1. Sean Maloney says

    Anyone who records in portrait mode should have their phone taken away, forever.

  2. Dan Cobb says

    Since the crumbling of their empire, the Brits seem more focused on frauds and drama than anything else. Crop circles, sexed up dossiers for invading weaker foreign countries, etc… all stunts, and now the fake-looking black circle.

    Dear Britons: Why on earth would any mystery occur in the UK. You’re less than 1% of the world’s land mass –kind of odd that all the aliens and ETs seem to focus on Britain! Brits have always been deceivers -just ask the Irish, the Indians, the Americans, the Jamaicans, the Ghanians, the South Africans, the … well, you get the picture.

  3. JJ says

    Send CNN! This definitely might lead to possible clues to the fate of Flight 370. We KNEW it could be aliens! Now we have the evidence to possibly back it up.

  4. Randye says

    @jeff M. well you ruined all the fun quickly! Well actually now i want a ring generator…

  5. anon says

    You really can’t get away with this stuff online anymore. There’s too much good information floating around.

  6. fanboi says

    to those asking why something would manifest in Great Briton… HAVE YOU EVER SEEN DOCTOR WHO? They have the whole of space and time and half the episodes are set in England.

  7. steve talbert says

    I saved the pic. Cropped centered on the tree, portrait, with the black ring like a drawn moon or sun. Nice with the tree branches. Hint of color in sky and at distant house. Georgina should go into illustration in college,even if she doesn’t do well on her GCSE. Tests don’t test everything well.

    Glad that mystery is solved. Now I want to know who won the tennis match.