1. Robertliness says

    I hope Pat Robertson sees this and realizes that it is the middle-finger of “God” pissed off that North Dakota is the only state left without marriage equality on it’s docket.

  2. tinkerbelle says

    Obviously the land of the inbred. Jacka$$ mentality. Anyone who can laugh at destruction and possibly death is not in their right mind. Not to mention the lack of a basic instinct to survive.

  3. SeattleMike says

    They’re so lucky that it was such a weak tornado. More proof that one difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.

  4. Kevin Roddy says

    One can easily outrun a tornado in a car. I grew up in Nebraska and my father did it twice while driving on country roads. This was back in the 50s.

    Tornadoes are fascinating to watch…from a distance and they travel at maximum maybe 30 mph.

    I was a bit shocked to see how blasé these guys seemed to be in a place where tornadoes are pretty common.

  5. Ronny says

    Tornadoes average 30 mph, but many have been tracked at up to 70 mph. And they’re only easy to outrun if you know which way they’re headed, and they don’t shift direction–and when a good escape route is available. If I had a choice of in or out of the truck, I’d choose in, since head injuries are the most common cause of death (but I’d get down in the truck, strap myself in, and guard against debris). Getting under a vehicle risks it being rolled over you, or being hit with debris.

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