1. says

    Much as I love Willem, I just can’t be excited by a bunch of gym-cloned bodies shaved and waxed beyond any recognition of puberty. Can we get some variety up in here? Maybe an undamaged follicle or two? 😛

  2. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Unfunny & unappealling. I’d rather go commando than patronize an advertiser that insults its potential customers with a commercial like that.

  3. Qj201 says


    Towleroad, the favorite website of suburban trolls that don’t live in big cities.

    Lets do the run down.
    1) Hate gay men that don’t meet their ideal of beauty
    2) Hate gay men that confirm any stereotype, even if true in some gays
    3) Lesbians? Ewww
    4) Trans people? Comments that would have GLAD all over a celebrity’s ass

  4. Steve Talbert says

    The breaking beer bottles doesn’t make any sense, and why are all the strippers fighting??.. At least the brand name is appropriate. Definitely does look cheap.

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