1. sam says

    Imagine a perspiring Lady Gaga coming into your studio at the end of one of her concerts. Clam odor can be pungent.

  2. David From Canada says

    Bill Murray is a movie star and in the public eye. He looks like he is doing an imitation of a couch potato. He’s the extreme opposite of the Hollywood plastic surgery babes.

  3. jtramon says

    Well, despite “Sam” comments-I like it.

    Poor Sam (or all the other aliases). that’s a LOT of self-loathing bitterness coming thru in your comments. You don’t seem to be a happy person. Have some Geritol and lighten the “F” up already

  4. Tyler says

    Speaking of offensive odors, Sam (Rick), your mother’s body in the rocking chair in the basement is starting to smell. We know you think she’s still talking to you, but she died a while ago.

  5. will says

    The video of “G.U.Y” is interestijng. This routine on Letterman is just a warmed-over dance routine to showcase the song (which Gaga is lip-syncing).

  6. will says

    I think Artpop really is art. The above dancing and lip-syncing is pretty cheesy, though.

  7. AriesMatt says

    Someone’s getting a little curvy and bootyliscious. Great performances. LOVE the ginormous wig, too.

  8. Randy says

    I like G.U.Y’s toying with gender. Lady Gaga is often too literal for my taste (which is saying something, because I do prefer clarity over metaphor) but I like this song, and this particular performance of it.