Study Shows Gay And Bi People Respond Positively To Same-Sex Pheromones

Chinese researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently conducted a study that showed that the brains of gay and bisexual men respond positively to androstadienone, the male pheromone found in male semen and sweat. It also showed that lesbian and bi women respond somewhat similarly to the female pheromone estratetraenol.

PheromonesUsing four separate groups of 24 gay/bi men, straight men, gay/bi women and straight women, participants were shown videos of ambiguous human figures walking forward and then asked to guess whether the human was male or female. They watched these videos while concurrently being exposed to androstadienone or estratetraenol masked with the scent of cloves.

Researchers found:

When exposed to androstadienone, heterosexual women were more likely to suggest that the wire figure was a man—but the pheromone had no effect on heterosexual men (that is, hetero men largely could not detect a male or female presence when presented with the pheromone) Perhaps most importantly, homosexual men also responded to that pheromone, suggesting that gay men innately perceive (and are perhaps affected by) male pheromones.

Straight men, meanwhile, were more likely to perceive the figure as feminine when exposed to estratetraenol. Straight women showed no effect, while lesbian and bisexual women showed a response somewhere in between…

The study’s abstract concludes:

The results provide the first direct evidence that the two human steroids communicate opposite gender information that is differentially effective to the two sex groups based on their sexual orientation. Moreover, they demonstrate that human visual gender perception draws on subconscious chemosensory biological cues, an effect that has been hitherto unsuspected.’s Motherboard notes, “The study is similar in its findings—if not its methods—to one published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2005 that found that the brains of gay men respond in a similar way to straight women when exposed to androstadienone.

The study did not include transgender men or women nor any genderqueer individuals.


  1. Mike says

    Yike! You have heard of “scratch ‘n sniff”, what about “sniff ‘n buy”. Just wait until marketers get their hands on some of those pheromones androstadienone and estratetraenol and start spritzing them on expensive purchases like automobiles!

  2. petey says

    Sexual studies are not accurate because they are based on opinions rather than strict facts. Also, why didn’t the researchers report the findings for bisexual men? It’s not an accurate study.

  3. Mike says

    “The study did not include . . . r any genderqueer individuals.”

    Lol! It is hilarious the way dunces like Dan Villarreal insist on pretending that made-up nonsense like “genderqueer” is science. The word was concocted in some gender studies faculty lounge. It isn’t real and it has no meaning.

  4. JoshyBoy says

    PETEY, did you read the study? Or just the story here? The findings for bisexual men would most definitely be part of the final report, just not mentioned in THIS story.

  5. JoshyBoy says

    Plus, a study is just that, a study. They were simply doing a series of test to try and further understand something. No one is trying to say that it’s not flawed or completely accurate – but still very interesting.

  6. Moz's says

    @ mike
    both are already available combined with cologne/ perfume. Have been for years

    This isn’t new knowledge just reaffirming past knowledge. Years ago they did a study and spritzed androstadienone on a chair in a room full of chairs, and video taped females and gay males trying to sit in or get as close to that chair as possible as vs the other not spritzed chairs in the room

  7. will says

    Trans female and genderqueer and gender nonconforming and the like are not real scientific gender identities. They’re more like Halloween, dress up. There’s only combinations of the sex organs you were born with and the sex you’re attracted to. Then you can work with pheromones and possibilities for genetic inheritance. Biology has no use for genderqueer or gender questioning (most of these are fad names and will be long gone in 25 years, like the Pet Rock).

  8. Mike in the Tundra says

    I’ve known some of that for years. I very much respond to the scent of a man. When I had to travel for work, my husband and I switched pillows. He slept on my pillow, and I would sleep on his. We both found it very comforting.

  9. Gag says

    lol TROLL ‘WILL’, how old are you?! A “pet rock” reference?! LMFAO Don’t forget your smeckler’s powder, ‘Will’!

    I can’t even get frustrated by your hilariously stupid comments. C’mon, get on the trolley, you know you’re not speaking for science or from a scientific perspective.

    Now why don’t you grab a dime and go get yourself a nice egg-cream!

  10. Kevin says

    Not a surprise to me. I noted some time ago that both men I was in long term relationships with smelled like my dad. So, do straight guys imprint on their moms and gay guys on their dads?

  11. Homo Genius says

    “The study did not include transgender men or women nor any genderqueer individuals.”

    and why do we even care.

    the less I have to hear about them better…

  12. petey says

    The sample size for this study is so small, it cannot possibly be scientific. This is particularly the case for studies that measure opinions.

  13. John says

    Well, there are male pheromone products that one can buy… they are odorless (though you can also buy mixed with a fragrance). I’ve tried putting it on, then going to the gym or the mall. In my personal experience I’ve been hit on frequently when wearing the pheromone, infrequently when not.

  14. toyotoabedzrock says

    You mean that trans and gender queer people who flip out when asked about which body parts they where born with didn’t get included, I’m shocked.

  15. says

    Petey’s comments are not accurate because they are based on opinions rather than strict facts. For instance, *contra* Petey bi men were included in the study, as the article states. If what he means to ask is why data for bi men weren’t analyzed separately from data for gay men, an obvious possibility is that there were too few bi-identified subjects to give such data any statistical significance.

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