1. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, my, Lord. LOL…half the f.cking world is a tizzy over that kiss.

    The more I see the kiss, the more beautiful it is.

    Life is too short to pass up love, honey…or in my case, even sex.

  2. tominsf says

    “Here’s the thing. ESPN would not have aired any of it had he been kissing his wife.”

    That is so clearly and obviously _not_ the thing that this woman just comes across as demented.

    If he had been kissing his wife, no one would even have noticed. Eventually that will be true for same-sex couples, and that really bothers her.

  3. David From Canada says

    Watched the whole clip – an endurance test. Temper, temper Texas ladies!

  4. Frank says

    They were in HIS HOME! I do love that nobody at all is bothered that one is black and one is white!

  5. jtramon says

    TUNE IN TOMORROW. The Girls will dissect Conchita Wursts’ performance and critique the gown selection.

  6. Danny says

    The “we’re finally getting paid” kiss is a time honored tradition at this point and if that woman actually bothered to watch the draft and not just react to one person she’d see that all these kids who have a girlfriend of more than like 6 months bring them to the show for that moment. ESPN shows them hanging out backstage doing the exact same things Sam and his boyfriend were doing.

  7. David in the O.C. says

    “Here’s the thing. ESPN would not have aired any of it had he been kissing his wife.”

    Flat-out lie. If ANY of the chosen football players had kissed their girlfriends or wives, ESPN would definitely have shown that happening. This woman is a liar and a bigot. Period.

  8. David says

    For what it’s worth, I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, and I have never even heard of this program. Doubt it was seen by many, originally.

  9. Josh says

    So much of TV now is staged infotainment and purposefully playing up controversy. It only further highlights the authenticity and dignity with which Michael Sam carries himself.

  10. lu says

    There are a lot of people who don’t like blacks and there are a lot of people who don’t like Jews and there are a lot of people who don’t like gays. It’s not gonna change anytime soon. So be it.

  11. woodroad34 says

    She’s having a hissy fit because a woman wasn’t kissed…sounds a little threatened to me. If a woman isn’t kissed she must feel she isn’t worth anything…well, that’s a good start.

  12. Doug says

    For Dallas, this is really Wayne’s World quality–I don’t think any of them get the definition of racism and homophobia. And walking off the stage because your argument begins to falls flat in it’s logic is not professional.

  13. Robert says

    Not only was it bigoted, it was unintelligent. I’m sick of people claiming that they don’t have a choice about what their children see. How about turning off the friggin TV! And if there is a “right” about what people get to see on TV, how about my right not not see adults act like children? And to claim that ESPN would not have aired a straight kiss is ludicrous.

  14. Angry Airhead! says

    Right! Because the government FORCES parents to subscribe to cable, and the government FORCES parents to watch ESPN, and the government FORCES parents to turn their televisions on and leave them on all day every day, and the government FORCES parents to leave their children alone and unattended in front of the television!


  15. Lymis says

    Their days are numbered, and they don’t get it.

    Kissing your significant other – and it was a lip bump and a hug, not the “making out” that these people were talking about – at a time like that is completely normal. They didn’t “push it in her face” – they simply lived their life without self-censoring because someone like her might be watching.

    Why was she watching a gay man waiting for a phone call about his draft pick if in her opinion it wasn’t news worth watching? One is left to wonder whether she was watching it precisely in order to find something she could be self-righteously offended by.

    She’s right that normally, the news wouldn’t be in the living room of someone that low in the draft picks. But manifestly, people – including her – were interested enough to watch.

    So yes, ma’am. You DO have to watch same sex couples kiss, and hold hands, and eat in restaurants and push their kids around in strollers and thank their spouses when they win an Oscar, and do every other thing you take for granted. Storm off all you want, but yes, get used to it.

  16. Hit the Road, Jackie! says

    “I’m OFF to Midland!”

    Isn’t that kind of extreme? Couldn’t you just cool off in Ft. Worth for a little while?

  17. Reggie777 says

    To the child who stormed off the set… “so professional”. It demonstrates her maturity level, and the “quality” of her opinions.

  18. Jay says

    The blond bimbo and the older women are really repulsive. I am so happy that they are so unhappy.

  19. Rob says

    Two holy roller bigots going off. Those bitches were nasty and hateful. OOOOEEE
    Honeys you can say what you want. That does not mean there won’t be consequences.
    The world is changing with or without you.

  20. dizzy spins says

    Countdown to her getting a cushy job at Fox News that pays more and has bigger exposure…

  21. Quicksilver says

    ESPN shows hetero kisses all the time. Every college football player that proposes to his cheerleader girlfriend after the big game. Every redneck checkered flag-winner and his big-haired wife. On and on and on. ESPN is getting flak for being the first to treat this as simply what it is: equal treatment. It only seems like sensationalism to those with a religious stick up their backside.

  22. Jason MacBride says

    I watch ESPN and I’ve seen hundreds of heterosexual kisses. About time I got to see one I enjoyed.

  23. Bart says

    It’s amazing with the strident tone in those women’s voices that every plane in the Dallas area doesn’t veer off course.

    Stupidity and a high-pitched brays. There aren’t reruns of The Big Bang Theory that can run in this time slot?

  24. nycproducer says

    What a butt-ugly set.
    I’d storm off too if I had to sit there on that hideous set.

  25. Calen in SC says

    My problem with the entire discussion is the older woman who kept saying “freedom of speech.” I hate to tell you, the First Amendment protects us from government. It does not give people the unfettered right to say anything that is on their minds, as Donald Sterling found out. Most conservative commentators in this country need a primer on basic constitutional law.

  26. dddddd says

    1. she said this was a chance to “make news”… nope… it was the making of history.

    2. you absolutely have freedom of speech and the right to express opinions… but if you do so in a way that your employer doesn’t like, they have the right to fire or fine you as clearly outlined in your contract or hr documents.

    3. espn shows kisses between spouses all the time… and you know what, we are so used to seeing them that they don’t even register. the only reason this kiss bothered anyone is because it was between two men… stop pretending otherwise. if you feel you have the right to say whatever you want, say it unqualified and be prepared to live with the consequences.

  27. melvin says

    The one on the right gets it. I would bet anything there are morals clauses in these ladies’s contracts. They have the right to shake their boobies at a strip bar. I doubt they would have their tv jobs the next day.

  28. Chuck Mielke says

    I don’t follow ESPN; I generally dislike popular sports. However, I wonder how many cameras were in the houses of other NFL draft pick recipients to record their reactions? How many of those were aired? That number would argue against the “they wouldn’t show it” mentality. Further, Ms Kushnir needs to recognize that (1) Michael Sam was going to be the focus of this years draft for quite obvious reasons and (2) the tv is equipped with both a channel selector and an off switch, either one of which would prevent “innocent children” seeing such “offensive” behavior.

  29. dddddd says

    i’ll confess to clicking on her facebook page… thought about writing something, but decided i wasn’t 14 and opted not to… but i did notice she “liked” the tv show dallas… and you know they never kiss on primetime tv shows. ūüėČ

  30. Arbogast says

    Sweetheart, it’s as simple as this. If something as harmless as a loving kiss between two men bothers you so greatly then you do need it shoved in your face, repeatedly, until it no longer bothers you. Trust me, you will get there.

  31. Cadence says

    TominSF, you must not watch ESPN. They have showed players kissing their girlfriends and wives. They’ve highlighted these scenes on draft day and after players have won big events. So, why not show it in this situation? Maybe you do watch ESPN, but you are used to seeing opposite sex couples kiss, so you really don’t notice it anymore.

  32. Cadence says

    I’m sorry TominSF, I didn’t notice that you are quoting the crazy woman in the clip.

  33. Ed says

    Her assertion that ESPN would not have aired this if he had been kissing his wife is blatantly FALSE. I’ve seen heterosexuals kissing their loved ones numerous times on ESPN and on other networks. I was neither offended nor aroused by their display of affection. It was a celebratory kiss and YES, it would NOT have been aired under normal 7th round NFL draft picks but this isn’t a NORMAL 7th round draft pick, this is history in the making. I respect ALL walks of life and who am I to judge….and for that matter who is SHE? What a horribly offensive world this would be if we were all so narrow minded and bigoted as she….not that there is anything wrong with that…RIGHT? …and just to state the obvious….WRONG!

  34. says

    I can understand why some non-gays would object to the kiss. All it takes is saying “It is a natural reaction to the situation!” However, sometimes it is best to be considerate to win more to understand we are no different then others when we are on a pedistal. I am receiving a National Fan Award in July. It will list in the press release that I recently was inducted into the National Gay & Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame and a gay activist. We could of left that out… however we felt it would show “gay” in a good light… The Press Release will be going out in a couple of days.

  35. Boomer says

    Jesus. There’s not one real face, hairstyle or human emotion in that clip. It’s like the Real Housewives of Hell.

  36. John says

    As annoying as Kushnir is I do want to hand it to the women on the ends of the table who are calling her out on her bs and in the end her bigotry. Kudos ladies!

  37. Sergio says

    Thankfully, the two ladies on the ends were not giving up. I guess the two rabid dogs in the middle realized at that moment that anti-LGBT bigotry will now be vigorously challenged.

  38. Patrick says

    An obscure TV show in Dallass? We in the rest of Texas DO NOT care about these pea brained,small/close minded BIGOTS having an unprofessional hissy fit /meltdown.If I was the station manager I would have fired her on the spot. She and her kind need to get the FRICK over themselves. Because guess what assholes: you and your kind are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

  39. steve says

    T is so right where is this filmed in a dollar general parking lot…….. the set looks so cheap…… obviously they do not have a gay man for set decoration / production…. Yikes…..

  40. jjose712 says

    Stupid beyong belief. We see thousands of straight kisses but noone cares at all, because everybody understand that is simply straights showing affection

  41. BubbaQ says

    “I hope it is something fun and motiving and inspiring and uplifting…”

    Ya, but only if it is something fun and motivating for you. If it’s motivating for someone else, it’s “un-American”?

  42. Jimmy says

    That one who walked off set was probably late for a (3-way) date with those Benham Twins.

  43. Hey Darlin' says

    It seems some people just want to know why they don’t have a right to their bigotry any more. It suited them so well when everyone just nodded along with their hate.

    The thing is you still have a right to your bigotry but the insulation has been peeled off of LGBT bigotry and now you are likely to be called out on it.

    What you miss is most likely the insulation to feel how you want to feel without anyone questioning it.

    In the social media age, we see your bigotry and are calling you out on it.

  44. says

    It is so difficult to have a conversation with people that combine private opinions with twitter blasts… and then blame social media, when it’s social norms.

  45. Anonymous says

    There are only three responses on her facebook page, and they’re SUPPORTIVE of her? Time to hit her page and tell her how non-bigots feel….

  46. SeattleMike says

    The one on the far left isn’t exactly the most articulate spokesperson for our side. She keeps using the word “racist” (as in “that’s racist toward homosexuals”) when she means “prejudiced” or “bigoted.” She could also use a gentle reminder that most of us don’t like being called “homosexual” as opposed to gay or lesbian.

    But her heart is in the right place.

  47. Jon says

    I live in Dallas and I have never heard of this channel. I pulled Nielsen and the station is listed as having no no measurable viewership. How did someone even find this video?

    Her last line should be a classic, “I’m going to Midland.”

  48. Mikey DallasM says

    I live in Dallas and have never heard of this channel or show. Real small time here. More people just watched this clip on Towleroad than saw this live.

  49. Hey Darlin' says


    “There are only three responses on her facebook page, and they’re SUPPORTIVE of her? Time to hit her page and tell her how non-bigots feel….”

    That may be her personal facebook page, which she most certainly monitors. The one I’ve seen seems to be her work profile(mytexastoday) has virtually nothing but negative comments about her bigoted statements.

  50. MIke says

    What these Christian “victims” fail to understand is that they are now sleeping in the bed that have been making for themselves over the last decade. While culture was on their side, they thought nothing of using their religious ideology to shape law and policy under which we must all live. They literally voted the rights of fellow citizens away… problem. Now that they these tactics are coming back to bite them, they claim discrimination and limitation of their free speech rights.
    Well, if they hadn’t created a culture in which conservative religious viewpoint was the backbone of discriminatory policy and law, perhaps the backlash that they are experiences wouldn’t be so harsh. Metaphorically, if the rubber band hadn’t been pulled so far and tight by them in the first place, perhaps it would hurt them less when it was let go on the other end.
    Until laws and amendments are proposed that limits their right to practice their religion freely or until a special classification is created under which they will live with fewer rights and privileges as a result, their cries of discrimination and victimization are false equivalencies at best.

  51. Chris says

    that women who went off about the guy getting fined and the clippers owner. It’s not about freedom of speech or racist remarks.

    when your in a sports league player or GM your under a very strict contract by the league. you get paid X amount by Playing the game professionally. In the every sports contract, it basically says you can say anything positive that represents the team and the league in a positive way. However, you say something that misrepresents the team or the league In a negative way, and you get fined and other possible punishments depending on the degree of what you said.

  52. Gary says

    The two women on the ends were good. I think I saw the older woman as a character in the film, “Come Back To The Five Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.” Woman have nothing to gain by seeing men kiss. It thins the field.

  53. Will says

    Today they addressed the dust-up on yesterday’s show – and seemed to almost get into it again – but the exec producer cut them off. “I’m going to Midland” is a phrase they use when the discussions get too heated and one of the panelists wants to drop the topic. FYI…Courtney Kerr (the younger lady on the end) has her own reality show on Bravo, I think. She seems ditzy but she’s actually quite evolved in her viewpoints.

  54. EchtKultig says

    OMG. Nevermind the homophobic old biddy, this is surreal. A chintzy, cheap, Texas version of the View. Maybe they have segments where those car drivers in the background either honk their horns or give the middle finger to vote on the issue of the day.

  55. Will says

    I’ve lived in Dallas for nearly 20 years but have never heard of this TV station or seen these women before. At least a couple of them were making sense.

  56. Mike says

    I agree Jon – ” going to midland” ought to become a classic. FU,I’m going to Midland! Considering I’m in Northern California it’s gonna take me awhile….

  57. Hershey kiss says

    She didn’t have a choice about her kids seeing any of those men kissing their girlfriends either. Big deal “when 2 grown ups like each other sometimes they kiss”. Then you teach your child not to be judgemental and to mind their own business. The end. Ya’ll really need to ease up on the Bible talk until you can at least read it in the language it was originally written in.

  58. J.R.C says

    Everyone please take a quick moment from your day to thank the two woman on the end who stood up for the gay community over and equality

    The one on the left is Courtney Kerr and she’s responding to supportive tweets on her twitter page which is

    The other one who also stood up for Michael Sam and our community is

    Please let our allies know we thank them for their support.

  59. Klien says

    Is part of being a Christian being a complete vile LIAR? All Christians should be ashamed at the behavior of a majority of their klan.

  60. Gio says

    Christianity is CONSTANTLY pushed in our face. Why is that okay? Christians want to mandate their SILLY MAKE BELIEF FAIRY TALES into law. How is THAT okay?

  61. Rick says

    Just another example of how women are increasingly threatened by the affection men are beginning to show each other and the emotional intimacy that is developing between men, which is eventually going to knock women off the little pedestal they have occupied for so long, at the center of men’s universes.

    Speed the day.


  62. Rita says

    Heterosexuals consistently flaunt their sexuality in gays faces. Gays have every right (and duty) to be proud of their relationships. I call that living your authentic life.

  63. Fiat says

    Heterosexuals should be more focused on the fact that domestic violence rates and divorce is at an all time high in their communities.

  64. Jordan Kleetoz says

    The one on the furthest left is Courtney Kerr. What an amazing, beautiful woman. I didn’t hear of her till today. She’s involved in the fashion industry, so she’s probably much exposure to gay people and gay families. She was so determined in standing up for gays. I admire her tenacity so incredibly!

  65. Patrick says

    I agree everyone, please tweet Courtney Kerr (@thecourtneykerr)your thank you tweets. She really stood up for us in a capacity I’m not even sure we ourselves would.

  66. TeeGee says

    Wow. Those are four not-very-bright women. Only one of them had anything of real value to say.

  67. Jim says

    Guys kissing their boyfriends. Girls, you’d better get used to that ’cause you’re gonna see this in front of your face from now on for the rest of your lives. Poke your eyes out if you can’t stand to see it.

  68. Bobby H. says

    I think the 2 ladies in the center need to listen to themselves. They say one thing, and mean another! Of course, in their closed minds, it’s NOT “celebratory” because it’s about 2 gay men. They are SO lost in their out of touch thoughts/emotions for the 21st century! The ladies on the ends are FANTASTIC!

  69. Eric says

    The first amendment protects your right to free speech. It does NOT, however, protect you from the backlash of saying it. That’s called a conversation.

    P.S. You’re kissing some kid on your Facebook page. Please change your photo – I don’t want that in my face!

  70. KALI says

    Jesus……. If I talked the way the blonde and granny talked at work I’d be reprimanded. Fire them both! They are clueless,heartless and small minded women. Let just hope they don’t have gay children or grandchildren in the future. They will torment them.

  71. Dini says

    I was born and grew up in Dallas. I remember Suzy ‘Creamcheese’ Humphreys from 70s TV….she certainly has gotten cranky in her dotage.

    LOVE that you post this….’I’m going to Midland’ is my new exit line when ever anyone is getting the best of me!! Thanks!!

  72. Dini says

    I was born and grew up in Dallas. I remember Suzy ‘Creamcheese’ Humphreys from 70s TV….she certainly has gotten cranky in her dotage.

    LOVE that you post this….’I’m going to Midland’ is my new exit line when ever anyone is getting the best of me!! Thanks!!

  73. Jim says

    The two BIGOTS couldn’t defend their positions. They threw a fit. Why? because they had to face concrete rebuttals for their bigotry. Christians conservatives are funny like that.

  74. Stephanie says

    “I don’t want to see that!”(Kushnir) I don’t want to see intolerant bigots throw temper tantrums on live tv…so I don’t. I turn off the TV or change the channel. That behavior is disgusting. I couldn’t be happier to see the young men celebrating good fortune with sincere happiness in their hearts. My kids know what I teach, and I practice what I preach…acceptance (because tolerance isn’t enough)

  75. lisa coggan says

    If you support the views of the calm and professional host on the right, Lisa Pinero. GO like her Facebook page! Maybe we can get her away from those repulsive middle two hostesses and on better morning show!
    I have no connection to her, I just respect that she kept her cool in the face of that ridiculous ignorant chatter. Good people deserve good things.

  76. Robert says

    I am curious what her sons thought of the kiss. Considering she is in her late 40’s and I’m being generous with that number. Her Sons are probably in high school and I am sure they have seen people kiss before. Get a clue ladies two guys kissing on TV is not going to turn your sons gay. Do these people not know we are in every sport…yes even in “America”. Which you should really say the United States not America.

  77. ealan14 says

    Hmm, so I guess you can only cover the news when its the news you like, huh?? OK, well Bye!! Bye Girl!!!

  78. chevytexas says

    Funny/sad simultaneously. Would you believe me if I say my Dallas household read the headline, read the host name, read the station call letters and show and we STILL don’t know who in the hell these silly bitches are. Seriously. Nevvvvver heard of them. True PR opportunism. this is Dallas where crusty old jock senior sportscaster Dale Hansen on ginuine ol’ WFAA ABC Texas’ most watched sportscast not once, but twice, amusingly put down the naysayers, unnamed coaches and homophobes quite effectively. That’s on Andy’s site too, watch that instead.

  79. Homo Genius says

    Ok… Im not reading 5 pages of comments … but I just want to make clear…this is what would be considered a UHF station.

    Until this spectacle, I can assure you no one in the area has heard of this station or this show.

    This is a publicity stunt

  80. Tarc says

    I wonder if she’d get it if we pointed out that the heterosexual version of that kiss was played for virtually EVERY other couple in the draft. In fact, the (hee hee gross) Heterosexual Agenda is pushed in *our* face 24-7-365 in every single possible, utterly inescapable way. Considering that they are a bare majority out there, it’s pretty irresponsible and reprehensible…

  81. John says

    You gay lovers are scum of the earth, and if you have balls go face the Middle easterns than piling on a news person. Most of the world does not recognize gayness. Wish all gay solders get captured in combat and face the treatment they deserve. Just go away from this planet already.

  82. John says

    Those two bigots in the middle are disgusting people, i hope they lose their jobs on TV.

  83. zaid says

    Where did they find those two fossils from? I can’t believe that they would have said anything had it been Sam kissing a chic (no comment) instead of this dude. It’s not that big a deal and though it was news worthy, any maybe a photo was history in the making..kudos to the two hostess with the most to say on this matter.

  84. ThomT says

    WOW, she’s really going to hate Cam & Mitchell’s wedding on “Modern Family”.

    And yes Amy, your children can and should be exposed to the realities of life – it will make them more tolerant, more understanding and more compassionate of others who might not be like them – something your parents obviously didn’t teach you.

  85. Liam says

    All the women except the rational one on the end where idiots. Just astounding these blond bimbos make it to television.
    Kissing your boyfriend is racist! Just priceless! I wish they would all just keep talking everyday.

  86. Liam says

    Rick: No just bigoted Christian women in the south. Not all women. You really are a twisted fuq aren’t you, Ricky?

  87. StevyD says

    ONCEMOREWITHFEELING | MAY 14, 2014 12:51:48 PM
    “The crazier they are, the better we look.”

  88. Paul B. says

    “They’re my toys and you can’t play with them” said the blonde bigot as she stomped out of the sandbox in a huff.

  89. Amell says

    These bigots who will not evolve will be consigned to extinction just like the neanderthals they are.

  90. thom says

    …Three things emerge from this mess of a “show”

    One: WTF kind of “studio” is THAT? It looks like they found some empty strip mall space and set up shop and “decorated” it with “Furniture Clearance Barn” sales items

    Two: This chick that got he knickers in a twist was clearly “auditioning” for a slot as a talking head at Fox News. She has the “Blonde Barbie” look pretending to have a brain that they clearly love on their staff.

    Three: Going back to Midland???..Well, she just blew her cover about any serious background in journalism or broadcasting. Midland deserves and apology for getting hit with her “tirade” and exit.

    That poor older woman sounded like so many of that ilk with her whiny carping about taking away rights to speak out. She probably will tell the story at her church to a rapt audience about how the media is the Satan of our time…and then hand out miniature T-bag hats to her “listeners” as thank you’s for listening.

    There, that is it. That is all.

  91. GMB says

    This is a fantastic piece of SOCIAL THEATRE! We gotta save this stuff, people, because it’ll be incredible to look back on it thirty years from now.

    LOVE IT.

  92. Frances says

    I wasn’t” watching” either, they happened to show it on the Today show, and I wish they would have warned the viewers, I almost threw up my Special K. Amy and Susie Humphrey are SO RIGHT! no one can say a dam thing anymore cause everyone that’s waving a flag has a right but if we don’t see things “YOUR WAY” we are bigots,anti gays etc. ! Those nit wits on each end are just trying to be sooo cool, go to California, join the rest of the fruit and nuts!

  93. Tim Johnson says

    If these women want to live life from a biblical perspective, then they had better get off television. According to the Old Testament of the Bible, NO WOMAN has the right to voice ANY opinion in public. She cannot represent herself of speak in public. She cannot teach or instruct men (or boys). So if these women think they would like to live under Biblical laws and tenets, they should shut up and go be at home. They actually shouldn’t ever even be seen in public without their husbands.

    Oh, is that too inconvenient? Does that not fit your “modern lifestyle?” Do you need permission to ignore certain parts of the Bible that you “don’t like?” These women and other Fundamentalist Conservatives are disingenuous, hypocritical, hateful assholes.

  94. Paul Pecena says

    Amy Kushnir is a deceptive, manipulative, hypocritical, disingenuous sack of crap. She stood next to me in a store with an overwhelmingly gay staff and cooked a meal while concealing that she is an undercover homophobe. Twice. Two visits! After which I bought her crummy cookbook.

    Any argument concerning children and sexual content on TV is utterly invalidated when you hike up your skirt and hop into the arms of sex workers while wearing patent leather stilettos. Parents do have a choice. To claim that they don’t is the recourse of an under-informed lazy victim.

    If she is obtuse enough to broadcast bigotry alongside vile hypocrisy and galactic stupidity, then she doesn’t get to whine about her tiny little feelings being persecuted.

    She states that she doesn’t want to see it. That’s he same comment bigots and racists used to justify discrimination, hatred, and intolerance when black people wanted to marry white people. Or go to school with white people, or eat at the same restaurant, or ride the same bus, or work the same jobs. It’s hateful, it’s discriminatory, it’s bigotry, it’s intolerance. And it’s 60+ years old.

    You don’t want to see it, Amy? It’s 2014. Get your eyes fixed. Open them.

  95. AM says

    Im gay and i dont care about this at all, i have bigger things going on to be bothered by bigotry, no one else should be bothered either. If they really disagree that much theyre not worth anyones time and should be left to stew in their own bitterness ūüėÄ

  96. J says

    You know I find it incredibly offensive that my children are forced to watch all this straight kissing. It’s wrong that I can’t protect my kids from seeing heterosexuals kissing on the television!