Mankini-Clad Streaker Tries to Enter Met Gala Red Carpet: PHOTO


NYC's annual Met Gala fundraiser is taking place tonight, and one man who we believe to be Ukrainian prankster Vitalii Sediuk (Google him, he makes a habit out of celeb disturbances (like kissing Will Smith) at movie premieres and) tried to enter the red carpet but was nabbed by police.

He is, however, making headlines on Twitter anyway.


  1. Rick says

    So I assume this is one of our Live-Out-Loud gays who do so very much for our image in the world.

    I wish I had been there to punch him in the mouth.

  2. Kenneth says

    Rick you’re too much of a pussy to punch anyone in the mouth. I’m sure you only leave your mother’s basement to cruise your favorite gloryhole.

  3. Kenn says

    A. Not a streaker.Please refer to European Football for actual streakers.

    B. Not a “mankini”. Please refer to The Soup for actual “mankini”.

  4. Bill says

    @Jim: if they throw him into jail wearing just that pink thing he has on, it will be nessum dorma as they laugh at him all night!

  5. GaryJ says

    At least he has the body for such displays.
    I known st8 guys who did the same thing.
    What ever to get noticed.

  6. yessirSIR says

    predictable but i’m such a sucker for a uniform
    the officer behind TheManOfTheSecond looks far more intriguing :PPP

  7. Randy says

    Jomicur, a mankini is a thong with straps that go over the shoulders (and is typically green). A bikini is … not that.