1. Don says

    Good thing he’s a “hottie.” If he were ugly, this video would be worthless, right?

  2. Raybob says

    Looks like a great trip! That’s one of my dreams: to travel the world and meet people different than I and experience cultures that are other than what I grew up in.

    Glad he looks like he had a lot of fun doing this :-) Sounds like the bitchy brothers were just jealous that they didn’t get to go with him …

  3. Ian says

    @Don: Complete agreement.

    And I’d love to have this man’s disposable income, as I am a gay man but contrary to what the media would have people believe, I scrap by financially by the skin of my teeth every single month.

    It’s nice though that SOME people can have the money and resources to do things like this man did.

  4. Don says

    My point: if this were “Hottie Models New Speedo Collection,” the headline would make sense. But in this case, his “hotness” is irrelevant to the subect matter, don’t you think?

  5. BRAINS says

    Absolutely wonderful video montage; everybody should have such an experience. I did it during my gap-year (Yes, I am British!): around the world with friends for eight months! Wonderful!

    Those of you focusing on his looks, or like DON who thinks it is worthless, are simply worthless!!

  6. David From Canada says

    Great and fun, but he’s got an expensive hobby going around the world in order to cram it all into a 2:59 video clip.

  7. Mark says

    Thank you for sharing this Alex..If this doesn’t make someone want to travel in don’t know what will !!!!

  8. Sean Maloney says

    Surprisingly, boring. The self-aggrandizement of people today is nauseating.

  9. Homo Genius says

    @ian If you read his website he more or less sold everything he owned to finance his trip. He later got sponsers who donated products for testing and publicity.

    I have friends who do similar things. Sell everything and then wander doing odd jobs in the 3rd world they visit. If you are willing to rough it then you too could cross the globe

  10. John says

    Yawn. Travelling is one of the most banal activities one can do with their time and money. And all this schmo did was take selfies?

  11. Jack says

    Fun song, and I like to look at attractive guys. What makes John think “all this schmo did was take selfies?” The hottie may have done a lot of fun things in addition to taking a minute or two out for a selfie in each spot.

  12. Derek says

    The bio at his website says he’s doing this to promote various charities, as well as having fun.

    Good wishes for safe and healthy travel to him and anyone who might be inspired to get out of their cubicle and see the world for any reason. Yes it takes money and drive to do stuff like this, but considering how tight the job market is for many, good for him for being clever about cooking up something different and being able to live off it.

    Good wishes, too, for non-judgment and open-mindedness on the part of all others on the planet. Namaste.

  13. Paul R says

    Man I hate people who do interesting or challenging things. Life would be so much better if everyone just sat at home and complained about or insulted people who do things. Oh wait, but then there wouldn’t be anyone left to complain about, so that would suck too.

  14. emjayay says

    Nice one Paul R.

    Now, how does the steadycam technology work that achieved this? In the editing computer later or what?

  15. says


    It appears to be merely a monopod that he has attached the camera (GoPro) to. He seems to be holding it pretty steadily, if you focus on just his hands/arms in the video, but probably used a little image stabilization in whatever editing system he cut the video together with.