‘Top Chef’ Winner Kristen Kish Comes Out


Kristen Kish, the 2012 winner of Top Chef and the second female winner in the show's history, came out of the closet last week, posting a photo of her girlfriend Jacqueline Westbrook on Instagram, with the caption:

Helicopter ride over Charleston. Happy 1 year love. You've made me incredibly happy

She also quietly made the announcement in a New York Times magazine article published on Sunday about female chefs.


  1. brandon h says

    !?!?!? That liar! She made it a point to say she wasn’t a lesbian (I guess you could guess she was bisexual, but she never clarified). It was like she just didn’t say anything, she actively lied.

    This is frustrating because there have been several out people who competed on the show without problem. Why not her?

  2. Lurker says

    Brandon, I believe you’re thinking of Kristen’s friend/flat mate who was also a contestant that season. I seem to recall she was the one who jokingly mentioned not being a lesbian when she and Kristen were talking about their matching tattoos.

    She was by far the most talented chef that season, and deserving of her win.

  3. nicole says

    Wasn’t she out on the show? I remember she talked about getting over an ex and the ex was a woman.