1. SpaceCadet says

    Actually, you may be more familiar with his music than you realize. He is a prolific in-demand songwriter having co-written “Umbrella” for Rihanna, “Single Ladies” for Beyoncé, and “Baby” for Justin Bieber.

  2. (the other)jamesintoronto says

    Wow. Between watching “The Case Against 8″ yesterday and this video today I am pretty much all cried out. What a beautiful song, video and message.

  3. jed says

    what’s the story behind that sports team taking off their jackets to reveal red shirts? was it some kind of protest? i’m not familiar with it but find it intriguing.

  4. unruly says

    @Jed, that was the Clippers team silently protesting Sterling’s (Clipper’s owner) racist remarks at the first game following the release of the tape. The warm up period and on-bench players hid the Clippers logo and the players on the court wore black armbands and socks.