Muslim Youth Lynch Gay Man, Hunt for His Escaped Partner: Report

Ghanaian media are reporting that a gang of Muslim youth lynched a gay man in the neighborhood of Nima, in Accra, Ghana, and are hunting for his partner:

GhanaA source told DAILY GUIDE that Salisu was a known homosexual in the area, and all advice by Islamic clerics and family, for him to change his sexual orientation had fallen on deaf ears. However, the real trouble began when another suspected homosexual by name Yaw Nkrumah came to live in the area, and the pair started flaunting their romantic relationship in the Muslim-dominated area.

The source revealed that matters got to a head last week when two men, whose identities DAILY GUIDE could not establish at the time of going to press, confronted Yaw Nkrumah about his ‘ignominious’ relationship with Salisu, and the former called their bluff, resulting in a scuffle. The two men went to mobilize about 30 men who stormed the house of Yaw Nkrumah, where they stripped him naked and lynched him.

Not satisfied, the group proceeded to the house of Nkrumah’s partner, Salisu, but the latter had prior information of their arrival, and escaped just in the nick of time.

DAILY GUIDE gathered that the youth had resolved to hunt down the young man in order to eliminate what they referred to as a “curse”.

Police told the Daily Guide that they have difficulty identifying the perpetrators in anti-gay mobas because the "community (Nima) frowns upon snitching”.


  1. Perry says

    I wonder if I am allowed to criticize them for their religious beliefs that probably encouraged this action or is it only the Christian faith that can be attacked if it was Christian youths that did this.

  2. simon says

    It makes no difference whether it is Christian or Muslim. Both are groundless belief. It encourages extremism and savagery. Why? Because they claim to have the monopoly of God and truth. Their truth is absolute. That gives them a sense of superiority and leads to their contempt of anything and anyone that are different. As for Christians, you should remember many of those in the Ugandan parliament are Christians who passed the “kill the gays” bill.

  3. 1♥ says

    I say the same thing to Muslims as I do to Christians. Their scriptures are a lie. Their scriptures are filled with fictional characters like Moses with their fictional adventures like the Exodus. Moses NEVER existed and the mass exodus NEVER happened.
    Muslims and Christians worship their scriptures as idols of false gods. The killing of Gays is proof that their religions are morally bankrupt.

  4. Mikey says

    There’s a difference between a religious person and an extremist. To be blind to such an obvious fact is to be as ignorant as extremists.

  5. Dan Cobb says

    Ah, the civilizations of Africa. Where would the world be were it not for the populations of the continent of sub-Saharan Africa? They have contributed SO MUCH to the advancement of human society, like… well, like rap music, and… ummm…er…

  6. NOTICE says

    Russians (most)
    Africans (most)
    Fundamentalist Christians (all)
    Muslims (most)
    and other haters I missed?

    I wish we could put them all on an island somewhere and let them kill each other off with their vile hatred and ignorance.

  7. REALLY says

    The religious are the enablers of the extremists. The religious love the extremists as long as the extremists are a part of their religion.

    You never hear the religious calling out the extremists if it involves their religion but they will if it’s someone elses religion.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    @ MIKEY,

    thanks, but when it comes to Towleroad, I think you and I are practically alone with that thought you just expressed.

    Wow, imagine the horror Yaw Nkrumah(and all lynching victims) must have felt as he was being beaten, mutilated and burned. How does a mob become so angry and savage. I guess the object of their anger is no longer human–just a thing.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Where would the world be were it not for the populations of the continent of sub-Saharan Africa?”

    Without the free labor of Africans and the colonializaton of the African continent, YOUR azz would be living in the slums of some European city–suffering from whatever congenital disease your mama brought home from the brothel.

    Rick, why do you have to use different posting names for different topics. Oh, actually who cares?

  10. The Milkman says

    Yes, there’s most certainly a difference between religious people and extremists. But the difference is one of degree, not really one of fundamentals. The problem is religion in general, not whether someone is “nice” about it or not. The journey between Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Methodist and violent religious extremism isn’t as lengthy as one might expect.

    One doesn’t have to belong to a religious group to be a Christian.

  11. Daniel Berry NYC says

    @Perry, Do you remember Scott Lively? Know who he is? Do you really think so-called “christians” wouldn’t do the same thing if they could get away with it?

    A recent pope – the one before Benedict – did allow that violence against gay people was wrong, but his attitude was that considering that we’re gay, “wha’d you expect?”

    No, bro, the only reason Islamic countries are behaving that way and so-called “christian” countries aren’t is because of the rise of the modern secular state in the West. But this country and Europe still has a fair share of knuckle-draggers – lots of ’em with pulpits.

  12. simon says

    You seem to be ignorant of the bloody history of the two religions which even the the Biblical apologists can’t deny. And the ignorant Thomas Paine even accused your great prophet Moses of immorality.

  13. simon says

    By the way, a lot of religious extremists are both ignorant and uneducated. That is all it takes to believe in the literal truth of the Bible.

  14. simon says

    “when it comes to Towleroad, I think you and I are practically alone with that thought”
    Yes, it is kind of sad. The table has been turned. It may be due to the fact nowadays people are more enlightened and less gullible. People are starting to be suspicious of the whole scam.
    As one “ignorant” Richard Dawkin said:
    “he (Pope) and his church foster the educationally pernicious doctrine that evidence is a less reliable basis for belief than faith, tradition, revelation and authority – his authority.”

  15. says

    @ Dan Cobb:

    “Ah, the civilizations of Africa. Where would the world be were it not for the populations of the continent of sub-Saharan Africa? They have contributed SO MUCH to the advancement of human society, like… well, like rap music, and… ummm…er…”

    Where would the world be? Well, without humans. All human life originated in sub-Surahan Africa.

  16. SheGotIt says

    And yet some anti-gay POC, who remain blissfully unaware of this kind of news, insist vehemently that any analogy to the struggles of blacks is unfounded. Lynching a black guy years ago due to righteous contempt is apparently different from lynching a gay man today due to righteous contempt. Why? Because to anti-gays, gays are just toys to play scapegoat with.

  17. Bill says

    The police don’t want to bother finding the perpetrators. The locals may frown on “snitching” but in these third-world “countries”, the police usually get the information they want by making a witness and offer he can’t refuse: “talk and we’ll lighten up on the thumb screws or turn off the electricity.”

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