Russell Tovey’s Shirtless Training Session: PHOTO


Thankfully for us, Looking actor Russell Tovey managed to squeeze in an Instagram photo-op prior to his final training session down under.

Writes Tovey:

Last days in Sydney, squeezing in final training sesh @manly_beach_health_club with @nathkelly400 #bestgyminmanly #manly #manlybeach #mbhc #sydney #australia #personaltraining #gymmanly #butch #haveit :-)


  1. woodroad34 says

    I agree about the hashtags. And even if he’s not buff by American gay standards, I bet if you put your arms (and legs?) around him, you’d love the feel of the muscle tone.

  2. Josh says

    My goodness. He’s not writing a dissertation! He’s posting on a social media website where the #hashtags and @names are actually functional.

    So can we just focus on what’s most important here which is hot guys taking pictures of themselves? Really now.

  3. Perry says

    Which is only a few steps above me, a cowardly consverative with no spine who desperately wants attention but isn’t man to actually stand up and get any meaningful sort. So i settle for making stupid comments, anonymously, on the internet. Way to make my dad proud!

  4. Hansel Currywurst says

    @Chadd – I blame Johannes Gutenberg. If people still had to put some real effort into their written communication there’d be a lot less idle chit chat going on.

  5. SpaceCadet says

    God, I love Russell Tovey. The big ears just make him sexier in my opinion. It’s like that unique feature or “flaw” as some people perceive it I think just makes a hot guy more endearing. Can’t wait for “Looking” Season 2 and hopefully more shirtless (and sex scenes of) Russell!

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