Dustin Lance Black Accepts Re-Invitation to Serve as Pasadena City College Commencement Speaker

After being un-invited as Pasadena City College commencement speaker over the existence of sexually explicit photos on the internet, and then re-invited following public outrage over the slut-shaming, Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black has accepted the school's offer and will speak at the graduation ceremony, the school announced in a press release:

D_blackPasadena City College Superintendent-President Mark Rocha announced today that distinguished alumnus Dustin Lance Black will deliver the 89th commencement address, Friday, May 9, 2014, 7:00 P.M., Robinson Stadium.

President Rocha spoke with Mr. Black personally over the phone this morning to extend the invitation and to apologize sincerely for the way the college has handled this matter to date.

"It’s time to move forward and put the focus where it should be—on the students,” Mr. Black said. “I look forward to the honor of returning to PCC to support the 2014 graduates of Pasadena City College.”

“All of us at PCC are so proud of Mr. Black and are delighted he is returning to his alma mater," said President Rocha. “Mr. Black’s career represents a rare blend of public leadership, and creativity. Additionally, He has generously committed his attention and resources to fighting for LGBTQ equality, the arts, and—not least of all—education.”


  1. MaryM says

    “It’s time to move forward and put the focus where it should be—on the students”

    I’m pretty sure Black’s focus will be firmly on the students.

    Although they are probably 21 or 22 so way too old for Black, who likes them barely legal, despite being middle-aged himself.

    Some enterprising student needs to ask Black if he ever attended parties where teenagers were plied by drink and drugs by the middle aged hosts to make them easier to prey on.

  2. Gorgeous says

    According to Yahoo, Black has moved into Daley’s London apartment and the two have now taken up housekeeping together. More power to them.

  3. MaryM says

    Poor Tom Daley.

    How is he going to cope when his middle aged boyfriend dumps him for being too old, when he turns 20.

    And has Dustin Lance Black been named as a co-defendant yet in the Bryan Singer lawsuits.

    He attended those teen-only parties after all.

    And he met his teenage boyfriend at the Kids’Choice Awards – an unusual location for a middle aged, childless man.

  4. Red says


    You defended Michael Alig who committed the gruesome murder. Given your constant trolling you have no moral credibility to lecture anyone whatsoever on ethics.

  5. Jake says

    DLB is on a collision course with wizened queen. I await the to read of when Tom tires of the desperate pawing…

  6. Tyler says

    Red, you got Mary’s name wrong. It’s actually Rick. And trolling under different names is all he has. He’s pathetic.

  7. aki says

    I thought Mary’s name was Doug. Rick is not that obsessed with DLB and Tom Daley

  8. AKChris says

    This is such a great opportunity. Dustin Lance Black truly is a lightning rod and an agent for change.

  9. simon says

    “Distinguished? In what way.”
    Well, he won an award. He is rich I suppose. Some day he may donate to the school’s foundation. Isn’t that obvious?

  10. Arrow says

    And the movie “Crash” won an Oscar that year for Best Picture. Ang Lee won as director, but “Brokeback” lost. Hollywood homophobia was in full gear. Even Black couldn’t crack that, but his real crack in those photos was not a high point, and became a real pain in his career. Let’s hope he makes the students understand that condoms are not optional attire today.

  11. MaryM says

    I am not Rick.

    Nor did I defend Michael Alig who is far worse than DLB.

    DLB is merely a creepy, exploitative predator who makes sure that his teenaged boyfriends are legal.

    Michael Alig is a murderer.

    While I would question the ethics of a person like DLB (the same moron who told the LGB community that giving money to a homophobic extremist like Orson Card was OK) I would not compare him to Alig.