Peter LaBarbera Angry At Being Forced To Watch Michael Sam Kiss: AUDIO

Alex A Clockwork Orange

Anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera is angry at being forced to watch Michael Sam kiss his boyfriend. Because NFL draft viewing sessions are evidently reenactments of scenes from A Clockwork Orange.

Said LaBarbera on Crosstalk (bolding mine):

[The media] basically reported the kiss without giving the other side of people who would voice disapproval of people being forced and subjected to through the media these homosexual acts, the homosexual perversion.

The media didn't provide the "other side" because the "other side" of this discussion is not one whose arguments are deserving of airtime. Like with climate change deniers and flat earth conspiracy theorists, not all opinions are of equal validity and worthy of consideration.

You can listen to the clips from Crosstalk below:


  1. Joey Y says

    Why are more and more posts finished with the author basically explaining what conclusions we should come to? Just report and stop the editorial parts.

  2. Bucky says

    @Joey Y: This isn’t a “news” site, it is an editorial blog. If you are just looking for the facts without any slant, well good luck with that.

  3. AG says

    Have any of you heard about this LaBarbera guy outside of towleroad? There’s probably a post about him every day. Is there any reason to write about him other than the need to post something?

  4. gregorybrown says

    Not many people know this–the pinkofascist Obama gummint has use EVERY tool at its disposal to deny access to THE TRUTH!!
    In the hours before the carefully planned moment of revolting sex display, a finely orchestrated covert sneaky plan was carried out across the country, especially targeting hundreds of thousands or millions of persecuted Christians. Homosexual agents used their innate abilities to disguise themselves, as well as their tool set of hypnotic subliminal wiles mostly used to convert innocent heterosexuals to the demonic world of sodomy, masturbation and oral sex. Insinuating themselves into the targeted homes, these lust-filed satanic agents spiritually restrained and immobilized the unsuspecting victims so that they were unable to avoid seeing the disgusting exhibition of two men–of different sizes and races!–engage in slobberinghomosex, repeatedly.

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