Maine Ethics Commission Recommends $50K+ Fine For NOM, Donor Name Disclosure

MaineRemember waaaaaaay back when the National Organization for Marriage lost the fight in '09 to keep the names of their campaign donors hidden? And then lost again in '11? And then lost their appeal in '12? And how last year Maine's highest court ordered that the donor names be turned over?

The Maine Ethics Commission is now considering imposing financial penalites on NOM for their disclosure shenanigans to the tune of $50,250.

While $50k isn't a large penalty for an organization like NOM, which rakes in millions, it would be the largest fine ever imposed by the board and it would force NOM to finally disclose the names of their donors whom they have been trying so hard to keep cloaked, some of whom donated as much as $50,000 each. The board will reach their decision whether or not to impose the fine during their May 28th meeting.


  1. Really says

    Dream on, GLENN I.

    The fine is a pittance.

    The full disclosure of all the names is what’s important.

    That and insisting jail terms for this kind of election fraud and subversion of disclosure and transparency laws.

  2. simon says

    With all the recent loss in the marriage battles with no end in sight, they better close shop and declare bankruptcy and keep whatever left in the bank.

  3. Gay Guy says

    How about decertifcation? Don’t recognize them as a legal entity (at least within Maine). They will not be able maintain a bank account, enter into contract, or be recognized as an entity in court.

  4. Randy says

    I’m surprised the IRS hasn’t come down heavy on them for violating this law. Nonprofit status from the IRS can be revoked if you violate any of their rules, I’m sure if you violate a states rule that would be enough.

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