Bryan Singer Comes Out as Bisexual

Bryan Singer has come out as bisexual in an OUT magazine profile tied to the release of the new X-Men film:

SingerSomewhere along the way, he became “openly gay director Bryan Singer.” The first time he saw that in print, Singer says, “I was like, Oh, OK. That was easy.” He shrugs. “I came out by osmosis.” So he skipped being asked or having to make a statement, which is probably a sign of progress. Asked now whether life is any different in Hollywood for a “gay director,” he’s ready to give a more complicated answer. “I’m quite bisexual,” he says. “In the last five years, I’ve had two girlfriends — one for two years, one for eight months.” He laughs, a little more the shy, Clark Kent type than the self-assured superdirector he’s been all day. “Talking about human sexuality is like talking about the second World War,” he says, wryly. (If Singer has an enduring film fixation other than gay allegories, it’s with WWII.)

OUT makes this note at the beginning of the profile:

Editor's Note: This story went to press just as a lawsuit alleging Bryan Singer sexually assaulted a teenager in 1999 was announced. Singer declined additional comment to Out beyond this public statement released last month: “The allegations against me are outrageous, vicious and completely false. I do not want these fictitious claims to divert ANY attention from ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past.’ This fantastic film is a labor of love and one of the greatest experiences of my career. So, out of respect to all of the extraordinary contributions from the incredibly talented actors and crew involved, I’ve decided not to participate in the upcoming media events for the film. However, I promise when this situation is over, the facts will show this to be the sick twisted shake down it is. I want to thank fans, friends and family for all their amazing and overwhelming support.”


  1. June says

    Laughing out loud! As a hetero female let me just say that botoxed face of his is exactly the manly look that attacts us! Laughing out loud again!

  2. MP says

    Such crap. He’s merely playing the hollywood game of being on the fence so as not to be branded/labeled, appealing to a larger audience as he’s now under a super-hot spotlight.

    The man is gay!

  3. MP says

    BTW. Any gay man who has ever spent any time in Hollywood as a young man knows exactly what these parties were like. I remember them very well: Howard Roseman, Barry Diller, David Geffen, Sandy Gallen, Merv Griffin and the list goes on… was hot men/boys at their homes all the time. Whether they were legal or not, I didn’t think to care or check. I was more disgusted by the level of attention super hot guys would give these trolls than anything else. It’s the reason I made my career back east where brains really do matter.

  4. SpaceCadet says

    @MP, Well, that is sort of the game now isn’t it? Young attractive things, gay, straight, and, bi, will hang around these older, wealthy “trolls” to feel like they are connected to the Hollywood scene, get noticed, make it in the biz or just become a kept boy or girl with a sugar daddy. V. Stiviano is an example of that, although that was more a hip-hop/NBA groupie than Hollywood hanger-on but same basic concept. Power and wealth attracts.

  5. jjose712 says

    Frankly, he is know as gay director from almost two decades and he decides to say he is bisexual now?

    I understand being wrongly labeled by the press, but frankly wait that much tim without saying a word is a bit ridiculous. Even people ding queer cinema like Greg Araki talked about his bisexuality after being known.

    If this was a tactic to all his recent problems is a really bad one

  6. Rowan says

    SAM, exactly. This guy has sexual issues…he is ONLY attracted to boys. That is weird. NOT gay.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if something happened to him as a….boy.

    Still, he said he was gay all those years back! I remember the article very vividly because he said that was why he loved the x-men so much….

  7. m.r. says

    People commenting must have missed the part where this interview was done before the accusations came out so his claim of bisexuality was not spin control.

    Also this Buzzfeed article has Egan’s original sex abuse deposition from 2003 in which he clearly states that while other boys were taken on trips, he was never taken out of the Continental US.

    When it was clarified that they meant Hawaii, Alaska and the Caribbean, he specifically says he was never taken there because his mother wouldn’t allow him to go on long trips and would lock him up to make sure he didn’t go.

    This really blows a hole in Egan’s case as he’s claiming he was sexually abused by Singer in Hawaii. (The statute of limitations for Cal was up so he wasn’t able to file there. Hawaii had extended theirs though.)

  8. bobbyjoe says

    Has Towleroad yet reported the pretty major fact that Singer’s accuser got caught as previously testifying– under oath– that he’d never been to Hawaii? Buzzfeed, TMZ, and Queerty have been all over this. I’m not sure how the case against Singer precedes at this point without the accuser admitting to perjury.

  9. m.r. says

    He does say he’s bisexual but leans more to men.

    “In the end, it’s probably going to be a guy,” he says. “I emotionally lean towards male relationships, so I’m happy to say I’m gay, too, if it’s a one-syllable, easy answer.”

    On the six-point, self-assessed Kinsey scale, Singer says, without hesitation, “I’d definitely be a four.” His first serious relationship, at 23, was with actress Michelle Clunie, best known for playing a lesbian on Showtime’s Queer as Folk. The women he dates are not threatened by guys, he says; with boyfriends, the prospect of him being with girls is more of a novelty. “I don’t think it’s on the radar.” He shrugs. This seems like a conversation he’s had often, if not to any conclusive end. “They think it’s interesting?” he guesses. “Some think it’s gross — but they would be a six on the Kinsey scale.”

  10. AlbertaM says

    aaaand cut, nice PR stunt tactic girl!!! well something did happen!!! with Bryan Singer alleged being around the parties they had behind closed doors with underage males. if he wasn’t there then prove it don’t throw your mix sexuality at us to throw us off the stench cause inquiring minds want to know. the truth will come out eventually whatever the outcome in the end YOU Bryan Singer are and still gay.

  11. Gary says

    I’d hate to be in that jury room debating bisexuality. Good tactic. Too many men born on September 17th are gay — you, me, and Nate Berkus.

  12. Brian W. says

    Bisexuality exists.

    Some of you all are as close minded as the bigoted straights.

    Also, this interview was done BEFORE the abuse allegations.

  13. David says

    why are people so ignorant. this interview was conducted months before these (false) accusations. It’s already known that he is bisexual and has been known for years. he was dating a Victoria’s Secret model (her name escapes me) for a couple of years. and the accusations were already proven false. anyone assuming otherwise are sick and probably want to live through their fantasies of bryan singer’s life. the accusers are liars and a simple google search will show you that.

  14. Ken says

    Well, I would have been happy to have a Hollywood Hills mansion, throw lavishly wild pool parties and have my choice of hot twinks to play with. Why not? It sounds like fun, providing no one gets exploited,catches a disease, or pees in the pool.

  15. jjose712 says

    Brian W.: Of course it exist, but is weird as hell say you are bisexual when you had the opportunity in any of the hundreds of interviews you did before.

    And yes, the interview was way before the accusations, and frankly the case against hims seems all but solid, but frankly this is almost the same the the Jessie J case.
    Celebrity that says something and then he/she claims that it was misunderstood (all that after millions of oportunities to clarify everthing)

  16. etseq says

    The kinsey scale was a crude attempt at sociology by a scientist 50 years ago who did not have access to modern day scientific knowledge about human sexuality. It was revolutionary for the time but many of his assumptions have not withstood scrutiny. Kinsey vastly overestimated the rates of homosexual sex among the general population, which he estimated 46% of men had at least one same sex encounter from childhood through adulthood, which led to his assumption that nearly everyone, well men at least, had the potential to achieve pleasure from a same sex sexual experience and thus were potentially bisexual. He focused almost entirely on sexual acts (he was a biologist mainly interested in physical responses not the psychology of identity) and this led him to the reductive approach of his scale. What is the difference between a kinsey 4 or 5, 2 or 3, or 2 or 5? It has nothing to do with identity or current attraction – its just a compression of your sexual history. In a heterosexist and homophobic society, there will always be pressure to identify as straight or bisexual, to force gay people to “experiment” with heterosexual sex, and to lie to pollsters about their true identity. Bisexuality exists but as long as we live in a heterosexist society, the numbers and claims of bisexuals will always be suspect.

  17. Homo Genius says

    Sorry but Im in the crowd who wonders why it was time to share this tidbit. For nearly 20 years it was reported that he was gay. The media still go by outdated rules about homosexuality. They simply wont report anyone is gay – they have no issue reporting on RUMOURS but will not say anyone is gay unless that person has said so themselves.

    Whatevs. Guess though we can just assume that he is a top.
    So the media thought he was gay. Singer has had ample time to correct it but never has.

    Seems like it would have come up too if he was thought to be gay but seen everywhere with girlfriends.

  18. Sean Maloney says

    M.R. Work on that reading comprehension. This interview was conducted AFTER the accusations were made. In fact, these accusations and whispered rumors and innuendoes have been following Singer for decades. Yup, SPIN CONTROL.

  19. Ryan says

    With all these creepy stories about these parties he has filled to the brink with twinks in scanty clothing, I don’t care what the heck he is or isn’t. I just wish he’d go away.

    My interest in X-Men, which was quite high… has now plummeted. I don’t even know if I could stomach seeing it at this point.

  20. Dan says

    I am confused. I thought our legal system was “innocent until proven guilty”. I guess not on Towleroad. I must admit I have not seen TMZ in the last two weeks so maybe I am missing important information showing his guilt but “guilty until proven innocent” is not the way our judicial system works.
    And a point of reference…I am reading these comments and some make it seem that they equate having sex with men leading to a higher propensity to be a pedaphile which is incorrect and false to begin with. I was molested by a straight man with 4 children and a close friend was molested by a straight man as well. STRAIGHT MEN molest boys at a higher rate than gay men. By stating such misinformation you bolster the right wings contention that gay men are more a threat to society and are a trying to recruit young men and are pedaphiles. What decade are you living in? These false pretenses have been statistically proven just that…FALSE!!
    Oh, and just because some older man like Barry Diller and Merv Griffin (40’s-70’s) seek the company of younger men over 18 does not make them a pedaphile. Straight men have ben doing it as well for centuries. It is unseemly to some but it is legal and just because you weren’t good looking enough for their advances does not make them pedaphiles.

  21. says

    @ etseq. I think you hit the nail on the head with this: “Bisexuality exists but as long as we live in a heterosexist society, the numbers and claims of bisexuals will always be suspect.” The worse part is you rarely hear these claims of bisexuality from straight males but rather gay males. We, in effect, embrace the superiority of heterosexuality. Despite this erroneous thinking we’re also suppose to believe that we bully bisexuals.

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