1. woody says

    Satanic mass language was a good move when talking to priests. Many of these guys respect and the mass but have little respect for people. This lets them know that ain’t happening.

  2. james street james says

    Why do we need priests again? Somebody remind me.

    Imagine there’s no priesthood……
    Imagine there’s no war…..

  3. escapm says

    Zero tolerance? So when can we expect the Pope to expel Cardinal Law from his luxury haven at the Vatican to face long overdue justice in Boston?

  4. Ulu says

    “victims at the Vatican next month and liked sex abuse by priests to”

    typo: should be linked not liked ūüėČ

  5. pete n sfo says

    okay, I’m listening… now how about some results?

    Not just the abusers but their enablers within your organization as well.

    @ESCAPM, Bravo… and add Levada of San Francisco to that list. I think he & Law must be bunking together.

  6. CPT_Doom says

    Oh ESCAPM you’re funny. The Pope only said bishops accused of child molestation would be pursued. The ones who aided & abetted rapists, defrauded insurance companies, and obstructed justice are totally safe.

  7. Will says

    show, don’t tell, as everything you’ve done to this points indicates you’re still covering for child molesters. That means getting the police involved.

  8. simon says

    No daddy’s boys? How about Pope emeritus who condoned this mess? And Timmy Dolan who avoided paying the victims by hiding the Church’s money.

  9. Mark says

    What about cardinals, like Dolan, who happily covered up the crimes of rapist priests?

    BTW, why haven’t those high-level Church officials been indicted? Aren’t they guilty of obstruction of justice and being accessories after the fact for participating in cover-ups?

  10. Steve says

    Once again he shows that he is as evil as the ex-Pope and hasn’t understood anything.

  11. unruly says

    No all the sexual abuse happened to boys (there are large cases in South America and SE Asia of priest abuse of girls.)

    And I’d assume zero tolerance applies to those covering for the abuse. It is aiding and abetting a crime.

  12. Randy says

    Satanic masses are quite reasonable things.

    Sexual abuse is not.

    Interesting that Catholics spend so much time preventing and punishing one, but not the other. It tells you their values.

  13. simon says

    Lets see. It sounds more like a commercial. Suppose I am a CEO of a company, first thing I would do is not to make an announcement. I would name the culprits first (supposedly there have been some internal investigations going on). As a start, I will demote Timmy Dolan. Then I will hand over documents relating to the criminals already mentioned by others here to authorities.