1. says

    I guess I’m a lousy bitter homo for being unimpressed with this man.

    Yay! (?) for his kind/almost/sorta spine about LGBT rights!

    BOO! on his money-worshipping suckups to Big Tobacco.

    and I remember his pathetic “you can be a gay republican!” campaign from a few years back, that looked like a clueless mix between being an ad for Abercrombie & FItch and Teen Aryan Nation.
    “yay! we’re white moneyed gays! look at us! we’re on a beach! we’re republicans!”

    He wanted to show people that there’s a different kind of republican? like what? a gay one… who still supports those that not only don’t support him, but work against him?

    look, kudos to the Prop 8 and NOM work – thanks for at least being Out, but in a culture were people often say “being gay shouldn’t be the reason you like/support something” Karger is rather the epitome of that.

    he’s not irredeemable. but seeing a vanguard in him requires one to lower their standards of expectation.

  2. JBizzle says

    Enough of this guy already. His presidential run was a joke, and made him look like a joke. Maybe instead of wasting his time running for president, he could have run for an office he actually had a chance of capturing. Maybe city dog catcher?

  3. Patric says

    Well said, Little Kiwi. This guy accumulated personal by working for the likes of Ronald Reagan and George Bush and other anti-gay Republicans and then by, as you point out, shilling for industries like Big Tobacco. I am similarly unimpressed.

  4. Q says

    Amen. I fail to understand why this guy continues to get attention on blogs like this. I cannot think of one important thing he has accomplished for our community. The campaign finance complaints against NOM are entertaining, but they don’t really do anything to advance our movement. His main goal seems to be attention seeking and self-promotion.

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