1. IEatCereal says

    Hey Charles! You know which group of people is a perfect example of double-mindedness? Politicians. Go and cure yourself of your sins by taking a long vacation far away from other humans

  2. says

    Of all the people I’ve come across, evangelical christians are the most double-minded.

    They focus intently on bible verses they agree with, yet ignore completely every verse that says what they don’t want to hear.

    This guy throws “The Bible” soundbite to give his words more authority in the minds of those who have been brainwashed into believing it’s THE word of god. An education convention is the last place he should be speaking.

  3. Rocky says

    The more these right-wing Christians speak out like this the more they are exposed as bigoted stupid fools. Americans are waking up and realizing how backward and horrible these people are.

  4. james street james says

    So Florida kids are turning gay? And it’s not because of the orange juice? Oh, OK, I thought it was the orange juice.