t his boss—but he is, so Patrick could get wrecked both personally and professionally if he tries to take things further. Tovey’s character is basically a manipulative, self-serving jerk.

    But Richie is too decent, “ethnic,” and poor for immature Patrick. So I don’t see him or Tovey’s character being a long-term match.

  3. SpaceCadet says

    Looking is a good, enjoyable show. I can’t wait for the next season. And both love interests are sexy, however it’s obvious in that it’s being set-up that Richie is the better, yet untraditional match for Patrick. Kevin is hot and yet totally selfish and unprofessional.

  4. Mark says

    I have grown to LOVE the show “Looking”…I don’t know why, but it’s different and at first I really hated it, but then it has sincerely grown on me. It’s a good fit for it’s bracket

  5. NightLite says

    I like “Looking”….it’s not trying to be changing the world, but it was interesting. I enjoyed it.

  6. Jay says

    I can’t wait for season numero dos. It’s going to be amazing and all of you will have to eat your words.

  7. Roscoe says

    Interesting that a kiddie comic book character is criticizing the choices made in a work made for adults. Maybe when little Kevin Keller grows up a bit he’ll understand that life can get messy.

  8. Samuel says

    This is so obviously an advertising-but-not-advertising campaign for getting hype for this show. Remember “there no such thing as bad publicity” and I can’t believe all you queens “looked”.

  9. johnny says

    Fictional comic book characters lodging opinions about fictional characters on a TV show and then Towleroad readers making insightful comments about both.

    And people say gay men aren’t vacuous.

  10. Chris says

    Archie was my favorite comic book when I was a kid; I always got one with the change leftover from a haircut. I have about a 100 in storage somewhere. So I’m proud of them for creating the gay character and sticking with it.

    That said, I thought Looking was terrible.

  11. JoyZeeBoy says

    Rule #1. Don’t crap where you eat. Back away from Tovey, promise to love, honor & cherish Richie. End of series.

  12. Arkansassy says

    The only real way to solve this problem is to get rid of the Patrick character… A new job in Siberia, abducted by aliens, joins a cult… whatever, so long as he goes away.

  13. Bill says

    I’ve never watched the TV/HBO program but the reason a character “can’t decide” is obvious: if no decision is made, it makes it easier for the script writers to write the script for the next installment in the series. You have yet another variation on the same thing, which is easier than coming up with something completely different.

    This has been true since anyone can remember. What would The Marriage of Figaro have been like if Cherubino wasn’t attracted to every woman he saw (he’s an adolescent just becoming very interested in the opposite sex), if Count Almaviva was completely faithful to his wife, and if Bartolo didn’t want to marry Figaro’s girlfriend (who wanted nothing to do with Bartalo)?

    Cherubino’s escape from hiding in the closet (and what follows) is classic: and next