1. Topol says

    Has Christie come out yet?

    The GOP had basically dumped him because of his transparent opportunism and the continual threat of outing.

    He got what he wanted out of the GOP and has nowhere to go but Independent because he had alienated the Dems as well.

    Sad man.

  2. Josh says

    Charlie Crist has already accomplished 100 times more than all you loser commenters combined. And that’s before his second term as governor starts next year.

  3. Josh says

    Crist endorsed President Obama at the 2012 Democratic convention. He is far superior to tea-party Gov. Rick Scott. The choice is simple enough.

  4. RonCharles says

    Josh and Merv make the relevant and important points here. Charlie Christ is a decent and rational politician who has the best chance of defeating current Governor Rick Scott. Those who believe in moderation and realistic governance in the state of Florida should vote for him, and the same people outside of Florida should lend him their support as much as they possibly can.

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