1. the other Ken says

    Heck, I’ve worked in the same industry in my town for 22 years and I’ve never been hit on by any gay man neither!

    And I’m gay!

  2. mike in nyc says

    i love that guy. most Sports Desk guys are so tiresomely cartoonish,
    he is smart, entertaining and right.

  3. Scout says

    If Sam is too small at 6.2, 260, and too slow with a 4.9 40, isn’t the obvious solution to have him lose 20 lbs and get a little quicker?

  4. Remember the Alamo Bowl? says

    Is the Case McCoy that Hansen refers to the same Case McCoy that got kicked of the Longhorns team the morning before the Alamo Bowl because of a violation of team rules which turned into allegations of sexual assault? Was it THAT Case McCoy? Or another one. Because I really don’t understand why a guy who got kicked off a football team right before a bowl game for getting a woman drunk and taking advantage of her WITH ANOTHER TEAMMATE would be having anything to say about a consensual kiss between two adults. Just sayin’….

  5. Scout says

    “He ran 4.69 at his Pro Day, at 263lbs.”

    I just watched a clip of him hitting a 4.79. He looks kind of stiff and inflexible, too musclebound.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he could run a 4.6 if he lost 15-20 lbs, and did a lot of speed work.

  6. Mikey says

    It’s amazing what a sense of humor can do to humanize a person. This guy is great.

  7. Scout says

    Also, the Dallas Cowboys’ top defensive pick (2nd round) is a 250-lb pass-rushing defensive end who only ran a 4.8. (Unrelated note: This pick was suspended for 3 games in two years, because of violations of team rules, and a lot of scouts had questions about character-related issues.)

    So in context Sam’s 4.9 (or 4.79) doesn’t seem that off. (Unrelated note: Sam was named defensive player of the year in the Southeast Conference, which is generally regarded as far and away as the strongest collegiate football conference, and the highest level of competition, with the best athletes.)

    Also unrelated, Case McCoy plays on a team that didn’t have a single player drafted. Not a one. Zero. Zip.

  8. Hue-Man says

    Isn’t there a single gay man in Dallas who will do his duty and make a pass at Hansen? You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day and you’re not required to break up his marriage. A friendly “Thank you” drink plus a report back to Towleroad…

  9. Johnny says

    This man looks just like someone you’d see driving around “The Block” cruising for boys in Boston in the ’70’s.