Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1568


JAPANESE TEEN: Brushes his teeth with a Glock 18c pistol.

JOHN OLIVER: Daily Show reporter makes his solo debut on HBO. Watch the full first episode here.

THE LEFTOVERS: HBO's drama starring Justin Theroux about who is left after the rapture. Created by Lost's Damon Lindelof.

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  1. Randy says

    One word about making a film over years:
    Cadinot (Aime… comme minet – 1982). But Linklater’s mainstream drama will probably be seen by more, and win an Oscar.

  2. Princely says

    Interesting that Lindelof is doing that HBO show. I believe be became ‘born again’ during ‘Lost’ so I am interested to see how he handles the subject.

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