Russell Tovey’s Shirtless Training Session: PHOTO


Thankfully for us, Looking actor Russell Tovey managed to squeeze in an Instagram photo-op prior to his final training session down under.

Writes Tovey:

Last days in Sydney, squeezing in final training sesh @manly_beach_health_club with @nathkelly400 #bestgyminmanly #manly #manlybeach #mbhc #sydney #australia #personaltraining #gymmanly #butch #haveit :-)


  1. AJ says

    Hashtags are seriously one of the most annoying things that have hit the internet since “Like dis if you hate cancer.”

  2. woodroad34 says

    I agree about the hashtags. And even if he’s not buff by American gay standards, I bet if you put your arms (and legs?) around him, you’d love the feel of the muscle tone.

  3. Chadd says

    When did the written language devolve into a series of random words separated by # and peoples names become @somecomboof lettersandnumbers?

  4. Josh says

    My goodness. He’s not writing a dissertation! He’s posting on a social media website where the #hashtags and @names are actually functional.

    So can we just focus on what’s most important here which is hot guys taking pictures of themselves? Really now.

  5. Perry says

    Nice build but nothing more than a typical narcissistic actor desperate for attention and validation.

  6. Perry says

    Which is only a few steps above me, a cowardly consverative with no spine who desperately wants attention but isn’t man to actually stand up and get any meaningful sort. So i settle for making stupid comments, anonymously, on the internet. Way to make my dad proud!

  7. Hansel Currywurst says

    @Chadd – I blame Johannes Gutenberg. If people still had to put some real effort into their written communication there’d be a lot less idle chit chat going on.

  8. bravo says

    When have such clear separation from the sternum, I assume HGH until proven otherwise.

    Am I wrong?

  9. SpaceCadet says

    God, I love Russell Tovey. The big ears just make him sexier in my opinion. It’s like that unique feature or “flaw” as some people perceive it I think just makes a hot guy more endearing. Can’t wait for “Looking” Season 2 and hopefully more shirtless (and sex scenes of) Russell!

  10. leprechaunvict says

    Tovey is smokin’ hot and the ears just add to his adorableness! Also, lol to you Hansel above, my thoughts exactly!

  11. mikeflower says

    Tovey must have pissed off major ppl in America, has his career on Broadway & in H’wood is still minimal to nonexistant.