Why In The World Do We Need A Robot Kangaroo? – VIDEO


You can now add robot kangaroos to the ever-growing list of robot animals that will one day be our overlords, including the cinder-block tossing robot dogs, robot sand fleascreepy robo-spiders and the robo-cheetah.

The kangaroo is developed by a company called Festo, and while you may be wondering why the heck engineers would want to build a robot kangaroo (or "robo-roo" as we shall now call it), it’s all part of their Bionic Learning Network:

Whether it’s energy efficiency, lightweight construction or function integration – over time, nature has developed a wealth of optimisation strategies for adapting to its environment, and these strategies can be applied to the world of engineering. The Biomechatronic Footprint documents this evolution – from a natural model to a basic technical principle, followed by bionic adaptation and ending with industrial application.

Apart from counterbalacing technology that could one day help people with prosthetic legs jump more ably, robo-roo also uses kinetic energy from each jump to help power its next jump — an interesting innovation indeed.

If you’d like to see what other robot overlords Festo will destroy us with in the future, you can also check out their entire menagerie of robo-animals including robotic penguins, jellyfish and birds.

See robo-roo in action AFTER THE JUMP...


Posted April 7, 2014 at 12:35pm ETC by Daniel Villarreal
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