News: Chile, Bryan Singer, Pocatello, Channing Tatum, Loggerhead

RoadBryan Singer files motion to dismiss sexual abuse case for lack of jurisdiction.

MovilhRoadHate messages spray-painted on the walls of LGBT rights organization MOVILH. The messages read: "Death to faggots", "AIDS-ridden faggots", "Put your marches up your ass, f--ked faggots", "More AIDS, less fags" and "Do me a favor AIDS, and kill more faggots".

RoadJohnny Depp looking unrecognizable.

RoadChris Christie renominates judge who ruled in favor of marriage equality. "At a press conference, Christie announced he would renominate New Jersey Supreme Court Chief Justice Stuart Rabner to the state’s high court as part of a compromise reached with Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D).

RoadMeghan McCain hates Karl Rove.

RoadPocatello, Idaho voters defeat ballot measure intended to roll back the city's anti-discrimination ordinance: "'Pocatello has a much deserved reputation as a welcoming and hospitable place for everyone. Pocatellans, like the vast majority of Americans, are against discrimination. That's why the 'Gateway to the Northwest' voted to reject this close-minded and backward-looking ballot initiative,' said Sarah Reece, Task Force Action Fund Academy of Leadership and Action Director. The Task Force Action Fund partnered with the Fair Pocatello Campaign, Planned Parenthood NW, ACLU of Idaho, HRC, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center's Leadership Lab, Equality, Utah and the Pride Foundation to help defeat the measure."

RoadCan you resist 12 shirtless Tom Daley gifs?

RoadVIDEO: American Idol judges perform Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors".

TatumRoadChanning Tatum: “Wrestling is an intimate thing. It’s weird from an outsider’s perspective. ‘It’s very homosexual’ — I’ve gotten that a lot. I always say just come on and try it out, you’ll realize how non-homosexual it is. It’s too painful and violent.”

RoadRingleader of 2008 gang rape of Richmond, California lesbian sentenced to more than 400 years to life in prison: "Humberto Salvador, 36, of Richmond was found guilty in December of rape in concert, forcible oral copulation in concert, kidnapping for sexual purposes and kidnapping for the purpose of carjacking." Our story from 2008 is HERE.

RoadThe name of Harvey Milk's killer will not appear on sidewalks in SF's Castro: "The Castro/Upper Market Community Benefit District board voted unanimously at its May 8 meeting not to include Dan White's name in a planned sidewalk etching about the killings that will be part of the Castro History Walk. The walk coincides with the sidewalk widening and improvement project now under construction along Castro Street between 17th and 19th streets. The CBD is paying for the $10,000 etching project."

RoadSophia Loren is still rocking it at Cannes.

RoadLindsay Lohan's drug abuse recovery efforts include partying until dawn in Cannes.

TurtleRoadLoggerhead turtle crashes wedding in St. Croix. Or more like, wedding crashes Loggerhead turtle's private moment to lay eggs.

RoadWhy are so many Chinese women writing gay male erotica?

RoadSonam Kapoor wants more Bollywood films to fight homophobia: “We’re regressing instead of progressing,” she told the Press Trust of India. “I think movies can influence the way people think sometimes. If we do start making love stories or we start making movies about people who are amazing human beings, people who have done something in life, people who are inspirational who aren’t necessarily only straight, I think people will start appreciating them more.”

FRoadOX News anchor Gregg Jarrett arrested in Minneapolis airport: "Officers reported Jarrett refused to follow orders and was arrested for obstruction of the legal process and taken to jail. Jarrett was released from custody shortly after 1:30 a.m. Thursday after a $300 bond was posted, according to Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office records. The records show he’s due in court on June 6."

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  1. FYI -Not to sound like one of those self- appointed hall monitors on this site, but the Meghan McCain link goes to an Angelina Jolie Youtube clip. I only say this because I do want to see the McCain clip. :)

    Posted by: BETTY | May 22, 2014 4:29:57 PM

  2. The FOX news anchor's name is Gregg Jarrett with a "J" --- not Gregg Harrett.

    Posted by: mccoysmarket | May 22, 2014 4:38:34 PM

  3. MCCOYSMARKET just proved the above point.

    Posted by: UGH | May 22, 2014 4:42:17 PM

  4. Wrestling is very homosocial, even homosexual. I know two gay former college wrestlers, and they have freely admitted this. Yeah, sex is not on their minds while grappling, but the entire sport is predicated on touching and pressing against other men. Channing protests too much.

    Posted by: Sergio | May 22, 2014 4:43:39 PM

  5. Wrestling flourished in homoerotic cultures of Greece and Rome. It's stupid to deny this.

    Posted by: rick | May 22, 2014 4:48:27 PM

  6. Rick has spoken.

    Posted by: UGH | May 22, 2014 4:59:15 PM

  7. Assuming gays wouldn't participate in painful, violent sports is just another stereotype. These fools just see us as sissies playing with dolls. Strangely enough some st8 guys figure skate and some gay guys beat up on others for sport.

    Posted by: terry | May 22, 2014 5:33:54 PM

  8. Disappointed with this feelings-before-facts decision to bar Dan White's name from a "History Walk" piece that is about something he was an integral part of. I guess Milk and Moscone were killed by that mystery bullet from the JFK assassination, right?

    It's like the Oklahoma City Memorial, which you can almost miss Timothy McVeigh's involvement in. Without him, there's be a functioning building instead of a memorial.

    We must not pretend these people don't exist, and that they don't have something important to tell us. Their names aren't magic. It's quite OK to say them.

    Posted by: Randy | May 22, 2014 5:44:20 PM

  9. I hope Johnny Depp can capture the Boston essence and accent required for this major role. Only Jon Voight has been able to perfect this type as Mickey Donovan in the "Ray Donovan" series.

    Whitey Bolger was captured in Santa Monica. Depp will really have to pull this character out, for the film to succeed. It's an amazing story.

    Posted by: Gary | May 22, 2014 6:08:38 PM

  10. Rick has spoken again = TERRY.

    Posted by: UGH | May 22, 2014 6:32:00 PM

  11. Re: wrestling. I never paid any attention to wrestlers in high school (last century/millennium) except for one lightweight lad with huge brown eyes..
    So Jim Provenzano's young adult novel PINS was a revelation. Gay high school wrestlers are portrayed wonderfully, with all that goes with the sport--concerns about weight gain and loss and all that goes with what is an obsessive lifestyle.

    I also recommend any of Chris Crutcher's YA sports books. I met him at a conference on gay youth in 2000' He writes well about kids, some gay and some not, and all very human and both strong and vulnerable.

    Posted by: gregorybrown | May 22, 2014 6:56:05 PM

  12. Chinese woman and Asians are good at writing gay male erotica because many date and wed (steal) our American males. Submissive works wonders. Asians love to date whites, and they make good pets. If you can't find a boyfriend "Go Asian!" How's that for racist ranting? Tickle my feet, is not an unusual request...

    Posted by: Jake | May 22, 2014 7:24:08 PM

  13. @Randy, I don't think the names of killers should be memorialized. You can read about their role in history making events but I find it in bad taste to include their names along side of people who made a positive difference. I believe the Castro Community made the right choice.

    Posted by: SpaceCadet | May 22, 2014 11:38:05 PM

  14. SPACECADET: Better to warp history early.

    Posted by: Arrow | May 23, 2014 11:24:43 AM

  15. Re: Jake's comment, completely racist and should be sanitized for the excrement it is.

    Posted by: Amell | May 23, 2014 7:42:53 PM

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