1. SpaceCadet says

    Wow. That is awesome and there is some good in this world! I grew up watching Reading Rainbow and Star Trek: The Next Generation so I’m happy for Levar.

  2. Jack says

    I don’t understand why people would donate to this. It isn’t a charity. If you read through it, there is no info on how they are going to spend the money. No info on how much they are paying themselves in salary. Also, it appears that they are going to sell DVDs or downloads to everyone and only give them away to schools that qualify as disadvantaged. No indication of how schools would qualify as disadvantaged or how much profit they would make on all the DVDs that they sell.

    So basically, it is like giving your money away to a for-profit business.

  3. Gary Bebout says

    He creates fake responses. Makes an apology for them with “love” then affirms that thank god he is not a racist. Kiwi is a comment streams best friend. :)

  4. says

    “Gary” – I get it. You desperately need my attention. It’s sad. it speaks of how little worth your own life has. those with nothing positive to SHOW make up lies about others. off yourself. you will not be missed.

  5. Gary Bebout says

    Kiwi is the Canadian Elliot Rodger. It’s finally revealed. He wants people dead. Read the comment. You are comedy. You have no humor. You take yourself so “bloody” seriously. I looked on your site and saw your pic. No thanks, in that department. Your comments put themselves out there for parody. Lighten up…