1. scudpipe says

    We’ve come a long way from cutting out people’s faces with scissors and pretending like no one was ever there! Yet sex obsessions still remain…

  2. David From Canada says

    America simply couldn’t deal with a phone ad like this. It’s too honest, semi-sexual and homoerotic. Good, compelling stuff.

  3. Perry says

    Completely disturbing and plays into the notion that gay men pine over and stalk straight men

  4. Angela Channing says

    Given where Taiwan is with gay civil rights, this is probably considered an edgy ad within their own country.

  5. Taiwanese reader says

    Are you sure this commercial is playing in Taiwan? They are using northern accent/Beijing Chinese and the written language is the one they use on the mainland, not the one they read and write in taiwan

  6. denizo says

    This is high quality advertising that comes close to being true art like Jane Austen or Monet.

  7. Savio says

    So Dan Villarreal equates “dark” with disturbing and creepy. Dan, do you get paid by Towleroad to be racist, or does it just come naturally?

  8. james street james says

    Out and about, whenever I see a triple (as opposed to a couple) I always think one is gay, one is bi and one is straight. And wonder how the evening will end up for them.

    In this case the guy in the middle has options.

  9. emjayay says

    Oh please Savio, there is enough racism around without finding it where it isn’t.

    Meanwhile, what did the note say and why was it prewritten in the guys pocket?

    Also, after years of working at an international tourist destination….what’s up with Asians always posing for photos flashing the peace sign like John and Yoko after all these years?

  10. Kissyfur says

    Who cares about homophobia? Why is America always 50 years behind on phone apps???