Florida Man Files Motion To Marry His Computer Filled With Adult Videos


A man named Chris Sevier (pictured above) has filed a motion to intervene in the Florida gay marriage case of James Domer Brenner et al., v. Rick Scott — a case seeking state recognition of Mr. Brenner’s Canadian same-sex marriage, because Sevier wants to marry his porn-filled Apple computer.

Sevier ostensibly filed the motion “on behalf ‘of other minority sexual orientation groups,’ and argued, “if gay couples have the right to marry their object of sexual desire, even if they lack corresponding sexual parts, then I should have the right to marry my preferred sexual object."

In his filing, Sevier continued:

Recently, I purchased an Apple computer. The computer was sold to me without filters to block out pornography. I was not provided with any warning by Apple that pornography was highly addictive and could alter my reward cycle by the manufacturer. Over time, I began preferring sex with my computer over sex with real women. Naturally, I 'fell in love' with my computer and preferred having sex with it over all other persons or things, as a result of classic conditioning upon orgasm.

But before you go thinking that Sevier represents that next wave in sexual freedom and human-computer relations, you should know that “in the filing, [“Sevier states] ‘sexual orientation’ never existed as a classification until President Obama came along to advance his ‘social agenda to make America a 'gay nation.'"

The Broward/Palm Beach New Times reports:

This seems to be part of his MO, clogging the legal system with ridiculous claims and troglodyte thinking. Chris Sevier sued Apple because it sold him a computer without telling him about the evils of porn. Chris Sevier sued A&E after it fired Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson after he was caught spewing antigay talk. And just recently, Chris Sevier tried to butt his way into Utah's gay marriage legal case. In a 50-page motion, he claimed he was there to make the court "put up or shut up" on the gay marriage issue.

The federal judge overseeing Florida’s marriage case has tossed Sevier’s motion stating, “the motion has no place in this lawsuit.”


  1. rjinva says

    @FERNLAPLANTE – Oh yes crazy, but also STUPID and that’s a sad combination. I am sure that somehow he thinks he has made a brilliant argument, sad really.

  2. Mousie says

    I say let him. Then maybe his computer wife will nag him into dumping all his friends to stay home and watch cheesy sitcoms and chick flicks with her all day, safely out of the way of us normal people. Sorry, I meant stay home to whack it all day, safely out of the way of us normal people.

  3. Jon says

    This guy is actually brilliant. I love how some on here are saying he has some sort of “mental disorder.” I remember they used to say that about gay people. Society back then thought you obviously had a mental disorder if you believed that two men or two women could marry each other.

    So who gets to define who we can be attracted to? And therefore, who (or what) we can marry? If marriage is about “marrying” the person of one’s sexual desire, as the gay-rights movement has reclassified marriage to be, then no one here has any real basis to say this guy has a mental disorder.

    Sometimes it takes satire like this to demonstrate just how crazy the gay rights movement has pushed things. It’s moved beyond just showing decency and respect towards gay people and our abiility to have same-sex relationships. Nope. We had to take-over the Institution of Marriage and redefine Western culture’s long-standing definition of it.

    This guy is brilliant. I love it!

  4. Lucas H says

    Ahahaha!! A crazy person in Florida. You go for it, buddy. Marry that sexy Apple computer. Then sure for divorce so you can marry a younger model.

  5. Caliban says

    This guy is a well-known crazy person, forced to wear a GPS leg band for stalking a country singer and a clerk at an ice cream store in Nashville. He WAS a lawyer but was disbarred for mental issues.

    More to be pitied than anything else.

  6. kit says

    What is it about the concept of “consent” that is so difficult for all of these people to understand? Clearly, it is not something they ever think about in their day-to-day lives. He should definitely be kept away from all children…

  7. Dback says

    I get really tired of people equating a loving, consensual relationship between consenting adults with people marrying a tree, an animal, an appliance, etc. It just shows the contempt with which they view gay people, i.e. as less than human beings.

  8. jjose712 says

    Jon: If you think such stupid think is brilliant, you must enjoy the billiance of almost everything. Congratulations

    And the institution of marriage was rededined a lot of times in history. People conveniently forget that marriage is not a reliegious invention. Egiptians, romans an greek married way before christians even appeared on the face of earth.
    And no, marriage was not an inmutable force. It’s nothing more and nothing less that a contract between two people with rights and obligations

  9. Acronym Jim says


    If it was just about sex, marriage equality wouldn’t matter to us. It’s about love and commitment, you know, just like straight marriages (other than the baby-manufacturing Quiverfull groups).

  10. Rick says

    Well, the acclaimed film “Her” was about a guy falling in love with a virtual person….and nobody really seemed to think it was ridiculous.


    The guy is hot, whether he is crazy or not. I am sure he has no trouble getting laid in “real life” and does not need porn for sex.

  11. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Jon – when I asked my husband to marry me, he was able to give informed consent. A machine has no awareness of self, so it can not give consent.

  12. JJJJJJ says

    If you Google this guy, it shows that he has been convicted of stalking a country music artist. He’s a nutjob – nothing else to say.

  13. Bill says

    If it was California law, I’d definitely say let him marry his computer: as a community property state, that computer would get half his earnings and property accumulated after the marriage. He’d be required to spend money on repairs (otherwise it is spouse abuse) and any new owner might have access to that income as well. To sell the thing, he might have to file for a divorce.

    The marriage ceremony could be interesting. He might have to download Siri onto the computer (if Apple will let him) in order for it to be able know when to say “I do” without any manual intervention. We can’t have him talking for the computer, after all.

  14. phluidik says

    When our computer systems are capable of achieving self-awareness, and (rightfully) gain personhood under the law, then by all means he should be allowed to wed his AI. Until then, he’s going to have a tough time proving consent.

  15. jamal49 says

    Jon, honey, take your trollistic pathetic self somewhere else. Marriage equality is not about marrying someone of “one’s sexual desire” whether gay or straight. But, you’re probably Chris Sevier under a troll monicker, so you can go f*ck yourself. Better yet, when you do go f*ck yourself, then you can file an amicus brief and declare you want to marry yourself.

    Anyway, if anyone is interested, Google Chris Sevier’s name and then explore some of the results. The guy is all over the place and a rather calculating self-promoter, what we might call a “performance artist”. He’s definitely a christian weirdo. Regardless, that kind of narcissism is surely either psychotic or pathological.

  16. anon says

    A lot of people think judges just blindly apply the law to each case, but that’s not so. They have a lot of discretion, so a) don’t piss them off and b) don’t be too clever by half. Appeals courts on the other hand…

  17. says

    There are 3 possibilities here:

    1) This guy is a litigation troll, looking for a payday.

    2) He’s actually insane.

    3) He’s an anti-gay idiot that is hoping this will back up the stupid “slippery slope” argument that gay marriage opponents like to trot out.

    Either way, any judge will point out that marriage requires consent, and since computers cannot legally give consent, his case will be thrown out (and hopefully he’ll be fined for filing a frivolous lawsuit).

  18. Quicksilver says

    This nutjob is a former attorney who was also stalking John Rich. And to the people who doubt he has a mental disorder, he had his law license revoked because of PTSD.

  19. Bernie says

    yes, Mr. Seiver is a complete nut job! His actions do more to dilute, minimize, mock and harm marriage then anything else could or would!

  20. Rod says

    This is a ridiculous version of the slippery slope argument against same sex marriage. Most intellectual beings understand that marriage, like other legal contracts, requires two consenting adults. One cannot marry a toaster, an animal, a tree, or a computer. Could those objects purchase real property, or sign up for military service like this disingenous psycho did? Given this act and his history of disturbing behavior, I seriously doubt he has the mental capacity that’s required by law for entering into a legal agreement.

  21. TKinSC says

    “Most intellectual beings understand that marriage, like other legal contracts, requires two consenting adults” of the opposite sex.


  22. says

    Jon – you need at least one hand to “consummate” an activity of a sexual nature with a computer. How did you manage to write a 50-page motion while mainataining your addictive relationship with that Mac? by the way, Macs are male computers. Amigas are female. commodore – male. Laptops are bi.

  23. Patrick says

    Well now Chris Sevier. No SANE woman will want you. Nor any self-respecting gay man ….Good luck with your troll lawsuits, you slag…I’d be hilarious when his Apple computer electrocutes him !!! Now that would be news…

  24. CJones says

    Overall the Broward/Palm Beach New Times article was ok, but the journalist left out some information.

    1) Mr. Sevier is currently on trial for stalking country music singer John Rich and his family, sending graphic pictures to Mr. Rich’s email as well as pictures of Mr. Rich’s children;
    2) Mr. Sevier is also charged with stalking a 17 year old girl from Nashville;
    3) The judge in the Tennessee stalking case ordered Mr. Sevier to wear a gps tracking device and to receive permission from the court before leaving his state of residency;
    3) The Tennessee Supreme Court, which handles law licensing reviews for the state, has suspended Mr. Sevier’s law license due to mental illness;
    4) Mr. Sevier falsified Florida federal district court documents when he tried to intervene in Brenner v. Scott by photoshopping in false information into existing documents, and lied to the federal district court about being a resident of the Florida;
    5) Mr. Sevier also falsified Utah federal district court documents by claiming he was a resident of Utah; the address he gave as his residence is the ACLU office in Salt Lake City.

  25. EchtKultig says

    Dear closeted troll Jon:
    Posting a bunch of gibberish here isn’t going to make a difference. Please go back to the right wing echo chambers like Worldnutdaily or Breitbart or whatever it is these days.
    Your utterly pathetic attempt at reasoning – which wouldn’t pass muster in 2nd grade – ignores the fact the a computer filled with porn isn’t another consenting adult.

  26. EchtKultig says

    oops..THAT a computer filled with porn isn’t a consenting adult.

    I think this clown’s rap sheet shows what sort of nuttiness lurks under the psyche of the typical anti-gay moron. He just has a little bit less of a filter to control it. Stalking a male, good-looking (by the prevailing standard) country music star suggest he’s probably a closet case. He looks kind of like Michael Glatze (sp?), especially in the 2nd pic.

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