1. Cort says

    Not this east la crap again– east side as in not west hollywood. It’s not about river, it’s about the gay bars 😉

    Can we just agree that the guys are cute?

  2. S says

    Agreed, Jim and D. Cort, I’m fine calling it the “East Side” as in not West Hollywood, but “East L.A.” is it’s own formal place.

  3. Zlick says

    Doesn’t work for me as a promo for the web series, which I did not care for and quit after a handful of episodes. I think the stereotype of gay hipsterism = East Side is a little outdated, but I don’t much haunt the gay hangouts when I find myself on the east side – so perhaps its an enduring trope.

  4. Cort says

    I’d never call it “East L.A.” that’s obviously another neighborhood. I mean, it’s literally on the map. But the east side of LA? Absolutely.

    I loved the web series and will be giving to the kickstarter for season two this week.

  5. Gary says

    So much time on the hair in The Left Side. Those twisted, twisted mustaches are creepy. Youth always “looks” good. Melrose was big in the 80’s. I prefer the Westside of LA. Places that don’t have to sell themselves. I like having PCH close, and quick driving access to Malibu and beaches north.

  6. Jason B. says

    This would be like living in the Everglades to Southbeach or Weston to Ft. Lauderdale? Except no gay in their right mind would live west of 95. Never been to LA, would like to soon.

  7. Publius says

    I think one of the guys in the video meant “We have every type of WHITE gay guy here.” Seriously, in a city as diverse as LA, this basically lily white crowd is all you can muster?

  8. says

    I don’t know how people are saying this video is all white. I myself am mexican, and I’m in this vid. Also there’s men of indian and middle eastern descent here, beyond a few more latinos. There were also black men on the shoot, but this short teaser cut is only a small percentage of the footage shot.

    Overall I don’t think their intention was to make an incredibly deep and all encompassing video on gay men of the eastside, but more a silly teaser commercial with a few gay men that live on the eastern side of los angeles, not specifically “east l.a.”

  9. GB says

    These twits will come and go. At best, possibly a few of their novel looks will be stolen by straights and appear in the Mid-West in a few years.

  10. Rose says

    Farmers markets, pilates and salvador dali tatoos… this is the grossest snapshot of mostly white but a couple token poc gays as usual east sider yuppies and gentrification fetishists. Real east la gays will never be covered in a web series and for that I’m thankful.

  11. oye says

    UGH. All of them are awful. All trying to be different but they’re all the exact same starved-for-attention, look-at-me, tank-topped, tattooed, bearded carbon copy of one another. SNORE.

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