1. will says

    This is terribly condescending. Somebody show be explaining to thd kiddies that their iPad Mini is going to be every bit as ludicrous and useless in 30 years as that Apple II.

  2. Charlie says

    I had a hard drive with the first Apple ][ computer I used. I suspect kids would also be amazed that it cost $3,000 (which would be over $9,000 today) and only had 10 mb. You addressed data a 128 separate floppy disks, so you had to calculate where information would be on the drive.

    But my father was born into a world without cars (at least not in rural Tennessee, where indoor plumbing would also have been uncommon) or radio. And without antibiotics where a minor infection could be fatal.

  3. ReaperX says

    The command line remains one of the most powerful ways of interacting with computers. The fact that modern computers have UIs that have been dumbed down for the masses doesn’t change that at all.

    Expert computer users can do many things on the command line in a fraction of the time it takes Joe Average to perform through a GUI.

  4. mike/ says

    i really used to do all that AND not think anything about it? wow! i do wish i still had my Apple ][. i wonder how much they are worth today?

    i think the most fun video i’ve seen is a 4-year old with a paper magazine frustrated because the page didn’t turn when she touched it, like an iPad!

  5. Jerry says

    Freshman year in music school, we did about half of our ear-training labs on Apple IIg machines. It was hysterically funny trying to make sense of interval recognition with the horrible tone generators in that thing. I’d rather have just picked around exercises on a piano, and I have never been the greatest keyboardist.

  6. Ryan says

    In fairness to these kids, these kids made no sense to me when I was a kid… other than I could insert a floppy disk into them and play games.

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