1. Jack M says

    It is a constant source of amazement to me how pinheads like Huckleberry have a voice in this society. It’s also funny how he is speaking to an organization that has the words “faith” and “freedom” in their name. Making the USA into a theocracy will take away the true meaning and the utilization of both concepts.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    A typical Christianist making a typically stupid Christianist statement about NOT being homophobic but instead being on the far, far, far right side of his Christianist Bible. There probably was no greater BS emanating from the ancient Tower of Babel than out of the mouths of Huckabee and his fellow Babel-rousers.

  3. Nate says

    He knows that God didn’t actually write the bible, right? It was written by men and women who lived in a time where faith and belief were often the only tools one had to survive. So his comment about God rewriting it, editing, signing etc… that never happened. I won’t even get started on the “lost in translation” argument.

  4. Bob R says

    To point out once again that Huckabee is a moron and a hypocrite is unnecessary. He’s not on the “right side” of his book of fairy tales and fantasy, he’s just another “cafeteria christian” that picks and chooses what the “right side” of the Bible is for him, at this time.

    Huckabee is a verifiable liar and crook. Why did he feel it necessary to destroy the hard drives of his administrations computers when he left office? If this guy ever seriously ran for president (as a nominee, not one of the GOP’s clown car occupants) people would get a much clearer picture of what this turd is.

    He’s a crappy preacher, terrible father, dishonest governor and a Biblical hypocrite. He may be on the “right” side of the Bible, but like most Republicans he’s a bigot and he’s on the wrong side of history.

  5. james st. james says

    And which Bible would that be? There are so many! You’ve got the Hebrew and Greek old style, the Dead Sea scroll variations, the known mistranslations into Latin, the various English versions, those favored by Quakers, Protestants, Mormons, Catholics. Maybe Huckleberry could put out a version that he personally has vetted.

    Yeah, the Standard Huckleberry Bible. Available in book stores and on-line. Get it before the ink dries.

    Are people in Iowa smart enough to be offended?

  6. Alex Parrish says

    If we cannot change the scripture then I guess we cannot translate it either. Lets hear “Mike Wannabee” quote that stuff to us in the original language — you know, the one god wrote it in… Like so many wannabee Xtians, he uses the bible rather like a drunk uses a lamppost; more for support than for illumination.

  7. Michael Barber says

    Numbers 22:28 And the LORD opened the mouth of the ass, and she said unto Balaam, What have I done unto thee, that thou hast smitten me these three times?

    Seems that the “Lord” has opened up another asses mouth. Why is it god only talks to stupid people?

  8. 1♥ says

    RE: “and unless God rewrites it, edits it, sends it down with his signature on it, it’s not my book to change”

    God did NOT write, edit, or sign the Bible in the first place. Huckabee is just another arrogant elitist Christian pushing is agenda of hate and deception so Christians can destroy the lives of innocent Gays.

  9. Onnyjay says

    None so blind as those who will not see. Huckleberry is punching his martyr card again, doesn’t hate anybody, not his fault, can’t contradict the Buy-bull. What a waste of oxygen.

  10. CB says

    Does he eat bacon with his eggs? Does he have Ham on Easter? Inquiring minds want to know, since they are ‘swine’ and to eat ‘swine’ is an abomination (according to Leviticus).

  11. JackFknTwist says

    Dear Huckabee,
    We don’t care what your particular ‘one book’ says. We are not interested in any of the one book creeds, all of which seem to suggest that their one books have the total sum of truth….(even with flying angels and mysterious disembodied hands writing on walls. What were those guys smoking ?)

    And you don’t even seem to have read the stories of your own one-book; Jonathan and David; Naomi and Ruth; Jesus and John.
    You’ve had more than your 15 min. of fame Huck.
    The People.

  12. Taylor says

    ” and unless God rewrites it, edits it, sends it down with his signature on it, it’s not my book to change.”

    Uh…can he show us were his god’s signature appears on what he is using now?

  13. Kieran says

    “Why is it that Christians stand back and take it in the teeth time and time and time again? ”

    WHY, Mikey? Because Jesus commanded you to turn the other cheek. You’re SUPPOSED to take it. Unless you’re saying that you really don’t believe in what Jesus said. It’s *YOUR* beliefs, not mine, so stop complaining about beliefs *YOU* choose to have and aren’t born with.

  14. says

    I want to live like Jesus… you know, remain childless, avoid marrying a woman, hang out with a bunch of guys all the time for years, and occasionally consort with hookers. I can do without the whole sacrifice thing, though. Never been into bloodsports.

  15. GregV says

    It is astounding the lack of awareness it takes for some of these American fundamentalists to talk as if their present versions (altered many times over) of the Bible were written up on a cloud in English and handed down from above with a divine signature.

    There are not only changes in word meaning but entire Gospels that have been voted in and voted out by committees composed entirely of men who held numerous beliefs that would be ridiculous or even offensive to most Americans, including Huckabee.

    Ten years before Huckabee was born, the word “homosexual” had never appeared in any version ever, but the word “slavery” certainly had. Huckabee should know this, because his Southern Baptist denomination was established SPECIFICALLY to support slavery and denounce the “unbiblical” abolishionists.
    And why isn’t Huckabee also “standing up” for slavery? Did he get a new and altered Bible with a divine signature on it? Or is it that society made his own cult’s crucial doctrine so socially unacceptable that its leaders decided to stop reading out those parts?

  16. Urbanmike says

    Why do people want to keep Christians so uniformed, uneducated, and well…damn stupid? Because the truth will not get those who manipulate them like puppets the money, adoration, and votes they seek. God did not write the bible. Marriage equality is a civil, not religious, matter. And we are ruled by the Constitution not the Bible. It’s not that complicated, unless you chose ignorance and hate over truth and fact.

  17. Hey Darlin' says

    You could do no worse to the bible than to use it as a shield to wage a personal battle against those you pretend in public to feel equal to.

    “Christians” who demean the value of the bible and use it as a scapegoat for their insecurities and bigotry have done nothing to improve true Christianity and will most likely be it’s eventual undoing.

  18. DamFine says

    Huckleberry Hound Dawg, please show me in a Red Letter Edition of any Bible, the words of your Savior, Jesus Christ, condemning homosexuality. Remember, JC’s words are only in the New Testament; oops, that leaves out the book of Leviticus and any other OT fantasy tales you’d like to use. What a h8ful and h8-filled little demon you are! Crawl back into your Stone Age birth orifice and let the adults take over!

  19. jamal49 says

    The best, most pointed example of why christians are and always will be the enemy. Sorry, Huck, but your Bible is sh*t, your “deeply held spiritual beliefs” are sh*t, and you are sh*t. Huck, you are on the wrong side of everything and the only right side you’re on is that extreme reactionary right that slowly but surely is being shown the door. Don’t let that door hit you in your fat, flabby, fundamentalist fanny on your way out into the trash bin of history.

  20. Michael says

    So you’re going to raise a kid who thinks it’s OK to torture and kill animals, even going so far to try to cover up your kid’s crime, and then going to lecture others about “family values”?

  21. Detlef says

    Yes, you are, and no, you’re not. Just saying that puts you at odds with the Bible. Making a god out of a book written by men–and then blaming your hatred on that book–violates just about every commandment IN that book.

  22. Joe in Ct says

    I refuse to watch the video, but I do wonder if the Iowa crowd roared it’s approval for this man’s stupidity. I suspect they loved his “poor me, I’m not a Christian bigot” message.

  23. Frank says

    Ever noticed that these right wing nuts are always talking about getting kicked in the teeth, kicking people in the teeth, etc.?

    Disclaimer: Huckabee does NOT represent the views of all Christians, many of whom are wholeheartedly in support of gay rights.

  24. Paul B. says

    “unless God rewrites it”…oh, jesus…is there anything else we need to subject ourselves to from this wacko? Now, he’s got his God writing, rewriting and editing. Is God in Hollywood?

  25. Gary says

    What cheap motel is he talking about? The Bible is usually in the right drawer, in that fake dark wood bed stand, with the oversized carved avocado lamp on it.


    This is the United States of America, not The United Christian States – better to be on the right side of the US Constitution and history than a book of fairy tales. Huckabee is garden variety crook, sadly his followers are certifiable neurotics who’ll never respect us or acknowledge our rights; we can only hope to better educate the next generation.

  27. M G says

    Question, Mr. Huckabee: You said unless God rewrites it, edits it, sends it down with his signature on it, it’s not your book to change? Show me Gods signature on the original, please.

  28. Just_a_guy says

    Huckabee the Pharisee. It’s got a rhythm to it.

    Huckabee’s “bible” ignores the real Jesus.

    Mike Huckabee is such an uptight lying devil-deifying church lady. If that’s “right,” I want wrong every single day for eternity.

    Try again, Huck. Sorry Mike, you insult even hayseed Hick Finn. (I promise to pray for you until you change your ways or get off those dang Fox News non-news radio segments.)

    Repent, Huck. And what about those you are effectively murdering. Huckster the heathen is more like it.

  29. Just_a_guy says

    Did I miss something? Did huck just claim that wedding photographers rise to the level of artists? Really?! I guess ANY lie will do in the name of privilege to treat gay people as non-human.

    But it’s like he KNOWS his religious liberty args are snot. Because religious liberty is not about artistry.

    “I am not homophobic” = doublespeak for “homophobia is my most-thorough-going element, so much so that I must deny it to further it.”

    Huckabee has been living his 1984 dream for too long. That monster should not wield so much power.

    Can Fox get Shep Smith to cover Huckbigot’s slots??

  30. Bernie says

    I guess I am going to ask god to come down and write the truth: Mike Huckabee is a liar! Anyone that spouts what he does about gay people is a homophobe!!!

  31. DavidinChelseaMA says

    You don’t get to hide behind your book of frigging fairy tales to justify your desire to have gay people treated like second-class citizens. Believe whatever b.s. you want to believe, but I will fight you politically tooth and nail to counter your attempt to take away my right to equal marriage and an equal place in society.

  32. BrokebackBob says

    Pinhead Huckabee continues to have a voice simply because those that can never acquire the ability to discern intelligence from a con job are the majority of voters still in 2014. The Duck Dynasty inbreeds. The Faux News folks who are hypnotized inside the right-wing thought bubble. Their insistence on a black and white religious dogma view of humanity and morality (that means you too Catholics) and the need to be “told” what is the truth instead of figuring out what the real facts are, are just some of the reasons that the US is being divided cleanly, the smart people on one side and the stupid people on the other. All other divisions stem that fundamental one.

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