News: Alphabet Sandwich, Delta, F. Murray Abraham, Kuwait

RoadVeet pulls "dudeness" ads deemed to be offensive.

RoadHillary Clinton: "I am thinking about" running for President.

RoadGeorge W. Bush sourced all his world leader paintings from Google.

MelbourneRoadStatue to honor Melbourne, Australia's gay and lesbian community.

RoadF. Murray Abraham flashes his nips.

RoadHBO greenlights two more seasons of Game of Thrones. "The show's fourth season premiered Sunday to outstanding ratings. The 9 p.m. ET airing garnered 6.6 million viewers (up to 8.2 million after replays), making it the most-viewed TV episode on the network since 12 million people tuned in to The Sopranos finale in 2007."

RoadStudent goes on stabbing spree at Pennsylvania high school, injures at least 19.

RoadMatt Bomer in a blue and white striped collar.

RoadPresident of Houston’s largest LGBT group blasts Mayor Annise Parker for failing to include job protections in Human Rights Ordinance: “If you favor an ordinance that does not include private sector employment, you’re siding with the right of employers to discriminate,” Welsh told Lone Star Q on Friday. “My opinion is, put the right ordinance on the table, let the council vote on it in the open. Let them vote on it in the open, so the community can know, and hold people accountable. I don’t see any reason for us to compromise on this issue. Discrimination is discrimination.”

Here are Seth Rogen's SNL promo videos with at least one Zac Efron mancrush joke in there.Road

RoadPeaches Geldof autopsy results inconclusive.

MceverythingRoadThe alphabet sandwich. Ingredients from A to Z. "Now, I know that sounds simple enough, but do you realize how difficult it is to find a food that starts with the letter X? To solve that issue I eventually settled on xylocarp, which is defined as 'a hard, woody fruit that grows on trees,' or in other words, a coconut."

RoadEuropean parliament wants free movement for LGBT people in Europe.

RoadDelta CEO slams anti-gay 'religious freedom' bills in Georgia: “We are going to have to step up as a business community and take a much more active role in stopping this social legislation that doesn’t help us in the global marketplace."

CRoadhicago Headline Club, the largest Society of Professional Journalists chapter in the country, to honor Windy City News journalists Tracy Baim, Bill Kurtis and Karen Meyer with Lifetime Achievement Awards.

RoadPrince George is stealing the show in New Zealand.

BeyonceRoadBeyoncé covers OUT's Power issue.

RoadBilly Porter discusses his new album with PrideSource.

RoadKuwait National Assembly pan offers to help gays "end their suffering".

RoadShark fin trade from Hong Kong to China drops 90 percent in one year: "The fall comes amid a crackdown by the central government on extravagance and corruption, and pressure by environmental groups to stamp out the trade."

RoadBrian Brown urged fellow anti-gay activists to claim Christians are victims, on conference call: “So, when they bring up discrimination, we need to turn it on its head and say, this is about anti-religious, specifically in some cases, anti-Christian religious bigotry, and there’s no place for this in this country. The discrimination is there, but right now what’s happening is the discrimination is coming from those that want to punish, repress and marginalize individuals and organizations that stand up for their religious beliefs.”


  1. JackFknTwist says

    Brian Brown trying to shift the momentum of his homophobia to victimhood; Oh yeah, that will convince everyone that their sons/daughters who were bullied at school called fags, expelled from the boy scouts, and their teachers fired for being gay……oh yeah, that will convince everyone that the real bullies are the gays who have been made to feel inadequate all their lives because of their unacceptability.

    Miss Panti in her vid on You Tube has said it all before.

    Brian Brown you are a complete unreconstructed fool.

  2. Mike says

    Great! Tell me. How can you possibly justify wasting your time on such frivolous nonsense as an A – Z sandwich when over 842 million people continue to struggle with hunger every day?

  3. anon says

    Why aren’t Christians rising up and demanding their rights en-mass? Well, perhaps it’s because few think they’re being discriminated against.

  4. Mike says

    @PERRY Substituting something like Xavier steak for the X in the idiotic sandwich MAY feed your ego, however feeding even a few people who you do not have to will benefit humanity in general and WILL set you free in ways that are TRULY cool! Try it.

  5. GregV says

    Re: Brian Brown: There are laws on the books in some of the more regressive states states that protect religious people, including Christians, but do NOT protect gay people.
    There are laws in more progressive states that do protect gay people. In not a single case do these laws not ALSO protect straight people and religious people, including Christians.
    We all know that if an increasingly-Muslim city like Dearborn Michigan or a principally-black city like D.C. were to have a rash of restaurants and bakeries and hotels telling whites or Catholics to all get lost, he would be the first crying foul, not arguing for the business owners’ “religious liberty” to refuse him service.

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