1. Dback says

    It’s difficult for me to separate the music from Michael the person (who makes my skin crawl) and the rest of his mendacious family (except the underrated Janet). However, on its own terms as a slice of melodic retro disco, this goes down as easily and deliciously as “Rock With You” or “Off the Wall,” and props to JT for bringing his A-game as well. After all the years of sordidness, it’s nice to be reminded of the sturdiness of Jackson’s best work.

  2. SpaceCadet says

    Cash grab! It’s an outake from 1983 but it sounds more like ’70s “Off The Wall” era. There’s a reason why Michael did a million outakes and they never saw the light of day. He’s a perfectionist and strove to be an innovator. Now the vaults will be raided for maximum potential profit! We should see at lease several “new” albums in the coming decade.

  3. antisaint says

    The quality of the solo Michael version is weird. I prefer that to the Justin version. I hope it won’t actually sound like this.

    This is a pretty decent track. I’m more into hearing the Off the Wall era outtake-type tracks, or basically anything Quincy was involved with.

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