1. Lymis says

    And, so what’s the harm in bullying? All the people you bully turn out to be rich and powerful, so you’re actually doing them a favor?

    Nice try, but how many bullies are even thinking in terms of what job they’ll have, and if they do, how many of them are realistic about their job prospects?

    For that matter, if all the nerds are going to grow up to be your bosses and oppressors anyway, why not get a few licks in now while you can?

    This is at best, in appallingly bad taste. I can’t see how this could possibly do anything to stop bullying. I’d rather see a series of PSA’s encouraging those who are neither bullies nor bullied to stand together and step in to stop it.

  2. Keith says

    Wow. What an irrisponsible message. You were bullied as a kid, so your role as an adult will that of revenge. Brilliant. So the ones that don’t become tormentors, should they just drop off the face of the earth?


  3. rjinva says

    Reprehensible. Even putting aside the fictional idea of – oh, its OK you can bully them later whenyou’re rich and successful; there’s the actual fact that bullied kids grow up crippled by insecurity and self-doubt. It doesn’t go away and shame on VH1 – what’s next a “fun” spot on child abuse pointing out that when the kids grow up they can abuse their then senior parents.

  4. Jason B. says

    I have gotten into major arguments with my father on bullying. He is a very fair minded man but this is one area he doesn’t get. I do a very poor job of explaining the concept as I was never physically bullied but the prospect kept me from participating in anything at all in high school. I didn’t have a life in high school as if I did someone might have figured out who I really was, that I liked boys and I saw how the wierd kids got treated. Better to be non-existent than to bring attention to yourself. I believe that was a form of Pschological abuse as a whole chapter of my life was mostly missing. It makes me sad that I missed out of some of the normal things boys are supposed to experience in HS and college, go on dates and fall in love.

  5. Justin says

    I was prepared to watch this and say everyone was making a big deal out of nothing. The idea could have been cute. Instead it was appalling.

    I found the vignette with the chubby kid being towel-snapped especially awful. Maybe that child actor has marvelous self-esteem and isn’t bothered by that, but they portrayed his body very negatively. That’s got to hurt. As a previously chubby teen and now skinny adult (following an eating disorder), this touched a nerve.

    It’s just wrong. Pull it. Try again.

  6. RonCharles says

    What a terrible idea! Bullying by either children or adults, gay or straight, is wrong, period, full stop!

    The way to fight bullying is to make videos that show that it is clearly wrong and should not ever be tolerated. In addition, one can support groups such as the Gay, Lesbian And Straight Education Network.

    Just look it up on-line:

  7. Tonez says

    No good comes from a revenge culture. Revenge is for simple minded people. It would be a more powerful message if it was about them growing up and being forces of change.

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